Great Expectations

Great Expectations

In this Dickens adaptation, orphan Pip discovers through lawyer Mr. Jaggers that a mysterious benefactor wishes to ensure that he becomes a gentleman. Reunited with his childhood patron, Miss Havisham, and his first love, the beautiful but emotionally cold Estella, he discovers that the elderly spinster has gone mad from having been left at the altar as a young woman, and has made her charge into a warped, unfeeling heartbreaker.

A humble orphan suddenly becomes a gentleman with the help of an unknown benefactor. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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IOnell S (fr) wrote: Excellent trama y muy interesante guion. Jessica se mereca mas reconocimiento por este papel.

Jordan S (ag) wrote: Directed, Written and starring the same person? Looks bias as FUCK.

Mantak W (br) wrote: A very nice Russian film.

Hobie P (fr) wrote: It begs the question "Could Snoop Dogg really be in a horror flick"? And the answer is NO!!!!!

Robin W (de) wrote: A tragic story about a Hutu military captain and his family, taking place during the 1994 Rwandan genocide. Both grippin and heartbreaking.

Kyle B (mx) wrote: It's a typical 80's sports feel good movie with fine performances from Gene Hackman and Denis Hopper is a part I have no idea how he got an Oscar nomination for. If you're into these basketball feel good dramas we'll here you go. Not my cup of tea

WS W (us) wrote: Alrightee (in relative speaking) in story.

Crystal n Dan G (fr) wrote: A comedic spoof about the plight of early man, great watch :)

Kevin R (br) wrote: They wanted to kill me.An outspoken political activist is brutally murdered in a mysterious and curios manner. As a relentless investigator researches the crime, witnesses turn up missing. As the case gets closer and closer to trial, the case begins falling apart. The investigator and judge will have a tough time getting to the bottom of the unfortunate events."That guy got rich selling one eye to an American."Costa-Gavras, director of Missing, Amen, The Ax, Mad City, Eden Is West, Capital, The Confession, Womanlight, Family Council, and State of Siege, delivers Z. The storyline for this picture is interesting but a bit long and could have been paced better. The acting is solid and the courtroom setting and drama is well executed."Seven other witnesses died before the trial."I recently came across this on Turner Classic Movies (TCM) and had to see it. This wasn't perfect or a must see, but I enjoyed following the story and how it unfolds. This is worth seeing once but is not an all time classic."Let them kill each other."Grade: C+/B-

Niclas H (kr) wrote: nnu en gammal klassiker som br ha setts!

Dennis L (us) wrote: Fell flat despite the charismatic cast.

Michael T (kr) wrote: A beautiful, funny, nostalgic picture.

David S (gb) wrote: I can watch this film again and again. Hoffman has fun puncturing the real-life perception of himself and although he never fully convinces as a woman he comes bloody close. Throw in a young Murray and Lange and you have an 80's classic that everyone (but especially actors) will love.

Justin M (nl) wrote: Understated and compelling.

Julio S (ru) wrote: Ideas que deberian implementarse como norma mundial... y el alentar a que las cosas pueden cambiar rpidamente, cambiar la forma de pensar y ser mejores no solo para nosotros mismos si no para todos los que nos rodean.Todos debemos ver esta pelcula para darnos cuenta que un cambio positivo si es posible. En verdad, estas inconforme con tu gobierno? Toma algunas ideas de este documental. Todo es positivo.

Matthew G (mx) wrote: Pretty goooooooooood