A four-part chronicle of Phoenix young adults, trying to figure out what the hell went wrong while tripping on bad acid.

A four-part chronicle of Phoenix young adults, trying to figure out what the hell went wrong while tripping on bad acid. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matthew C (us) wrote: Aside from one vignette not fitting the flow of the movie IMO, the clown was creepy and the gore was very well done. One of the best direct to video horror movies I've seen.

Robert C (ag) wrote: Far from perfect, but REALLY nicely done. There are many "deep truths" mixed in with the cliches. All leading up to and ending that is both beautiful and horrific.

Rena T (de) wrote: Normal and pretty cliche but it was a fun watch nonetheless.

Sao Y (de) wrote: Good perspective on what it is like to be a sex addict

Gabo T (es) wrote: Me lateo bastante, pero debo reconocer que las actuaciones son muy buenas. Es una pelicula muy triste.

Mitsu C (us) wrote: A beautiful film. Lara Flynn Boyle is wonderful. This movie shows the triumphs and trials of Jacob's life.

Alex r (nl) wrote: Inferior sequel to am average slasher film, The Stepfather II fails at capturing the essence of what made the first one entertaining. Filled with lacking Suspense and thrills, The Stepfather II is a disappointment and doesn't try to terrify the audience, most of time you feel bored, as the plot is too predictable and cliches ridden. overall, Stepfather II is a slasher flick with not a single interesting thing about it. A below average film, even by slasher film standards.

Tassanie (ag) wrote: I fell in love with David Tennant again ! He's totally legitimate in the crazy part of Hamlet. The others, the King, Laertes, Ophlia, the Queen are scary and amazing! I found the play very accurate, adapted in a modern setting, a bit too long, but then, you have all the dialogs! To be or not to be...

Diego F (br) wrote: Breve incontro tra un fuochista di nave e una prostituta disperata che egli salva dal suicidio. La donna accusata di un omicidio, commesso da un'amica. Decidono di rimanere insieme. Il dramma si svolge nel giro di 24 ore, diviso in due "atti" condizionati dalla luce: il primo dominato dalla Notte, il secondo dal Giorno. ", per chi ama il cinema, un incontro unico con una sintesi stilistica inconsueta e raramente fruttuosa" (G. Buttafava). Sternberg coniuga Hollywood e la scuola tedesca. Scritto da Jules Furtham e ispirato a The Dick Walloper di J.M. Saunders. Fotografia di Harold Rosson. Muto.AUTORE LETTERARIO: John Monk Saunders [morandini]

Jeff G (de) wrote: Simply terrible. Bad acting, bad script, bad effects, bad directing. bad score. Yuck!

MF J (fr) wrote: The type of sci-fi low budget film they used to make in the 90's. The direction is appalling, dialogues and acting are equally awful. Keanu Reeves is as expressive as a frozen lobster and everything smells and look like a cheap B movie. Definitely not a great film, though it's easy to watch if you want to doze off on your sofa on a lazy Sunday arvo.

Rudy M (us) wrote: Man On A Ledge is the directorial debut of Danish filmmaker Asger Leth as far as feature films go. He made a half decent, mildly entertaining movie, somewhat of a throwback to well-rounded '80's and '90's heist movies mixed with what could have been a double episode of "Leverage".The first forty minutes or so are the strongest. You get to meet the main character, Nick Cassidy (Sam Worthington) and get a sense of his problem, but you don't know exactly what it is. Bit by bit pieces of information are revealed and the story picks up some pace. The premise is more interesting than the execution, though, and some of the slower moments give you enough time to realize that some scenes are downright silly.Most characters in this movie do not need a lot of back story; they are the stereotypes that are easy to portray. Elizabeth Banks portrays detective Lydia Mercer and while her short back story lent itself for some interesting film, it was only briefly used. Cassidy's accomplices are his father (William Sadler), brother Joey (Jamie Bell) and Cleavage Girl, err, Joey's girlfriend Angie (Genesis Rodriguez).Despite these facts, the movie never dragged nor did I feel like it was a waste of my time. It didn't feature any 'wow' moments either, so I'll rate it mediocre at best.Some critics have dared to utter the unforgivable words "this movie should have been made in 3D". What were they thinking??? Nothing ever in a movie is better in 3D. Period.Pros: Mildly entertainingCons: Flat characters, mediocre at best.Verdict: Okay

Johnny L (de) wrote: 09/06/16: Ben Stiller is an actor that can capture awkward in a bottle. One of the funniest movies of the aughts.

(ca) wrote: This movie is so romantic - how beautiful is Kyra? And Lauren? Kelsey so solid. Sly incredibly talented - fast talking brilliant mind.

Benjamin O (gb) wrote: Pedestrian lethargy.