Gross Anatomy

Gross Anatomy

It Takes Hard Work, Discipline And Commitment To Get Through Med School. But Joe's Never Done Anything By The Book. Matthew Modine stars as Joe Slovak, a brilliant first-year med student whose casual, nonconforming approach to life gets tested when he enrolls in Gross Anatomy, the toughest course in med school.

A smart first-year med student takes nothing seriously, except the pursuit of his Gross Anatomy (human dissection) lab partner. It's up to her and their teacher to find a way to convince ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kevin T (ca) wrote: Probably the worst zombie movie I have seen. Don't waste your time.

Benjamin N (jp) wrote: It's a sad, far cry from Dances with wolves and even Waterworld. Ambitious to a fault, not quite nailing it due to laughable scenes.

Gimly M (mx) wrote: Starring personal favourite Luke Goss (Hellboy II: The Golden Army, Death Race 2, Blade II) as British boxing champion Steve Fox (above), The Tekken game series has been made into a live action film. But personally I think that's a bad way of looking at it. Though a huge fan of the Playstation games, viewing this film as an entity its own right, while still cheering on the characters I loved from the Tekken games, is a much better way of analysing, and enjoying the film.As far as I'm concerned, the films strongest point was what took place outside of Iron Fist Tournament. It's a post-apocalyptic setting (which not only do I love, but also it works superbly. The film actually explains the world better than the games do, and, sure they might have made it up, I'm not certain, but it works massively in its favour.Although Sergei (one of my favourites from the game series) looked like a makeupless Dani Filth, he sort of pulled it off, it was a shame his character was so minor, same with Yoshimitsu (my other favourite). But I think in part that was where this film gained its strength. Unlike other adaptations of fighter games, this movie only introduced a handful of characters, and of them concentrated on just a few, and showed their lives outside of the arena, as well as in.It's ver, very far from flawless. There's numerous plot holes, some less than terrific acting, and either they make up the rules as they go along, or there's a lot of fights you don't get to find out about (I understand not having them on screen, but a montage showing who won would be kinda nice). It doesn't really go down as a favourite, that's for sure, but when I compare it to DOA: Dead or Alive, Mortal Kombat Annihilation, Street Fighter, Double Dragon and Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li (especially) it comes out miles in front. Actually, other than the original Mortal Kombat release in 1995 it's really the only mildly watchable Fight-Game-Come-Fight-Film I've ever seen. Also, the soundtrack is pretty strong (featuring Australian band Skinny Puppy).The presence of Cyril Raffaelli as fight choreographer (he had the same job in The Incredible Hulk, Live Free or Die Hard, The Transporter and Brotherhood of the Wolf) was also a great credit to the film. This Frenchman just plain knows what he's doing. Simple as that. Still, viewing it sober this time around, Tekken left a lot to be desired. Good fun, not too bad (especially by comparison), but all together, it's hardly a sin to miss. I think some of my drunken enjoyment of this film be residual, don't trust a rating this high.61%-Gimly

Roy N (it) wrote: Some movies are so bad that they're good. This was not one of those. It was just bad. Maybe if it didn't take itself so seriously it would have been worth a laugh as a spoof. But the fighting was terrible, the dialog was stilted, the pacing was off, the acting was uninspired ... and there was nothing to make up for it.

Rikard B (it) wrote: Exakt min humor. S sjukt rolig.Kommentarer r det bsta o s den skadade sjuka humorn i tankeform blir bara hysteriskt roligt.Frsta gngen jag sg den p bio satt jag dubbelvikt o asgarvade hysteriskt hela tiden s typ halva biografen garvade t mig x, men det var det ltt vrt, det bjuder jag p s extremt kul var den.

Matt C (jp) wrote: Goofy and too predictable! It was on, so I watched it kinda thing!

Carys E (kr) wrote: I have no idea why I love this, but I really really do. I should technically hate it - it's slow, quaint, barely anything happens... But there are some really gorgeous lines, Helena Bonham Carter is my idol, and Italy is my favourite place on earth.

Carl N (nl) wrote: A particularly well done & fresh take on the tired "dinner with friends" and the ending is a creepy/mind-spinner....

Ken S (de) wrote: Woody Allen's first real directorial effort (technically his second but his first was just a Japanese film he re-edited and dubbed over for comedic purposes) is the story of Virgil Starkwell, a career criminal who is terrible at crime but surprisingly good at prison escape. The film is madcap, like a Monty Python or Mel Brooks film, with that Woody Allen wit. I laughed a good deal, and I think his first feature holds up fairly well.

Aaron G (mx) wrote: I'm biased on this one because I read the script first, which was outstanding. I don't want to know what horror happened between the writing stage and the filming stage, but I smell studio interference of the worst kind.

Kevin L (it) wrote: Over the top silly gore fest. Well edited and eccentric humor. Nice practical effects. A little too mindless for me though.