Green Ice

Green Ice

He wanted adventure...She craved revenge...Emeralds held the answer.

A down on his luck engineer gets involved in an adventure with a mysterious woman and an emerald magnate. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bobby L (fr) wrote: Spinning Plates is a moving documentary about the human element and personality infused in the preparation and service of food. It delves into food as a way of life, a way of expression, and as a community builder. It's genuine, personal and a great watch for foodies.

Jeffrey M (ru) wrote: The best thing there is to say about Street Kings 2 is that it's mostly watchable, but never original and never all that interesting. As you would expect it has nothing to do with the original, save a similar plot line. As a big Ray Liotta fan I was disappointed, he wasn't given a script or surrounding cast that would bring the best out of him. The script in particular had clunky dialogue and numerous clich (C) moments. Had it not taken itself so seriously, and been more gritty and less formulaic, it could've been something.

Olivier A (ca) wrote: As obscured as the subject of the movie, the direction has no direction. A big line up of stars that play like a reality social show. The lead role is played like a roller coaster with great and not so great moments. if the intent of the movie is to produce frustration at the inequity of social and academic classes, it works.

Tony M (fr) wrote: hells my general interest for an animated flick

Claire W (au) wrote: This movie is amazing,its family friendly and heartwarming.

lovely l (nl) wrote: very cute..simple story and cute perfomance by the very cute sweet actress drew barrymore....a simple movie about how an innoncent,kind and geeg grl can actually find true love after everyone was making fun of her...michael vartan was sooooo cute in this movie and leelee sobieski is such a beatiful unique actress....

Camille L (fr) wrote: Slacker est probablement trop long, surtout dans sa dernire demi-heure o on a trs bien compris l'intention de Linklater (apparaissant dans la premire squence). Slacker est parfois maladroit, surtout avec le personnage qui fut repris dans les affiches du film. Mais Slacker tmoigne aussi d'une vraie envie de cinma diffrent, une oeuvre trs clivante, qui perdra en route probablement 50% de ses spectateurs. En effet, on y suit des personnages parfois non nomms qui parlent, parlent et parlent, avant de disparatre pour laisser place d'autres. Et c'est souvent passionnant, car Linklater a une plume passionnante. Mieux encore, Slacker est une sorte de brouillon pour les futurs Boyhood et Everybody Wants Some!!. Ne serait-ce que pour a, Slacker est indispensable.

Matthew B (ru) wrote: The sweet and tender relationship between the sisters is what keeps the viewer stuck to goofy events of the film. A real classic of 80s teen horror. This one is something special.

Jose Luis M (de) wrote: Casi nunca tiene pierde una pelicula de Brian DePalma!

Bill B (jp) wrote: This film was very watchable, although I have to admit that I saw some of the twists coming and was thus slightly let down after hearing about how great the film was for so long, as I guess I would've expected things to be a bit better hidden than that. Oh well, still a solid thriller/drama about a cop on the edge.Worth a rental.

Robert M (kr) wrote: The conclusion to how it all started. We learn such things as the slightly "cowardly" General Grievous being the head of the droid army, discovering the chancellor as the Sith lord, the human clones during the clone war a set-up, and of course Anakin Skywalker becoming the one and only, Vader. I would have to consider this film the best out of the other two prequels. The movie ran along quite nicely, had lots of neat action, scenery and special effects as usual, and it greatly demonstrates how it all happened from the middle of the movie (the Sith lord looking more like himself) to the very end of it (Luke and Leia born and split apart).

Graham B (nl) wrote: Martin Blank is a professional assassin. He is sent on a mission to a small Detroit suburb, Grosse Pointe, and, by coincidence, his ten-year high school reunion party is taking place there at the same time.A film I hold with great nostalgia and it completely stands up to the test of time.Lloyd Dobler can say anything (whatevs). to me John Cusack will always be Martin Blank and this is the paramount to both Cusack and Driver's career bests. great on screen couple. One of the best.Great film. So quotable. A cast of characters you love. chemistry central. John and Joan Cusack is brilliant. Damn that lady can own a film from a supporting part.This is just one of those films for me that if you don't like it, you get a free punch in the face.