Greenwich Village

Greenwich Village

In 1922, a would-be classical composer gets involved with people putting on a musical revue.

In 1922, a would-be classical composer gets involved with people putting on a musical revue. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nate J (fr) wrote: A truly incredible piece of storytelling which really hammers home how people are treated in the UK when they have nothing. The trouble is I've been in a similar situation and know people who have too and it's as frustrating and painful as it's portrayed here. The whole system for benefits in this country is corrupt and this movie is the tip of the iceberg. This is a bit of a weepy one too, so watch with a tissue.

Joshua P (jp) wrote: Amazing performances. Love Jane.

Jason C (mx) wrote: looks like a silly but funny film

Jessica D (it) wrote: Actually really cute.

Richard D (ru) wrote: In "Before Sunrise", Ethan Hawke and Julie Deply play a couple of young adults who meet in Vienna, share a deep connection and a night together before departing and promising to meet each other back in Vienna in 6 months. It's a remarkable film that celebrates the deep connections between people that can form very quickly sometimes, and celebrates the art of dialogue and talking in films. "Before Sunset" reunites the couple 9 years later in Paris. Hawke has written a book about their night together in the first film, and at a book signing in Paris, he meets Delpy again. This is a very good sequel. It has all of the virtues of the first film, but it also deepens them by dealing with characters who are older and have new situations to confront. Both characters have more commitments now, and have encountered some of life's important compromises and disappointments, so their passion for each other is a bit tempered by an increased dose of reality.

Tim W (ru) wrote: Vicent Gallo's fantastic in this light hearted comedy.

Emily H (br) wrote: I'm generally not one for sequels but Hellbound is the exception. This was an excellent film. Personally I like this one better then the first one. The only thing that ticked me off was the change of the Chatterer.

Kirsi L (ca) wrote: Aivan loistava leffa! Hyv juoni, loistavat nyttelijt eik yhtn mitn erikoistehoste-trikki-joujouriekkumista. Vanhoja leffoja pitisi katsoa paaaaaaaljon enemmn....

Rose H (nl) wrote: For me this movie was hard to follow.The performances were amazing but the "story" part of it didn't make any since and it was confusing. Also the characters weren't well developed because you really didn't know anything about them.

Nicolas P (au) wrote: The best film of Walter Disney.