Greek Pete

Greek Pete

Just as doctors, lawyers and others strive to reach the top of their professions, Greek Pete (Peter Pittaros) longs to reach the pinnacle of his. The only difference is that he's a rent boy, and the recognition he seeks is a nod from the World Escort Awards. Sexually explicit and emotionally honest, Greek Pete provides a rare glimpse of life as a sex worker, focusing on the business details and intellectual realities of being a male escort.

A year in the life of a London rent-boy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrew C (gb) wrote: Kind of standard, nothing really amazing or original in it. My biggest annoyance was that, I believe they should have had the other boat at the shore in the end. If you watch it you'll see what I mean.

Hugo S (jp) wrote: Excelente de principio a fin, se torna ms interesante con cada adicin de personajes, la actuacin de Garance Le Guillermic es madura y convincente y cada detalle de la historia est cuidado, algunos detalles visuales un poco mal elaborados pero de ninguna forma afecta el desarrollo de lo ms importante en una pelcula de este tipo, la historia

Jesse O (mx) wrote: Quite a decent movie, but I just felt that it was lacking something. The plot is intriguing enough, not fantastic, but intriguing. But in John's search for Linda, nothing really happens to be honest. It's just like "go here, talk to this person, this person tells me to go see this other person, then this other person tells me to talk to this woman at a store". It's a very formulaic movie, in fact it reminds me of Law and Order, which Jeremy Sisto is a cast member of ironically, Law and Order is a very formulaic show, you won't see them going too far away from the formula and I guess it works, but in the end it's just a very boring and uninteresting show (in my opinion) and it's the same thing with this movie. It's just boring, I don't know what could have been done to make this movie better, to be honest. Not to shit on the movie, I thought it had some solid performances, but nothing outstanding, and I do think that the movie has a nice message at the end. The way I see it, the movie is trying to say that John, in a very indirect way, saved Linda's life (though there's no confirmation to one side or the other) even though John won't probably ever find out. So yea I thought the message of the movie was nice, but in the end this is just an average and fairly unimpressive movie.

Steve B (kr) wrote: This is a great movie. Although it is not a movie that can be taken seriously, it is one that can be thoroughly enjoyed. The movie centers around an adult ice cream shop where scantily clad women, called Scoopettes, serve XXX named ice cream like Virgin Vanilla and Busty Butter Crunch. Then the Scoopettes begin to die one by one. The film is absolutely hysterical and beautifully grotesque. There are plenty of beautiful ladies and tons of corny acting. The script is equally horrible with lines like, "Dying and not being able to eat ice cream is ? such a bitch." The whole package combines to make a fantastic, enjoyable film. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to enjoy a b-movie.

Graeme H (fr) wrote: souds like wanking so must be seen

Dave P (ag) wrote: Pretty sure it won an Oscar for best movie ever. Or was that Highlander?

John R (jp) wrote: I like it. A group of young outcasts, seeking confidence, become obsessed, and proficient, with handguns. Their little group falls apart as they come to realize the true potential of firearms, and in the process, attract the attention of the police.

Faley A (ru) wrote: Style over substance , this is the principle pf the genre 'Cinema du luk'..invented by some french revolutionist directors . I believe this movie belongs to thus genre. Jonnie To n Ka Fai Wai deliberately used some famous shots and moves of some famous artistic action movies to give a new color in this already colorful action movie, delightful to watch . Its more than just action, its passion , its style .... mesmerizing !

Kenny J (br) wrote: Simply put a brilliant movie, this is where the star of Robert Downey Jr began to shine, Downey for you younger people just know him for Iron Man but us that grew up with him and his movies know him for his physical comedy and comedy timing and no more does that shine in this delightful 1989 comedy "Chances Are" this movie has everything a beautiful Cybill Sheppard in her "Moonlighting" heyday, Mary Stuart Masterson just coming off of "Some kind of Wonderful" and every teenager boy fantasy and old pro Ryan O`Neal who is so appealing as the best friend who loves Corrine, Robery Downey Jr is simply terrific as Alex who`s in love with young Miranda played by Masterson, but he finds himself slowly remembering things of Corrine`s dead husband Louie. especially a hysterical dance sequence where Alex is trying to get 2 million dollars for a charity. I just seen this movie last week and i simply love this movie the song was moinated for a Oscar "After All" sung by Cher and Peter Cetera. If you haven`t seen this hidden gem, i would reccommend this HIGHLY and "Heart and Souls" a 1993 movie also with Downey, I wish Downey would do MORE Comedy movies the super hero movies. but hey that pays the bills.

Phillip R (fr) wrote: Back when AIDS was a gay disease and something you worried about getting from kissing, this documentary puts a personal face on the misundrestood disease. It also shows what a real threat it was to society and how quickly it propagated. More people should have seen this when it came out.

Marie M (br) wrote: If it wasn't for the moral of the story and the ever captivating Oldman, I'd have rated this courtroom thriller lower. A bit bizarre and hard to follow with several lulls in the middle, particularly in pace and characterization - if we are meant to sympathize with a main character, it's a tough choice between a naive, morally confused twit of a lawyer or a deranged, bloodthirsty crusader with an equally bankrupt view of the world - but Bacon's turn as a quietly scheming, threatening maniac is well executed. Quick bursts of violence pop seemingly out of nowhere, which may perhaps be the movie's sole redeeming quality as it reflects the view of the criminally insane as unpredictable and inexplicable. All in all, a largely forgettable piece striving for a gravity and importance beyond its reach.

Jim R (ca) wrote: This movie is adolescent in the best sense of the term.

David C (fr) wrote: If it doesn't quite work, there's still a lot to enjoy in this movie. For example David Warner excells in a rare leading role (it's a rare actor who can make a childish, Marxist, gorilla obessed dreamer seem relatively normal) and he is backed up by a first rate cast (headed by Vanessa Redgrave and the unsung Robert Stephens). A memorable little movie from a time when Britian excelled at odd, funny, sad and atmospheric films.

Evan K (au) wrote: Excels at being creepy, but not everything feels wholly tied together. Feels a bit hokey at times as well.

Scott R (es) wrote: An unusual comedy, but typical woody Allen. Some of the characters and one liners were priceless, and even farrow did not get on my nerves. I think it was her sunglasses that covered up her shyness and they empowered her to lead.

Lucy W (de) wrote: Better than the book. Light hearted, entertaining and extremely relatable.

Robyn N (us) wrote: The characters who die in "Killing them Softly" are ironically or not, not killed softly at all. In fact quite the opposite. Writer-director Andrew Dominik shoots these scenes in the noisiest way possible, employing graphic visuals, super slow motion executions, and shots ringing out so realistically loud-as if you were next to someone with a gun going off at point blank range, straining your eardrums. Organized crime in America is troubled, just like the rest of the economy with a business slowdown and a growing recession. The film seems to be trying--and failing-- to draw parallels between events unfolding in the film's forefront and the running background narrative of the 2008 financial meltdown and presidential election. Perhaps if the primary narrative were more coherently developed those parallels would be easier to understand. The plot of "Killing Them Softly" is bare, and straight forward. Three amateurs stickup a Mob protected card game, causing the local criminal economy to collapse. A genial guy named Markie Trattman (Ray Liotta) operates high-stakes poker games for the mob. One night the game is hit by two hooded stick-up men, who make off with a big pile of mob money. This in itself is suspicious, because it looks like an inside job, because who is crazy enough to attempt this brazen act. A high-level mob boss named Mickey (James Gandolfini) arrives in town and orders the executions of the amateurs by a hit man named Jackie (Brad Pitt), who likes to kill softly and briefly explains why. These are the first two of many, many mob-on-mob killings in the film. "Killing Them Softly" continues as a dismal, dreary series of cruel and painful murders, mostly by men who know one another, in a barren city where it's usually night and almost always raining. There is one female character in the film, a hooker employed by Mickey, who is the only mobster not exclusively obsessed with crime or money. As the body count grows, we meet Driver (Richard Jenkins), a gravel-voiced chief executive who appears often behind the wheel of a car parked in the wastelands beneath bridges. Fine cinematography continues to be one of the hallmarks of Andrew Dominik, but here we feel short changed at its abrupt ending that didn't go anywhere. It did its job in bringing current proceedings to a close, yet opening another door that left it hanging like an unfinished job. "Killing Them Softly" is a curiously dead movie (pun not intended). It never really gets off the ground and is strangely flat in spite of a generally excellent cast and a premise brimming with tough guy possibilities.

Brian W (de) wrote: Looks like has one of my ideal cast line ups, but so many poor reviews, i'll have to check it out for myself

Lindsey L (de) wrote: Charlize Theron was awesome but meh.

Margaret G (it) wrote: Loved it, loved it, loved it.