Great Expectations

Great Expectations

A young boy called Pip stumbles upon a hunted criminal who threatens him and demands food. A few years later, Pip finds that he has a benefactor. Imagining that Miss Havisham, a rich lady whose adopted daughter Estella he loves, is the benefactor, Pip believes in a grand plan at the end of which he will be married to Estella. However, when the criminal from his childhood turns up one stormy night and reveals that he, Magwitch, is his benefactor, Pip finds his dreams crumbling. Although initially repulsed by his benefactor, Pip gradually becomes loyal to him and stays with him until his death.

Young Pip is expected to become a blacksmith, but, hating the soot and smoke, he secretly dreams of becoming a gentleman. When he meets the mysterious Miss Havisham and her haughty niece ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Akash S (de) wrote: The film opens with the character Fabian having a heated discussion with two of his lecturers. He tries to elaborate on his philosophies on life and society, how eradication of bad (evil) elements is the only way to progress. From his conversations with his law school friends, we understand that he has left college due to depression and discontent in life, his disillusionment with his country, whose history is marred by betrayals and unpunished crimes. His upbringing and behaviour makes us realise he's a sociopath, feeling distant from almost everything around. Trying to put his theory into practice, he murders an unsympathetic moneylender, and unavoidably (unplanned), her daughter as well.Loosely based on Dostoyevsky's 'Crime and Punishment', Lav Diaz's four-hour saga explores how a certain crime affects the lives of three individuals - highly intelligent but depressed Fabian who commits the murder, poor and good-hearted Joaquin who's wrongly convicted of the murder, and Eliza (Joaquin's wife) who now has to work endlessly in order to take care of her two kids and Joaquin's sister. The guilt consumes Fabian and drives him to insanity; though he evades getting caught, he feels his soul is corrupted forever. Joaquin maintains his innocence and incorruptible goodness, hoping it results in eventual justice. And Eliza keeps on persevering in the face of injustice, and carries on with her life in eternal despair. Thus, in the three characters we see hope, despair, and the lack of both.Mostly taken in long takes, with no close-ups or background music, Lav Diaz immerses us into the lives of these three people, with scenes mostly covering their routine activities or conversations. Even without the usual sentimental gimmicks, Diaz gives us his pessimistic and heartbreaking worldview, where life is punctuated with inequality and injustice. I wouldn't exclude a single minute from the movie's 250-minute runtime (which many viewers complain about) because the film progresses at the right pace, giving us enough time to contemplate on the themes surrounding the story - existence, evil (its presence, and whether to destroy the source of it, or evil itself), crime, blame, morality, conscience, injustice, perseverance, hope, universal love and fate; without contemplation and debate (internal or otherwise), watching this film would be wasted potential. For example, blame; who or what should Eliza blame for their situation? The justice system which wrongly but swiftly convicts her husband, or their lawyer who inefficiently pleaded their case, or the murderer who ran away from the scene, or the moneylender herself for being so unscrupulous that her husband attacked her earlier, or the accident which caused the moneylender to have a vicious grip on their lives, or herself for stopping her husband to work abroad before all this mess? So, who is she supposed to be angry at?With spectacular setting and talented actors (especially, the talented Miss Angeli Bayani), Director Lav Diaz efficiently weaves an sweeping and symmetric tale, in which all the elements make complete sense by the end. No matter how much or what I write, it couldn't possibly illustrate the film's complete worth. Ultimately, 'Norte' is poignant and devastating, and is bound to leave a scar on one's soul.

Kristina K (ag) wrote: The movie is touching, though a bit confusing. It's nice to see unknown actors showing such love and compassion. This movie is VERY SLOW, not much of talking; it will keep you thinking about relationship. (The good and the bad in it)

Lee M (es) wrote: Binoche and Shimell keep us fully engaged with their characters throughout their conversations, and Kiarostami draws us in with his signature mixture of long takes and intimate close-ups.

Arthur R (fr) wrote: The highlight is a disagreement between the director and one of his subjects. That makes for the most interesting viewing. Not much has changed between 42 and 49 to be honest. Still, nowhere near enough focus on issues for my liking

ismael r (ru) wrote: Neo Ned is both a sweet and charming character study and a soulful love story were Jeremy Renner's and Gabrielle Union's unique charecters, ned and Rachael come to life thanks to thier wonderful performances.

Hurtshikiss H (au) wrote: its a damn good movie

Cresswell S (gb) wrote: Slow moving yet entertaining movie about A PR rep and his crazy clients

Matthew B (mx) wrote: Jim Carrey doesn't believe in vaccinations. He and his movies are idiotic

Sam M (ca) wrote: Quite a silly film, tries hard to be clever.

Tim M (gb) wrote: Severely underrated film by George Romero. Although it is a bit too long, Knightriders is fun and surprisingly poignant film about a jousting motorcycle gang. Great performances by Ed Harris and Tom Savini and an incredibly affecting ending. One of Romero's best.

Timothy G (fr) wrote: In Time is a movie I recommend to any casual and not overly critical movie goer. This movie combines originality with killer suspense and good action. This movie keeps the viewer on there feet, and afterwards their eyes on the clock. Don't be surprised of you find yourself thinking what you would do if you only had a day to live!

Nicholas I (de) wrote: L.O.T.F has shoddy production values, under-direction, poor performances and has little relevance to its source material. This film is a waste of time....

Jamie C (au) wrote: A well done film that is a film everyone must see, An amazing story fantastic cast that keeps us gripped from start to finish and very unpredictable.

Jason S (ag) wrote: It's like the Star Wars prequels, thrown together to make money and way to much CGI...

Bernard N (de) wrote: A mix of sad dramas, about how life can suck. Brings you down to earth