Gröna gubbar från Y.R.

Gröna gubbar från Y.R.


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Gröna gubbar från Y.R. torrent reviews

Stewart F (de) wrote: Everyone should see it...

Alan L (de) wrote: Started well,unfortunately after the impressive raining fights,then everything fall down from the hill.They actually can do better and who knows,it can even better than Wilson Yip's Ip man.

Mary M (de) wrote: dysfunctional relationships abound

Clarence W (au) wrote: I've watched this movie 2-3 times and enjoyed it each time. It starts in Istanbul, moves to Israel, and then Germany. And then there's Lior Ashkenazi...sigh!

Luis C (jp) wrote: One of my favorite movies, really insight full..

Samuele P (it) wrote: This is one of my favorite movies so far. It's so stylish, entertaining, well directed and acted. Spielberg, DiCaprio and Hanks together could not help but let out one of the most beloved films ever.

Philip W (ag) wrote: Superb, one of Woody's finest. The soundtrack, the sets, the cast.. everything is perfect! A great introduction to Woody Allen for those that have not seen any of his movies. In my opinion, on a par with Annie Hall and Hannah.

Kyle B (de) wrote: David Tennant is a fine Hamlet (although, like most actors who take on the role, a little too old), but Sir Patrick Stewart knocks it out of the park as both Claudius and the Ghost.

John E (de) wrote: I am a HUGE Bobby Darin fan and have wanted to see this movie for many years WHAT a disappointment. I have NEVER liked anything John Cassavettes has done and this is no exception. The story line was disjointed to say the least the acting was overdone and awful. The dialogue was nonsensical and meaningless as if it was being edited and the editor forgot to connect it back. It seemed ridiculous to have a musical talent like Bobby Darin in a movie about jazz musicians and he didn't sing or play a note (DARIN was a VERY talented musician as well as his magnificent voice he played several instruments. The Only thing that made it possible for me to sit through this awful pice of rubbish was seeing Bobby Darin perform.

Anna B (fr) wrote: I just, I can't forgive Stewart in this the way I forgive him in Rear Window. While the romance there is gross but background noise, here it's front, centre, and integral to the film, and watching Novak (who also has no idea what she's doing) go limp under the touch of the befuddled geriatric's liver-spotted fingers is decidedly unpleasant. I like a lot about this movie, from the slow pace to the gorgeous colours to the creepy atmosphere. But the actors, and that idiotic plot twist (and the exposition dump that reveals it) make it a hard one for me to love.