Green Fire

Green Fire

Set in the coffee fields of Colombia, Green Fires stars Stewart Granger and Grace Kelly. Granger plays emerald prospector Rian X. Mitchell, who intends to explore an old deserted mine despite the protests of his partner Vic Leonard Paul Douglas and the threat of death at the hands of local bandit El Moro Murvyn Vye. Ms. Kelly costars as Catherine Knowland, whose coffee plantation lies at the foot of the mine where Mitchell labors away. Such natural disasters as rain and flood, coupled with such man-made weapons of destruction as guns and dynamite, continually thwart Mitchell's search for riches.

Rian Mitchell discovers an emerald deposit in South America, but gets chased away before he can start to mine. He tricks his partner, Vic, into returning to the site. While there, he meets ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Green Fire torrent reviews

Tim H (mx) wrote: Whats in IT ? 2 hours of your life you will never get back. DONT LOOK IN THE BAG MAN!!

Josh F (jp) wrote: Stunningly realistic 'hood movie. And I know 'hood.

Tim W (mx) wrote: Terrible movie. Not worth your time. Horribly cheesy acting, cheesy lines, pointless plot. Quite perplexing to be honest.

Navin B (gb) wrote: Very gripping and tense drama..I liked the movie a lot. Highly recommended.I would say it has a R rating for some nudity.

LUCA Z (nl) wrote: A wannabe Shaun of the dead. Failed attempt, try again. No, wait, don't do it.

Jimena G (gb) wrote: Pompous, pretentious and extremely poor. It seems as if he ran out of budget for the ending, really, it`s worth seeing to have some laughs. The scene at the captain`s table is so pretentious and absurd at the same time... and the end... how do i put it? I wonder how he got those fine actors to do this nonsense.

Private U (kr) wrote: Jeremy Sisto played his character very well with the whole idea of paranoia and mischief. It was funny at times watching him as he feared for the mysterious "package" that unknowingly shows up inside his apartment room. When the story finally unfolds, the movie began to make sense, and the filmmakers played it brilliantly too. The film kept me wondering until the end came along.

Derek D (gb) wrote: The original was a film that Quentin and Rob just wanted to have fun making. But this one...has no excuse. Robert Patrick is kickass in it, as he always is. That's about it...except for BRUCE FUCKING CAMPBELL!!! He makes a cameo at the beginning for less than 5 minutes then dies, but dammit it's worth it! And Danny Trejo. And the closeted homo pawn shop owner from Pulp Fiction. Not a good movie by any means, but it was good enough to earn another sequel.

RubyRen B (gb) wrote: This piece of crap completely undermined any sense of a family bond with horrible chemistry, was over sexualized for no apparent reason, except when it was boring, and had completely TOO MUCH CHROME. Imagine if Andromeda had a cast from like the worst family sitcom you can think of, and that is this movie. Oh wait, you don't have to imagine BECAUSE THAT'S JOEY FROM FRIENDS. Unsurprising that Garry Oldman was the only good character portrayal of the whole thing, but even that was weak for him. They strain for the drama like a soap opera and all the jokes fall completely flat. maybe Netflix will do a better job.

Justin A (gb) wrote: I didn't care for this movie at all upon its release back in the 90s, but watching it again recently was fun.This movie has aged a bit better since it's kind of nostalgic now. Yeah, it has that terrible 90s look and feel to it, where most early to mid 90s sci-fi/action movies look cheap, but there's something about the movie that is a lot of fun. The performances are a lot of fun, and this was one of those few times where Malcolm McDowell hamming it up was appropriate. Lori Petty really breathes life into the character and is the main reason this movie is worth checking out.I couldn't recommend this to everyone, and the movie really is silly, but I think it has kind of grown as a cult movie worth checking out for certain fans of these kinds of movies.

Barry L (mx) wrote: Very very silly but some great gorey bits....70 pulp

Craig B (gb) wrote: Best valentine's day viewing ever!

JamesMasaki R (fr) wrote: Some movies are bad because they the effort, but no money to support it, and becomes cheap. Others are badly scripted, badly acted, and is amateurish. I guess "Indestructible Man" is both. Badly made and with no budget. Lon Chaney Jr is wasted in this role as a murderer sentenced to death who is reanimated with electricity through a scientist. Like the Frankenstein story a bit much? Yeah, but it is also laughable that Lon Chaney is unable to speak after the experiment so he just makes funny faces through the movie.

Bhargav A (gb) wrote: Wonderful performances and screenplay, lots to think about and lots to enjoy.

JD (es) wrote: Everyone Says I Love You is a Comedic Musical that's written and directed by the man himself Woody Allen. Honestly I really didn't enjoy this movie like his other ones, yeah this movie has some pretty funny jokes and some decent acting but I think what dragged this movie down was the music. Yeah I didn't mind the first musical number in this movie, but that's it I thought the rest of the musical numbers were so corny and really annoying to listen too. I actually do not know why this movie was a Musical, if Woody Allen just took all the musical numbers out of this movie I think this movie would have been a bit better, maybe not a whole lot better but I definitely would have rated it a little higher. But other than the really annoying musical numbers this movie did have a great cast it stared Woody Allen, Julia Roberts, Edward Norton, Natalie Portman, Drew Barrymore, Goldie Hawn, Alan Alda and Tim Roth and all of them played pretty decent performances, nothing top notch but they did there job. Like I said I also really liked the Comedy in this movie I found very enjoyable and as always you can tell this movie is a Woody Allen movie just by the whole tone of it which I do like. So pretty much this movie was decent, it had great acting and great Comedy I do think it's well deserved to have 3.5 stars, but just because I hated the musical numbers so much I'm only giving it 3 stars.