One cold winter's day, Jacob and his sister Marie are abandoned in a wood by their out-of-work father. In his jacket Jacob finds a letter from their mother urging them to go to her brother in Spain. Once in Spain, it turns out that their uncle is dead. Marie meets Diego, a wealthy charming Spanish surgeon, and falls in love with him. Diego lives with his sick, domineering sister, Teresa. To Jacob's astonishment, Marie wants to marry Diego. Even after the wedding has taken place, jealous Jacob tries to get his sister away from Diego. When this doesn't succeed, Jacob starts to provoke his brother-in-law. It soon transpires that no-one will go unpunished for this.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:103 minutes
  • Release:2003
  • Language:Dutch,Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dancer,   capture,   escape,  

One winter's day Jacob and his sister Marie are left behind in the woods by their unemployed father. In his coat Jacob finds a note from his mother urging them to go to their uncle in Spain... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kristel C (gb) wrote: Amazing story of redemption and renewal and HOPE!! To all our friends and families, get out to see this movie when it opens...go to website for more's a story that will never leave your soul~

Countess N (gb) wrote: 7 April 2011 This was just awful so boring and stupid. My son actually enjoyed it...O_O

Andrew C (mx) wrote: It starts off a little shaky but over all it was an okay movie.

Sophie M (mx) wrote: A great film, filled with the wonderfully quirky and utterly flawed characters, and deliciously subtle humour that you come to expect from aussie cinema. Shot in a beautiful location.

pisi m (us) wrote: pisi didn't like it too much. was a little boring toward the end. but Jonicek thought it was interesting. definitely Matthew mcs best movie.

Sara H (fr) wrote: WOW. This movie is AMAZING. I could go on forever about it. I really hope the NHL starts to allow monkeys to play in it.

Adam F (nl) wrote: In 1998, Roland Emmerich came out with his take on Godzilla and fans of the King of the Monsters, they were mad. They demanded that someone get it right, so Toho studios released their counter to the film "Godzilla 2000". This movie brings Godzilla back to its roots but unfortunately it's just a slightly above-average giant monster movie. What makes the film noteworthy are the awesome moments at the tail end of the film that will have you screaming with joy. The film ignores all previous entries in the series, save for the first film. We follow Yuji Shinoda (Takehiro Murata) and his daughter Io (Mayu Suzuki). They are responsible for keeping the GPN (Godzilla Prediction Network) afloat. They are reluctantly joined by reporter Yuki Ichinose (Naomi Nishida), who is tasked with taking pictures of Godzilla so that she can move on to more exciting stories (!) for the newspaper. When Yuji's hated rival, Shiro (Shiro Sano) discovers a sixty million year-old UFO deep in the Pacific Ocean, the lights shining onto it bring it back to life. It returns to the surface and begins acting suspiciously. Is it a friend, or a foe? And what does it want with Godzilla?This movie features a new design for Godzilla, one that is amped up to look more lizard-like and less friendly (the design will be held into most of the "Millenium Series") and it's pretty cool. The monster effects are done once again with a guy in a rubber suit and miniatures, but we also get a couple of shots of a CG Godzilla swimming. The computer effects leave something to be desired, but they're not terrible and allow the monster to do some actions that we've never seen him do before, like be completely submerged while swimming in water. We are also introduced to a new monster for Godzilla to face off again, one that isn't particularly memorable but has gained some popularity thanks to the video games released to the major consoles: Orga. Unfortunately this creature is treated more as a "final form" of the space ship that fights against Godzilla and their battle together is very short. It's an even bigger disappointment than you would expect because seeing Godzilla battle the big silver ship isn't really that exciting. We do get some exciting battle sequences where Godzilla is pitted against some fancy tanks and missiles though. Good stuff. Another improvement to the series is in the way the action is shot. Godzilla's suit must have been much lighter than the ones we've seen in the past because the King of the Monsters moves faster and is significantly more agile than he was in "Godzilla vs. Destoroyah" and the films that were tied into that continuity.Where the film really suffers is in the special effects department. The Godzilla suit looks fine, Orga looks fine, the tanks and jets look fine. The miniatures look good too and in fact there's a shot during the climax where they must have built a huge miniature city for the monsters to rampage in and it is truly awesome. Otherwise though, the movie is frankly amateurish in the way it handles the effects. The spaceship is rendered through computer and looks very dated for example. I realize that many other countries do not have the resources and technologies to render images of the same quality as major Hollywood studios and that this one might have had a slightly lower budget, considering it was released just a year after the Rolland Emmerich effort, but it just looks bad. It's actually baffling to see because it's clear that the filmmaker had access to miniatures and physical props for the sequences where the ship is surrounded by pyrotechnics and miniatures but instead they opted for CGI. Even worse though, are the sequences where shots are composited together. When Godzilla is seen walking through real-life cities with citizens running in front of him, you can clearly tell that the grain from the two pieces of film spliced together are of very different quality. It isn't very convincing at all. Completely baffling are other scenes where actors must have been shot on a stage and then inserted in front of tanks or buildings. Were there some last-minute revisions to the story where they couldn't go back to the locations or get those vehicles again?What saves this movie from being a forgettable entry in the series is, of all things the human story. The humans are likeable because they are all kind of stupid, but earnest. Yuji and his daughter seem to take a lot of unnecessary risks in their quest to learn more about Godzilla, and you sympathize with them because you would be doing the exact same thing if Kaijus were real. Yuki is fun to follow because she is gutsy, has a lot of witty banter with the other character and will do ANYTHING to get her scoop. A standout is the Io, who looks like a sweet, innocent girl being dragged around the country by her crazy father when she is in fact, a ruthless business woman, demanding outrageous costs for GPN memberships and clearly bossing her father around a lot more than she ought to be. Don't forget the film's villain, who can only be described as a complete douchebag. The film makes no attempt at hiding the fact that this guy is a jerk, hates our hero and doesn't care at all if his rival gets killed. It's not even that he's out to conquer the world, has stolen something valuable that is driving the plot or wants to kill Godzilla or anything like that, he's just a jerk that is getting in everyone's way. The human plot contains a lot of crazy coincidences, and it looks like Godzilla read the script so he knew exactly who the audience would hate and who you would cheer for. It brings you back to that era where Godzilla movies were just silly entertainment and what you wanted to see where wacky characters running around while monsters beat the radioactive snot out of each other. The moment that seals the deal on this film is right at the end. It contains some of the most memorable, ridiculous lines ever uttered in a Godzilla movie (make that any movie) and ends on just the right note. It reminds you that yes indeed, "Maybe there is a little bit of Godzilla in all of us".The special effects are bad and there's not nearly enough monster action as there should be, but the element of fun is high with this film. You can watch it as a decent, but dated monster movie or as silly entertainment you kind of poke fun at. Either way, when it gets to that ending you will have the greatest time ever. I can't say that this is one of those Godzilla movies you can show to anyone and have them instantly get what people love about the franchise, but if you're a fan of giant monster movies, you're gonna love it. (English dub on Dvd, May 18, 2014)

Garrett W (de) wrote: Maybe the worst sci fi movie I have ever seen

Rachel F (es) wrote: Pass on Cameron and Billy.

Lisa K (de) wrote: I LOVED the book, but the movie was so-so

Russell H (us) wrote: pretty stupid but at least mildly entertaining. You can't help but to root for stupid, fat guy.

Ben T (us) wrote: 1996's Trainspotting is without a doubt one of the biggest landmarks in low budget British filmmaking. The second movie by Danny Boyle after he directed 1994's Shallow Grave, Trainspotting is based off Irvine Welsh's book of the same name. Trainspotting is an absolutely phenomenal film and is essential viewing if you live in Scotland or the UK. Trainspotting has so much to talk about due to the amazing cast, directing, writing and just everything really. Watching the film now it's a who's who of famous British actors who were relative newcomers at the time. This is the movie that really catapulted Ewan McGregor into the mainstream. He does a really great job here as his character is very flawed and at times unlikeable but McGregor does a fantastic job. The cast of characters in Trainspotting have become iconic now and a lot of that is to do with the fantastic acting. Ewan Bremner does a brilliant job at playing Spud, the loveable idiot. Jonny Lee Miller is great as Sick Boy and is very funny. Robert Carlyle plays the violent psychopath Begbie unnervingly well. Kevin McKidd is brilliant as Tommy and his character journey is very tragic. Kelly Macdonald also does a great job in a small role as Diane. The rest of the supporting cast is also fantastic and it is just great seeing how many of the cast have gone on to become famous. Trainspotting is in my opinion one of the best directed films I've ever seen. This was Danny Boyle's second movie and he's does an amazing job at making this such an amazing film. This is a gritty, funny, dark, trippy and at times horrifying movies. Trainspotting has become infamous for its very raw knuckle and grim depiction of drug taking and while that is certainly there in spades there is a lot of black comedy no one seems to mention. There are some hilarious moments like: Begbie and the woman in the bar, Sick Boy's hilariously idiotic speech about life and Spud's mishap in the bed which leads to one of the most disgusting yet hilarious moments of gross out comedy. The film also has some genuinely quite scary and horrifying moments, the most infamous is the famous baby crawl that is genuinely very scary. The writing here is also fantastic as I mentioned this film is able to be both hilarious and disgustingly raw and gritty at the same time. The biggest thing I was suprised about watching Trainspotting is just how fantastic it is technically. This was made for a minuscule budget so it is suprising just how brilliant the technical aspects are. The cinematography is fantastic, there are lots of unique shots and camera movements. The film also looks fantastic and perfectly captures the dingy and decrepit atmosphere of Edinburgh. The editing is also fantastic, the way the film cuts scenes together is so brilliantly done. The way the story at time goes back and forth in time points is also very well done and the film is never confusing. The use of songs and music are also brilliant and all fit perfectly with the film and the narrative. The only real flaw I had with Trainspotting is a times the thick Scottish accents can make the dialogue a bit difficult to comprehended but that's it. To be honest Trainspotting is such a good film that there is so much to talk about but I really don't want to ruin any of it. Overall Trainspotting is not just one of the best movies of the 1990's it's one of the best movies of all time! An absolute masterpiece with very few flaws that is just so brilliant and so darkly funny. Absolutely loved it go out and see it. A+

Jacob G (ca) wrote: Jim Carey is hilarious this movie had me constantly laughing

Jeff H (it) wrote: Hardware was a low budget "B" movie which many though was a Terminatator rip off. You can expect the bad acting and other elements of a "B" horror movie from this time periord. This movie does have more style than you would expect which sets it appart. I would describe it as post apollyptic desert punk. It features cameos from Lemmy of Motarhead and Iggy pop. The soundtrack which includes Ministry, is fitting. Not a great movie but a well deserved "cult classic" status.

Zahran Z (it) wrote: Funny! thats about it...Sexy in a strange kinda way too :-O

Scott R (kr) wrote: Powerful, informative and interesting. An unique look into the end of French colonial Algeria. As true to fact as one could imagine.

Ellen F (it) wrote: Sexy! Take a trip to Paris with Paul Newman, Sydney Poitier and their ladies - the music, the streets, the liberal attitudes!

Jacob G (nl) wrote: Humorous and mostly satisfying...the largest obstacle is a tedious first half, which is basically all setting up the dominos. Has a certain spunk that is appealing, largely through the character's absurd oddities. Worth seeing for those into the whole Bewitched-esque romantic storylines.

Greg W (us) wrote: entirely predictable sports pic

Ethan L (gb) wrote: Cute, if predictable family entertainment. B-