Gridiron Gang

Gridiron Gang

Teenagers at a juvenile detention center, under the leadership of their counselor, gain self-esteem by playing football together.

The true story of the football team that proved sometimes second chances can make a difference. In the Kilpatrick juvenile detention center, the supervisor and former football player Sean Porter becomes frustrated at not being able to help the kids get away from their problems in life when they are released from the center, and proposes to prepare a football team to play in one league. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dawn N (nl) wrote: This is an awesome film for the whole family. You will fall in love with the geeks and root them on to the end. This is a fun loving film with some very funny scenes that will make you laugh out loud! Don't miss this film for your next family movie night!

Kirby P (es) wrote: Based on the book of spectacularly bad relationship advice from Steve Harvey -- who is on his third marriage. Still, it's basically several examples of people taking his advice, which makes it five rom-coms rolled into one. Parts are watchable, just don't take Harvey's nonsensical advice seriously. Oh, and there are a coupla fine hotties in it, so you can just forget the silly plot altogether and watch them.

Jeff N (ca) wrote: Extremely low budget Indie about a teenager in love with an aged former porn star. While occasionally reminiscent of Napoleon Dynamite, "Meet Monica Velour" is much more serious, even in its dark humor. While it isn't a bad movie, it isn't particularly good either. The performance of Kim Cattrall is actually pretty good and a welcome change from her "Sex and the City" typecast she's been saddled with the past decade. Yeah, this film may not seem like much of a departure from the type of character she's been playing for a long time, but it did give her a chance to be more raw and serious. Definitely worth watching at least once.

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Kyrah D (ca) wrote: ok why wont it play for me

Amit R (mx) wrote: There is something vicarious about scandals. Scandals are usually of the people regarded above all, on pedestal, effortless in their charm and bearing. That's when the scandal takes deep shades and deeper interest. As Oscar Wilde says, It is absurd to divide people into good and bad. People are either charming or tedious.Kate plays the former - One among the few. Judi the other kind.Kate Blanchett can sleep walk through such role, she does exactly that. Casting masterstroke. Her natural charm and presence make one feel and realize again and again, how such perfection is hard thing to last and its just a matter of one slip, enough to take the tumble down. Story comes alive with Judi Dench's point of view and narration this also brings to fore shades of our own side and empathy that grows with every incidence. Single point of view makes it real vivid and edgy.Story is racy in every inch of its progress even though screenplay is typically slow. Slow pace is so British thing and it works. It works because the gripping performances, . especially Judi's is power packed. She would make one doubt Meryl Streep's top seed position if discussion ever comes. A great lesson on movie making or specifically a melodrama. Get your core characters in focus, make the spectrum of emotions come alive and let the peripheral characters work as props as they peep in in the fringes. Crave for such movies that are true to its plot.

David B (au) wrote: has some inspired moments but ultimately too many characters very little development. trying to piece this film together is more difficult than it should be but the casting was excellent and worth a watch alone for that purpose, Australian film about round'y bandits trying to square that zipper up.

Chaoskaos Shirley S (es) wrote: best rasta movie ever

Jason L (es) wrote: Weird movie; but worth watching. (If you don't mind a plot where a 15yr old boy wants his step-mother...) There is a surprisingly notable cast and shocked to read that it was shot in just two weeks with a hand-held digital camera.

Marcus W (ag) wrote: Poor film, great soundtrack.

Jonathan S (ag) wrote: Sometimes it's funny and sometimes it just isn't, but Gene Wilder is always amusing to watch. It needed more scenes like the gag with the legs in the cellar.

Blake P (es) wrote: "Desperately Seeking Susan" isn't so much a homage to the screwball comedy as it is a homage to the screwball situation. It doesn't try to be riotous or anything remotely Ernst Lubitsch - instead, it flutters by with half-smile as it discombobulates the at-first congenial attitude of the atmosphere. Never did I find myself laughing hysterically, but here, that's not the point. It wants to be an amuser in the same mindset as "Pretty in Pink", no knee-slappers to be found but charm spread aplenty. Because that's exactly what "Desperately Seeking Susan" is: a charming comedy of errors that likes to get its characters into as much trouble as possible for satisfactory diversion. Rosanna Arquette portrays Roberta Glass, a bored housewife who spends her afternoons watching cooking shows and living vicariously through the lonely hearts in the classified ads. Most interesting to her is the recurring 'Desperately Seeking Susan' ad, which follows the romance between Jim (Robert Joy) and his sexy girlfriend, Susan (Madonna), both of whom are young, bohemian, and fiercely independent. As she twiddles her thumbs for the umpteenth time one afternoon, Roberta decides to act as onlooker, tracking the twosome down and watching their public encounter from afar. She becomes infatuated with the street stylish Susan and, after a series of complicated events I won't bother to explain, she bumps her head, gets amnesia, and falls under the impression that, she is, in fact, Susan. Most housewives would want to be like the free-spirited woman, but Susan, as it so happens, is in a lot of trouble. Her boyfriend has just stolen valuable Egyptian jewelry, jewelry she enjoys wearing, and a gaggle of thugs are thirsty to get their paws on the collection. So as Roberta wanders around the city bearing Susan's name and wearing her clothes, the criminals begin to chase her, while the real Susan causes a ruckus elsewhere - eventually leading to Roberta's confused husband (Mark Blum). "Desperately Seeking Susan" is the best kind of amusing: pleasant but not so much so that we become immersed in the fact that things aren't as zany as they could be. The film is smartly amusing, after all, with the comic scenario bettering as it grows increasingly convoluted. The screenplay sizzles in its ability to entice us into Susan's world of bohemian style, and the actors are all winning: Arquette, in particular, carries the movie with her sincerely warm characterization. But the best thing about "Desperately Seeking Susan" is Susan Seidelman's great eye for street life: I've never been one to figure a movie is better simply because of the decade it sits in, but Seidelman, intentional or not, finds all the best things about the 1980s and seems to cram them into one excitingly snazzy picture. The ghettos are effectively hip, the suburbs slightly tongue-in-cheek, like "Wild At Heart" if it wasn't crazy. Seidelman's vision is best reflected in Madonna, in her earliest incarnation and her most kitschily well-dressed. "Desperately Seeking Susan" is slight when it comes to comedy but hugely successful when it comes to pure enjoyment. A product of the times, it has aged gloriously as a nostalgic piece snug in all the right places. And nothing's better than the boho sensuous Madonna (providing the soundtrack with guilty pleasure "Into the Groove") before she got all blond ambitious and stopped looking like the chic spunk who stole records as a pastime.

Richard D (it) wrote: Gregory Peck stars as a small town sheriff who starts an affair with Tuesday Weld ... the teenage daughter of bootlegger Ralph Meeker. He's dissatisfied with his job and family life with wife Estelle Parsons and wants to run off with Weld, but the whole affair might just be a ploy by Meeker to get Peck to shield him from a revenue agent who's been snooping around town. A film that's a little slower paced than it needs to be, but is well worth a look for it's terrific cast and authentic southern locales. Charles Durning also appears as Peck's sleazy deputy. The film is named after the Johnny Cash song and several Cash songs form the soundtrack.

James H (gb) wrote: Excellent classic comedy, wonderful performances by all, especially the supporting cast. Billie Burke is at her daffy best. Quality production, very well written.

Ben L (nl) wrote: This film is about a woman (played by Rosalind Russell) who goes to tell her ex-husband/ex-boss that she is getting remarried. As the film progresses, her ex (played by Cary Grant) uses every trick in the book to try and get her to stay. Because Grant plays a newspaper editor, and Russell was one of his ace reporters, the whole scheme he plans revolves around getting her to cover one more story. Part of what makes the film work is the fact that the story they are covering is completely compelling on its own. You could make an entire movie centering around just the stuff that they are talking about reporting, so I was invested not just in the 2 leads, but also the subjects of their news. The comedy in this movie is all dialogue based, because the movie doesn't have a lot of action beats, instead they talk about what's going on. The lines are all delivered in the rapid-fire style of a classic screwball comedy, so if you're not paying attention you might miss some of the laughs. There were times in the film when the rate of the dialogue was so fast that it felt downright oppressive. I think that's the draw for some people when it comes to these kind of comedies, and it makes re-watching the film fun because you can catch things you missed the first time around. Most of the time I was enjoying this movie, but it gets slightly illogical in certain places, and I felt like I was getting lost sometimes among all the words that were flying at me. I'd still recommend it, though, and might consider watching it again to hear what I missed.

Brandon R (nl) wrote: We've hit the reset button yet again. Jason X is another one-off entry in the series which largely ignores what came before and changes things so much that no film picked up where it left off. Horror sequels tend to function ineffectively in a vacuum and Jason X is no exception, it's a tough watch. I never realized it before but in many ways this film is a futuristic remake of Jason Takes Manhattan. Think about it, most of the action takes place on a ship, Jason is surrounded by undergraduates, there's a professor/student seduction scene, Jason's makeup is lacking, and it's all god-awful rubbish. I don't understand the thinking here. The last two films took Jason away from camp and both were huge failures with the fan base, how can you make this mistake a third straight time? Once again I'll state the obvious: Jason in space is a dumb idea. I've heard this film described as "Jason for the Matrix generation" and maybe that's true. Jason X was built around a futuristic aesthetic using all sorts of CGI shots of space flight and sci-fi weaponry and, you know what, who cares? Since when did people watch these films for the digital effects? The answer is never. The filmmakers even go so far as to create an android character who looks like Carrie-Anne Moss's Trinity and include a rapid-cut fight scene with her and Jason near the end of the film. The idea that an audience member would be thrilled or entertained by this makes me ill. Much like Jason Goes to Hell this film comes off as more of an action-focused production and doesn't much bother with suspense or scares, not even cheap ones. A good example of this would be the second act which involves a team of trained commandos tracking Jason through a spaceship like in Alien. Of course their expertise is wasted on the stealthy Jason who, despite being bulky and rancid smelling, can sneak up on anyone at any time and slash his way out of the situation. It's a dull charade. I find it interesting that, although they were all major studio releases, Friday the 13th films are often thought of as B-movies. Jason X is probably the closest any of these sequels come to actually fulfilling that expectation. Poor costuming, set design, and visual effects make Jason X a film that generates groans and eye rolls as often as ironic laughter. It's another tedious, uninspired sequel in what has quickly become a marathon of unwatchable dreck.

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Erin C (br) wrote: I had a feeling about who the "stalker" was the entire time, but it was still pretty shocking.

Cameron L (ag) wrote: It's kind of doing for giallo cinema what Black Dynamite did, but it's not nearly as clever.