Grimm Love

Grimm Love

In Germany, as graduate student Katie Armstrong researches cannibal killer Oliver Hagen for her thesis, she becomes obsessed with her subject and ultimately plunges into a lifestyle similar to Hagen's and the thousands of people like him.

In Germany, as graduate student Katie Armstrong researches cannibal killer Oliver Hagen for her thesis, she becomes obsessed with her subject and ultimately plunges into a lifestyle similar... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Josh G (gb) wrote: Is this movie ever going to be released state-side? I'd like to see this movie.

Ricardo C (ag) wrote: A tad overlong, but otherwise, a cinephile's revelation in what makes cinema today - the good and the bad. Quite shocking to see how much of this relatively small but heavyweight business rested on one man and how it was cut short before its ballooning in what would've probably been the expanding of art house, indie and foreign nationwide in the US. This would've probably prevented the crap movies Hollywood makes these days too. Endlessly interesting for the film lover as it mentions films from every corner of the world; movies featured on what sounds like was the best television channel ever made for films.

Hannah K (fr) wrote: I love Reese Witherspoon. My favorite movie of hers.

Paul A (ca) wrote: an ok film not that bad

bill s (ru) wrote: A hoot,nobody plays ruthless with more glee than Spacey.What a son of a bitch and the movie much better for it,

Ben L (ru) wrote: Um, yeah, this movie isn't for me. I don't like horror, and frankly this isn't even scary. It's actually more funny rather than scary. The only thing really horrific is the blood and gore. I did enjoy the comic-book style editing of some of the scenes. The cool transitions from in and out of the stories were really neat. I just never liked these type of comic books. Frankly if I'm going to watch something with little vignettes like this, I'd rather tune into a few classic episodes of the Twilight Zone. Don't take my opinion on these, of course, I'm sure others who enjoy this genre more will eat up Creepshow and enjoy both the scares and the laughs. However, I will take a moment to give a quick comment on each of the 5 stories in this movie (beware of spoilers ahead):Father's Day = This is a by-the-numbers story about a man rising from the grave in order to get his revenge on those who killed him. It has horrible acting (even Ed Harris can't save this one,) and doesn't really make much sense. But that final moment is great. It made me laugh, and it fit perfectly with the story they were telling.The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill = Stephen King himself as a moronic hillbilly is fun to laugh about, but the story is almost non-existent. It literally involves about 1 minute to set up what is happening and then the rest of the time is just a boring slog until you reach the inevitable ending. It has a good ominous conclusion, but that didn't save the story.Something to Tide You Over = My favorite story of the bunch. I think this might just be because I like the actors involved, but still it worked fairly well for me. I like Leslie Nielsen when he goes bad because he still has that smile that makes you think perhaps he's just a bit insane. It's not a terribly surprising story, but I liked the execution.The Crate = Long and utterly predictable. Once you see Hal Holbrook fantasizing about killing his wife you're just waiting for what scenario will make that possible. Once the crate is presented the conclusion is obvious. It has moments, but it dragged on too long and included one of my biggest horror movie pet peeves...people doing stupid things for no good reason just so the killer can have another victim. Plus the monster looked like a Muppet, not scary in the slightest.They're Creeping Up on You = I don't like bugs either. This one is gross, and it's one single scare used over and over and over again. The only escalation is in the quantity of roaches. I would rather not watch this again...ever!

Stephanie M (ca) wrote: Pretty interesting gangster film that still resonates today's problems of ex-cons trying to go straight. Particularly of note is a young William Holden who is stellar as the angry younger brother who needs to be kept on the straight and narrow by his older brother. Also of note is a cool supporting role of Humohrey Bogart who brings his usual Bogey-y-ness.

Maurcio V (us) wrote: Um espetculo! Ryan Gosling est excelente neste drama-suspense poltico dirigido por Geroge Cloooney (sempre melhor atrs das cmeras). TUDO PELO PODER envolvente e conta com uma narrativa muito bem amarrada, entre as melhores de 2011.

Christian Q (fr) wrote: I enjoy s l jackson but honestly he's too intense

Xain R (es) wrote: Fully action packed movie. Technical details about the K-2 are not right though but daring action sequence, one with another, are alone enough to keep you interested in the movie.

Nicholas L (ca) wrote: The movie seems to be a set up to glorify a good ole boy, but eventually morphs into a solid feel-good comedy/drama.