With a new baby and wife to support, out-of-work filmmaker Matt Gallagher tries his hand - and some would say, luck at playing poker for a living.

  • Category:Drama
  • Stars:
  • Uploader:Leocuto
  • Country:USA
  • Director:Matt Gallagher
  • Writer:Cornelia Principe

With a new baby and wife to support, out-of-work filmmaker Matt Gallagher tries his hand - and some would say, luck at playing poker for a living. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sean D (mx) wrote: The people hate SyFy films but the coveted 5 star rating finally goes to a SyFy original movie. This movie can probably be compared a lot to Battleship and I'm sure without a shadow of a doubt that this pales in comparison. But you know what, they finally nailed it with this one. There was no cheesy acting, shitty CGI, abuse of 60fps slow motion, stupid personal issues plot (slightly mentioned but actually necessary for character development). Good job SyFy network! 80 films later you finally got it right. I expect you to completely fuck it up in the next film! But for now take the glory and bathe in it, because it will probably never happen again. You finally earned it, you finally deserve it!

Pavandeep S (ca) wrote: I enjoyed this film a lot, it could have been longer and have been a much more rounded film.

Lilianetty l (ca) wrote: It has good moments and laughs (a lot of cliche also for a Spain movie, tipico espaol). La verdad, merece un 3 & a half stars of 5. Enjoy. - Mayo 5 del 2014.

Donny S (br) wrote: awsome movie! not as good as the first one with the first one was really really really good!

Jenny L (it) wrote: never listern to your friends when they want to watch "American Poop." you know, seeing as all the American Pie movies are actually enjoyable atleast i thought this would be okay. however, i'm pretty sure American Pie just bought the rights to the movie. aweful. depressing. and the night shots were irritating.

Siavash (us) wrote: I don't know what "Linha De Passe" means, but I loved it's simplicity and its naturalistic view towards the characters.

Steve W (de) wrote: Spartan is an intelligent and exhilarating action thriller. It makes you think with its twisty nature and intense action. The script is great and the dialogue is even better. The characters get lots of development and the plot is intriguing. The first 20 minutes is slow, but after that is just ends with a great climax.

ssata m (es) wrote: #throwback to 2006 and Brokeback Mountain and Crash and Nic and i deciding it would be the best thing ever if everyone in RWinds came to band prac dressed in the theme of an Oscar nominated film and no one else agreeing with this view.

Nick M (au) wrote: In some ways, I found "Major League: Back to the Minors" to be better than the second movie even though there was really no point in making a third movie. I, unlike other people, found the switch of focus to the minor leagues to be a welcome change. Some people also complain about how they switched from the Indians to the Twins, but once again, I didn't find that all bad. The main problems I had was the movie trying to play off the other movies by including people that weren't needed. Maybe if this one its own standalone baseball movie it wouldn't have been too bad. Instead, they had to bring back characters like Cerrano and Tanaka for no apparent reason other than to remind us this was a "Major League" movie. The return of Roger Dorn I could live with and Bob Uecker is so funny, it was nice to have him back. I did like the story surrounding how the minor league Buzz would face off against the major league Twins even though it was farfetched. Also, the movie was still quite funny in some parts that had me laughing out loud. Near the end, though, the movie kind of seemed to lose its luster and there was a lot of bad acting and cheesy lines and moments. And I know everybody else has mentioned it, but the cheesy computer-generated baseball was useless and not needed at all. As for the acting, I really enjoyed Scott Bakula as Gus Cantrell. Like I said earlier, Bob Uecker was still funny as the commentator, but maybe lost some of his funniness this movie. As for all the other actors playing the baseball players, they ranged from good to alright. Nobody really stood out. "Major League: Back to the Minors" isn't really as bad as people say, it just isn't great. I still feel that it could've been way better had it not had the "

keiron b (it) wrote: Despite the high ratings It has, didn't enjoy it and was bored all the way through.

Daniel S (ca) wrote: More of a clipshow of the original than a sequel. This one was vastly forgettable and one you could really live without watching.

Katherine H (jp) wrote: It's a low-budget horror comedy, so know that coming in and adjust your expectations. That said, I thought the movie was really weird, twisted, and hilarious, and the acting wasn't bad. Not great, but not bad. I thought it was an enjoyable watch if you're looking for something fairly superficial but still entertaining and worth cracking up (or "wtf"-ing) over at least once.

jackson w (it) wrote: One of my favorite pixar films yet, yes i know the plot is generic but that doesn't stop me from loving the heart filled talking cars.

Tony B (es) wrote: Very cheesy and messy, but fairly entertaining still.

Nick M (mx) wrote: Thoroughly entertaining and hilarious.

Robert M (fr) wrote: Probably my least favorite out of the series so far. Some of the ideas though we're a bit interesting, like how the alien race was on earth during human's very early years, and also how the revealing pyramids of Egypt came to be (honestly, you really wonder how they were built at the time). While this sequel to the previous action-packed thriller may have had an okay story, it was not all that well directed. The action goes a little to far (or at least feels like it if it hasn't compared to the first film) and seems to have enough military hardware to start, like World War III AND IV. Honestly, it's cool and all, and I really like these action thrillers, but sometimes it's just not all about the action or the cool sound effects itself that makes a good movie of it's genre. Long story short, I like these movies as cool visually-stunning fantasy war zones, but not as much in a "movie" type sense. Plus, Shia LaBeouf's acting is not the greatest in this one.

Courtney H (fr) wrote: I thought I knew where this movie was going, and then it had me constantly second guessing myself. This movie kept me enthralled and I would definitely recommend it! Logan Marshall-Green has come a long way from his stint on The OC. His character was captivating and convincing.