A 25 year old young man with dreams of becoming a dancer despite the fact that he's paralyzed from the waist down. His dreams are shattered when his uncle falls seriously ill. To save him, he decides to go work for petrol traffickers.

Despite a paralyzed leg, Grigris, 25 year old, dreams of being a dancer. A challenge. But his dreams are dashed when his uncle falls critically ill. To save him, Grigris resolves to work for petrol traffickers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kevin B (ca) wrote: Just a ripoff of the original "Hills Have Eyes" minus the hills and the eyes and the story and the get my point.

Faley A (it) wrote: Erotic blunder ...and trash !

Ben F (gb) wrote: Seriously top notch movie. I mean come off it, Eddie Izzard and Christopher Eccleston!!?!!

tp b (ca) wrote: Nothing good about it.

Sara W (es) wrote: A very relatable film, though it's "period." I think most people must experience the desperate desire to get the hell away from their lives once in a while and just simple breathe in peace somewhere with nature. Anyway, great acting, great story, great settings, great movie.

Nikolaj Z (es) wrote: This movie is HILARIOUSLY GOD AWFUL.I'm usually pretty fond of cheezy/campy films, but this movie is loaded with face-palming laughter.(It seems like it was made by a 12 year old director with a few college students for a film crew.)And Jack Palance steals the show with just how lame his bad-guy character is! : )

Mikey D (nl) wrote: I don't how often I've watched this movie... I believe I'll watch it right now again :D

Adam L (br) wrote: Great film but I wish Newman would of told her to shove it at the end.

John P (ru) wrote: Bette Davis perfectly pulls off the heart-breaking ending. Although the beginning may be a little slow, the gripping doomed romance plot soon develops.

Holly F (fr) wrote: A low budget horror but i fairly enjoyed it. The script is recycled and the monster isn't original but the acting was surprisingly good compared to most low budget horrors! May 15, 2010

Demetrios M (kr) wrote: I love this movie! Every second on the screen. It's fun and ridiculous!

Jake P (gb) wrote: Having a brother-in-law from Oregon who gave me Steve Prefontaine's back story, when I literally knew nothing about him prior, created a great interest in me to see the film. And although I found it to be textbook I also found it to be affective & entertaining. I give all the performances high praise.