Green Eyed Monster

Green Eyed Monster

David convinces his friends that there is money-for-the-taking buried at his uncle's Ranch and that he can lead them to it. His cousin Ashley warns them that the place has a grim history, but the promise of riches is all too enticing. In trying to find the money, they uncover something buried within us all and one by one they mysteriously disappear.

A group of friends travel to South Texas to uncover the truth about a local legend of buried money. Instead they uncover something buried within us all. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Green Eyed Monster torrent reviews

Tim N (kr) wrote: most random movie purchase ever loves it

Jan D (ca) wrote: If this movie is how the new generation is to see beauty and the beast, it is not worth watching. Very predictable and very common that it is already a bore.

John H (de) wrote: Very interesting and well done flick from the mind of Gus Van Sant.Despite the flaws, it's a pretty good loss of innocence flick.

Jesper S (gb) wrote: Man har sparet historien vk, eller det som er der er mere eller mindre latterligt, og brugt lidt penge p speciel effects og regnede med at det ville kunne gre det...Not! For effekterne er faktisk ikke srlig imponerende og s er det lykkes at finde nogen af Hollywoods ringeste skuespillere og selv om der er mange af dem har man alligevel virkelig her krabbet bunden. S hold jer langt vk. Den frste Bats film stank og denne er vrre.

Sonali M (de) wrote: beautiful shots, perfectly framed. if you are a fan of slow pan - this is for you.

Augustine H (mx) wrote: With all those unauthorized murders all over the world, these are what Vanessa Redgrave called Zionist hoodlums, aren't they? But are Israelis alone to blame for what they have been through? Despite Spielberg's effort to explore the guilt and psychological trauma of Israelis like Avner in the film, in reality, peace on the promised land seems to have a long way to go, and that's the most saddening thing.

Dmitry F (mx) wrote: OUTSTANDING. This should be a classic of cinematography. Great movie about banality of evil, non-resistance and "show your cheek".

Paul K (us) wrote: Wacky. Jane Campion goes out on a limb again. Are Australians really anything like this dysfunctional lot? The movie is a strange mix of comic set pieces and a serious undertone. The alien (to non-Australians) environment exacerbates the disorientation. I liked it more than the missus did. maybe that was down to the number of sex scenes ;) .

Eric H (ru) wrote: This is another action movie with no brains. But the fighting scenes are absolutely great and Van Damme really can kick. If you dont like no brain- solid action with Van Damme skip this one but for others this is a way to spend an evening!

Wendy J (nl) wrote: Omg I havent seen this one in years. It was decent though.

Bob D (es) wrote: This is not a movie! This is real!

Dave J (es) wrote: Monday, March 18, 2013 (1962) The Exterminating Angel (In Spanish with English subtitles) SOCIAL COMMENTARY DRAMA Surrealist writer and director Luis Buuel criticism about dictatorship which the film focuses on a group of well groomed heiresses and socialites who get together for a dinner, only that later they can't come to grips into leaving a particular area resulting to many disagreements. Although I don't understand all it's nuances such as the dead chicken in the lady's purse, I still liked what I saw and may understand this film in the long run. 3.5 out of 4 stars

Candy H (us) wrote: Kevin Bacon was great