Gray's Anatomy

Gray's Anatomy

The film documents, in an often dramatic and humorous fashion, Gray's investigations into alternative medicine for an eye condition (Macular pucker) he had developed.

The film follows Spalding Gray, who has an eye condition and is informed to take a surgery. Afraid of the dangers that surgery could bring, he decides to seek for a safer alternative treatment. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Li C (ca) wrote: This is an original Syfy movie and I never watch those. I only watched this one because I love Kirk Acevedo. As a friend of mine would say, "You gotta be a fan". When Syfy boasts such titles as Robocroc and Sharknado, this one was actually a smidge legit. Basically, some crazy space thing happens and Mercury get pushed out of its orbit and is heading toward earth. There are people on the ground and in space scrambling to keep them from colliding. Of course the government is the antagonist as in most of these disaster type movies... and in real life when you think about it. Kirk Acevedo does a pretty good job for what he has. The FX aren't impressive, but not horrible either. There were a few scenes that actually pulled me in and made me wonder, how they are going to get out of this. Seriously, it came down to the last few minutes to wrap a lot up. If it was released anywhere, but the Syfy channel, I would give it a much lower score.

Anne S (kr) wrote: It's hard to rate this one.. I felt like a lot was missing, but, the truth is, there was very little that was known. They spoke to people who had known her, all of whom seemed to have been told different things about where she was going. The people that she was spending time with, were never identified. It is disappointing that the family wanted nothing to do with anything.. (not just the documentary, but with the press in general when it happened.) right now, I feel that this very easily could happen to me. I go long stretches of time without really spending time with anyone.. If I were not working, and had a place of my own to live.. no one would think twice if they didn't hear from me. I am not sure it would hold out for 3 years.. but, it is no completely impossible.

Courtney K (mx) wrote: ?????????? i generally like foreign horror films -- in fact, usually they're better than American horror films in my opinion. however, in this case that is not true... i do not share the same opinions as the critics/audience for this flick. because it's based on true events, it's interesting enough, but it just didn't captivate me as much as i was hoping for. the main character is a push over, his rival is obnoxious and annoying, and while it started out okay, it somehow turned into a soft porn film... then ol' push over turned into a psycho and beat his daughter to a pulp just before raping his wife. no, thank you. maybe i would have forgiven some of the idiosyncrasies if it were an older film, but this was made it 2011. they could have done better. i don't really know what else to say. i wouldn't recommend this to anyone. i will say one thing, however - the ending was completely unpredictable; that's what the one star is for = effed up.

Gabriel C (fr) wrote: A zany idea can wear out its welcome after a while, but Rubber is worth a look.

Ashley F (jp) wrote: Was a great movie for dog lovers.five stars for it!

Alyssa K (ca) wrote: God Damn pig! The most disturbing part of the movie. I officially have a phobia of pigs just from this movie....

Bruce W (ca) wrote: Pine Trees. Water. Huge rocks and steep cliffs. And Molly Parker. How can one go wrong? Beautiful Canadian scenery becomes a character unto itself. My first re-watch tonight was better than my first. NICE !!!

Louise P (fr) wrote: A great film for insomniacs, it'll send you of to sleep in no time

Mateo M (de) wrote: Really bad...Like...really bad. Maybe the worst dialogue all year. Idina's in it. But, yeah...bad...

Vicki K (fr) wrote: Genius Brave film for the open-mindedWiki: Pumpkin completed its theatrical run four months later with a final gross of $308,552.[4]Since the film's DVD release, the film has become a cult hit. It is often recognized as one of the first examples of genre bending. Ricci herself has called it "a great movie" [5] and Jeff Weiss of Stylus magazine called it "one of the most underrated films of the decade."[6]References

Kenneth L (gb) wrote: This might be the best Ben Stiller movie you've never heard of, even though Stiller is actually largely playing the straight man here. It's also a great example of what David O. Russell was capable of earlier on in his career, and honestly it's more interesting than his three most recent Best Picture nominees - The Fighter, Silver Linings Playbook, and American Hustle all seem pretty generic in comparison to this, his second film. So it's a shame it's been largely forgotten about, as it's one of the best recent screwball comedies I can think of.The movie's initial premise is that it follows a new father (Ben Stiller) who suddenly feels compelled to seek out the birth parents who gave him up for adoption thirty years before. He's joined in his quest by his put-upon wife (Patricia Arquette) and an attractive adoption agent (Tea Leoni). That's just the way it starts, though, really. The movie manages to be continually surprising, with one comic twist after another all the way to the end. I won't spoil anything further.Ben Stiller provides a solid center to the movie, though we get surprisingly little insight into his character. He's mostly just the guy around whom a bunch of insanity occurs, and that's just fine. To describe the rest of the cast in detail would be to spoil the story, but I'll just say that Richard Jenkins, Alan Alda, and Lily Tomlin are all hilarious in supporting parts. This is very much a movie that relies on a large ensemble to be successful, and they're all great.The screenplay for this movie shows the sort of inventiveness that has been lacking in Russell's more recent films. The new movies aren't bad, by any means, but they're also not terribly surprising. They're the sort of A-list middlebrow Golden-Globes-bait (that sounds insulting but isn't really) that's fine enough, but doesn't really seem to have a voice of its own and doesn't take many risks. This movie, on the other hand, seems really quite fearless. There are a number of moments when you think "They can't possibly do that!" and yet they do it anyway. I wish David O. Russell would go back to this sort of movie - the lower stakes of this sort of project allowed him to be much more daring and unexpected.

Eric R (ru) wrote: A Dreamy, poetic, odd, yet always interesting vampire tale by Michael Almereyda. Stylistically as always, Almereyda does a lot with a little, from the portrayal of the vampires' physical attributes like speed and super strength, to using old close-up footage of Bela Lugosi to portray Dracula. I really liked the use of the insanely crappy, pixelated view to capture the intoxication effect of being under the influence of a vampire. While I hate criticizing a film for being too self-indulgent, as I think it tends to be criticism that is overused without merit, this film is just so self-indulgent.. Also, I found the characters and subsequent performances to be too subdued for my taste, though I guess some of that could be credited to the alienation and disconnect that many of the characters in film experience with the world around them. Honestly, I am not entirely sure what type of mythological commentary Almereyda was trying to make and I really don't care. This all being said, the film has some pretty great comedic moments, taking advantage of an old school story taking place in modern times-Nadja introducing her slave so nonchalantly to the caretaker for example. Peter Fonda as Van Helsing, while also rather one-note, is fun to watch. It's definitely my least favorite Almereyda of the three I have gotten around to seeing, but it's definitely still interesting..

Michael C (au) wrote: Jeremy Irons, Ornella Muti, Alain Delon, Fanny Ardant - a fantastic actor ansamble! This film is much more live and interesting than another film on Prousts's novel "Time regained". And once again- Proust's novel is not for everybody! Some like it, the majority - not really. So the plot of the film is also special.I enjoyed it.Jeremy Irons is great as Swann - perfect cast!I didn't like Ornella Muti really as Odette.Alain Delon is great (John Malkovich plays his character in "Time regained")Fanny Ardant is awesome, but too little of her in the film.

Jack H (mx) wrote: this could have been good and starts out strong but mixing an uneven plot with unlikable characters just makes this movie awkward and im disappointed that i bought it on dvd...

Jake A (es) wrote: Concluding the story arc that began with the Wrath of Khan, this film takes on a more lighthearted and comedic approach while still managing to expand upon the characters and deal with serious subjects. The comedy also genuinely works (doesn't feel forced at all), the plot may well be ludicrous but it is still fun, the score and audio effects are good and Leonard Nimoy ends the trilogy he has been a big part of behind the screen and on it in a jubilant way.

Andrew D (de) wrote: Hilarious and heart-warming, Tootsie is anchored by Hoffman's pitch-perfect performance, and Pollack's straight-sighted direction.

Xavier N (mx) wrote: This flick took me way off guard. I knew it would at least be decent before I watched, because of the casting alone. The pacing, acting, and dialogue were all exceptional as well. When things finally climax, man does it do so with a punch to the guy of just straight up blunt and brutal gore and trauma. Amazing stuff all around. Easily 5 stars for me personally.