Green for Danger

Green for Danger

In the midst of Nazi air raids, a postman dies on the operating table at a rural English hospital. But was the death accidental?

After the nurse who declares that a recent surgical death was a murder dies also, an enigmatic Scotland Yard inspector arrives to investigate. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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elijah c (kr) wrote: No no no no no no no no no! Caught this movie on HBO last night. Wasn't the best decision to watch the movie the whole way through. Yeah this movie is bad yeah you probably know that if you ever watched it. The movie tries so hard to be a big action thriller that makes you sympathize with an unlikable character to succeed in a mission that you really don't care about. Wow I mean wow the acting was garbage. Tyrese Gibson as a serious actor... really. No he was just plain awful and was not believable as this ex con turned hero. I thought Megan Good was ok and was just whatever. Lorenz Tate was the best part of the movie. I thought he brought some real charisma to his role and acted his butt off. The Game in this movie was just horrendous. He plays the evil gangster that doesn't care about anyone but himself. The editing was sickening to witness. The camera shots in the film were poorly executed and lazy! Half of the time I didn't know what was going on in the action scenes. The drama is so mellow that the plot should be introduced to a new show on the channel Fox 5. Yeah it's that bad. Even though I already kind of shared my opinion in the plot of this movie but I have to say. The plot is so clich (C) and non original it was used in most of the movie from the 80's to the 90's action films. I have to save my son from these bad guys because I promised I will never leave his side. Oh yeah also I don't believe Tyrese as a father in the film when *SPOILER ALERT* Tyrese gets his son back he barely talks to him and show any affection towards him. I blame that for the script but also for Tyrese's performance. The script is one of the worst I have ever witnessed since an Adam Sandler comedy. The production is very low budget that you can witness the horrible lighting and again directing. No type of realism throughout especially the ending! Oh My God the ending made me laugh so hard just to distract my anger. Ok there are some good things in this darkness of nothingness. Like the suspense were pretty effective. Sometimes it was funny when it wanted to be. I wad mildly entertained throughout the film. And I wanted to see what else was going to happen after scenes. Besides those points that's it with positives. Overall 'Waist Deep' tries to be something it's not and fails miserably while doing it. I will give 'Waist Deep' a D grading.

Steve G (es) wrote: It has a very Hitchcockian, Serling-esque quality. Good performances, all around. The dog saving scene was nonsensical. Sad it was never finished. But glad that we get to see it, somehow. The severe blow that Boy suffers should have been shown in a more drastic manner. It didn't look that bad. And it wasn't shown to be very devastating. And yet, his head is split open. That part was not well done. Phoenix plays a terrible character. But it's still so tragic to see him suffering in the film, knowing how he'd be doing so a short time later, to his death. Worth watching, just for historicity.

Redmond B (au) wrote: I know it say's 0.5 stars but it is more like a zero stars. The movie is boring, preachy, without any arc or conflicts that can make this movie anything worth watching and at times it feels offensive. This piece of pure Mormon propaganda is the worst movie I have ever seen.

Greg R (de) wrote: Alhough I'm sure Woody believes in the subject, he's a fairly weak narrator...that said, this is good fun and educational....a trip thru time on america's war on dope (guess what - politicians didn't start lying recently - they've been doing it for years)...what a tragic waste of time, money and human life in battling reefer....I recommend watching

Richard D (kr) wrote: I think there's a decent movie buried in here, but it sure doesn't come out. Gibson is playing his edgy Martin Riggs persona here and it's really tired. He single-handedly destroys this movie with his obnoxious mugging. For a change, Julia Roberts is not the worst thing in a movie. She has no chemistry with Gibson though, so it's difficult to see why she would eventually fall for this obviously dangerous nut job. Patrick Stewart treads water valiantly as the villain.

Radek C (nl) wrote: Just couldn't make my way through it. Rather uninteresting.

Rick Q (nl) wrote: "the fortune cookie" is another brilliant comedy from writer/director billy wilder. jack lemmon and walter matthau, as usual, are a great comedy duo and they play off each other so well, which makes both of their performances all the more funny. there are so many golden comedic moments, it's nearly impossible to dislike the film. if you don't like it, you might want to have yourself examined to see if you have something large and pointy deep inside your rectum.

Walter C (it) wrote: Three men take a woman hostage and hijack a car driven by a man taking his dying son to the hospital.The thing to know about this movie was that it was never released during Mario Bava's lifetime because the producer went bankrupt and the film was seized after a rough cut was made. The lead actress of this movie basically paid off everybody who was owed money so she could get the rights to release the movie twenty-three years later.I watched the version known as 'Kidnapped' which had additional footage shot by Bava's son for the beginning and ending of the movie. The added footage looked out of place but the rest of the movie was tense and great to watch. The DVD also contained the 'Rabid Dogs' version of the film which I think is the original rough cut of the movie. It's supposed to be longer then the 'Kidnapped' version but, I didn't make time to watch it.Anyway, this is a great crime thriller that's definitely worth checking out.

Tor M (ca) wrote: I dig films that are parted into segments. One poor part don't kill the vibe, and you are almost certain to never get bored.This is a Woody flick that I never really knew about. One of his first and a film of seven segments, where every part is got some sort of sex or kinky feature. I do enjoy some segments. "Sperm", "Tit", "Sheep" and "Gameshow" all has something in them for me. Gene Wilder is a nice face to see in "Sheep", "Sperm" is probably the smartest and funniest one - great lines here! "Tit" is way out and is silly enough to work, while the idea of "Gameshow" is a pretty accurate diss to TV-shows.It has hits and misses, but miss more than it hits. When it hits, it often hits you weakly.I guess it's a bit outdated and the jokes are not that fresh. I do like the idea and it's execution is also all right. So, an outdated film, that has some very original and far out moves, but the solid humor is not there - it remains a bit flat. If you see it, make sure you see the last part. It adds several total score points for me.5.5 out of 10 rabbits.

Carlos R (it) wrote: #theConnection #instareview #RoyalReviewIn #French with #Englishsubtitles#Saturday #May23 This movie is the French counterpart to the classic 1971 film #theFrenchConnection (starring #GeneHackman). As ??The French Connection,?? outlined, drug lords in France played a major role in the import of cocaine and heroin to the United States in the 70s (landing mostly in Black neighborhoods in New York). This film centers on the attempts of an overzealous magistrate trying to bust up an elusive organized crime ring. This action-packed thriller is reminiscent of #Heat (#RobertDeniro and #AlPacino). It??s quite good. Stars #JeanDujardin (of #theArtist) and #GillesLellouche are the #GeorgeClooney and #BradPitt of #France. Big time movie stars who are friends off-screen and frequent collaborators on-screen. The chemistry shows (again liking it to the movie ??Heat??). Comparisons to ??The French Connection?? are unavoidable. Although not as good as the classic film, it stands up quite well on it??s on. I definitely recommend it (if you don??t mind watching foreign-language films). My score: #8outof10

base 6 (it) wrote: One of his best. John Wayne performs with a natural instinct, the likes of which the world rarely encounters, that taught humans how to be better people.

Lee R (au) wrote: "I need a copilot." "I'm a truck driver, that's all you got."