An unnamed doctor has always had everything he's ever wanted, but that has only made him develop more extreme and depraved needs. He kidnaps a young couple in the prime of their life together and forces them into a game of torment that slowly extinguishes their hopes for survival.

An unnamed doctor has always had everything he's ever wanted, but that has only made him develop more extreme and depraved needs. He kidnaps a young couple in the prime of their life ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ken T (ca) wrote: Not bad for a "B" movie...

Eliabeth C (au) wrote: The story opened my eyes to world that I could never imagine. It took me into a reality that I would not be able to handle. Yet I was able to watch it knowing the Chava was so strong and determined.

Lora N (ag) wrote: How can you not love a movie set in Sandusky, Ohio?Part of this movie was shot in the freshman dorm I lived in all four years of college supposedly because the director wanted a location that was "prison-like."

Augustine H (gb) wrote: Judi Dench and Billy Connolly are great here. But it is a little bit too boring.

Stefanie C (gb) wrote: These four segments by four auteurs are pure comic delight!

Igor A (ca) wrote: Jak film! Mora da se gleda luge! Ova ne se propusta!Giovanni Ribisi,Selma Blair,Beau Bridges,Kevin Pollak.Toa e toa!

Robert H (jp) wrote: From producer/writer Luc Besson comes another action movie with American leads set in Paris, and while it is largely competent from a technical standpoint, there are some jarring tonal shifts which may not sit right with everyone. Jonathan Rhys Meyers plays James Reese, the personal assistant of the American diplomat in Paris. He's excellent at his job, but he longs for a more exciting life as a spy. Enter Charlie Wax (John Travolta), who is everything the straight-laced Reese isn't: first and foremost an actual secret agent, and in general a rather aggressive personality. The two of them team up to finish a job, and prove to Reese's boss that he can cut it as a "member of the club." From the first few frames, it was clear that this would be a well-shot movie (from Pierre Morel, who also directed TAKEN), but upon hearing Jonathan Rhys Meyers open his mouth I lost a lot of hope that it would be a well-acted one. He was uninspiring and uncharismatic in the worst way possible. Thankfully, John Travolta showed up to chew the scenery and add some life into what was essentially a bargain-basement spy thriller with great production values. Even though it seemed like he was in a completely different movie, his presence lightened the mood a little bit, even if he didn't really have much chemistry with Meyers. If there's one saving grace about this film, other than having technically proficient action and good cinematography, it was Travolta. Pausing a moment to discuss the plot, I thought that it was rather formulaic and rote in its approach to this rather overdone genre. I get that the title is a sort-of nod to James Bond, but this can't hold a candle to that franchise. Not only that, but the plot didn't make much sense either, and character motivation was either muddled or non-existent, particularly with a third act twist which reveals who the true villain is. Even though this is an over-the-top action movie with elements that are a bit removed from reality, the least they could have done was to try and make it somewhat coherent. However, despite all of the shortcomings there are enough elements in the film to give it a loose recommendation. John Travolta is truly awesome in his role as the fast-talking secret agent with an itchy trigger finger and a warped sense of humor. There are also a number of well-executed action and fight sequences which don't hold back in terms of what they show (as opposed to something like TAKEN). Pierre Morel is a master behind the camera, and it shows. Also, since this movie is set in Paris and stars John Travolta, they go for an easy (but still funny) Pulp Fiction joke. Overall, fans of mindless action should find a lot to enjoy here, while everyone else would be better served watching a Bond film or checking out one of Luc Besson's other, better productions.

Arslan K (au) wrote: In the first 17 minutes I was extremely bored but then this film really picks up and gets you right into its amazing story. Day Lewis was once again freaking amazing in it and so was the other cast. Kind of like my left foot he had another really well shown relationship with his dad. The ending was super good and I had no idea this was a true story. The thing I loved about this film was when they were first said to be guilty the viewers get a sense of anger because we know he is not and we just can't do anything about it and then to top it of this is a true story which makes it extra good. Overall from the story to day Lewis this is a great film and would recommend it to all.

Kristopher P (au) wrote: Something for the cultural rubber-neckers. An intergalactic quest to find "The Hoff".

Bryan M (au) wrote: I actually really enjoyed this movie. Acting could have been better, but the story was cool. Just wish it had been executed better.

Borhan K (kr) wrote: The Good Dinosaur! One of the best Pixar Cartoons of 2015.Totally worth a watch and fun for the whole family. Something that my wife chose to sit and watch and my mum joined in as well.The Good Dinosaur is a coming of age story for a little dinosaur that loses his father and he has to grow up fast as one day he gets dragged down the river with the tide and he and his little critter friend have to make it back home.One of the feel-good flicks on Netflix.keep this part of your collection and your kids will be entertained.

Harrison W (gb) wrote: This felt much more cohesive than its predecessor. It felt about a decade ahead in production value. Very entertaining stuff. There were a few cheesy, unexplained parts that certainly wouldn't have been left in a modern movie, but overall, it held up.