Groucho: A Life in Revue

Groucho: A Life in Revue

Groucho: A Life In Revue highlights the legendary comedian’s life and amazing career. Written by the ultimate authority – Groucho’s son Arthur Marx – this comedy with music chronicles the unparalleled rags-to-riches story of America’s funniest entertainer. Groucho is portrayed by Frank Ferrante, whose more than 2,000 performances in this role have earned him critical acclaim worldwide. Groucho: A Life In Revue entertains as a comedy, a play and as a musical. With ten songs and musical underscore throughout, the score captures the comic genius and wildness of Groucho, the Marx Brothers and the times in which they lived.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2001
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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This performance should be required viewing for anyone with aspirations of being a well-informed Marx Brothers fan... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Garrison C (nl) wrote: If you get through the first twenty or so minutes, this movie becomes watchable as a background lazy day/night movie

Hurt (it) wrote: A waist of my life best part was the end

Andrew R (ru) wrote: R-point me in the direction of the wikipedia page for this film so I can understand what the hell happened in it.

Cameron J (us) wrote: "Don't you know that she's... she's some kind of monster!" Seriously though, getting back to the opposite side of music, in terms of manliness, let us discuss this tell-all tale of a band of brothers who nearly destroyed each other, and in the process, just killed music instead. Oh wait, that's Nirvana; Metallica wasn't really all that bad, though they had so many fall-flat songs, it's unreal. Hey at the end of the day, they remain hit-or-miss, but mostly, well, not miss, more like horrible, and by extension, about as good as heavy metal is gonna get. So yeah, in case you can't tell, I'm more of an old school rocker (Don't worry, I'm before that lame "She's Some Kind of Wonderful" song), though I know music talent when I see it, and it's been on the decline since the '80s. Still, there were still plenty of people who showed up in the '80s who were still kicking things right, and among that crowd of talent was... well, certainly not Metallica. No, they had their high points, yet on plenty of occasions that grew more and more prevalent over the years (Wow, even metal was decent at a time; that's how bad music got), their music, much like the band's relationship and this uninspired opener (Clearly not a big enough fan of Metallica to care), got pretty bumpy, and in that regard, alone, this documentary stays pretty faithful, as it too is bumpy. The central focus of this documentary is a study on how the band's lives and work have changed over the years, and how that serves detrimental to their relationship and career, and for long periods throughout this film, that is hardly palpable. The film's focus isn't all over the place, yet it does get to be unenven, with so much time spent on pure filler at points - from the band members' personal lives to their working on music -, with little focus on the more human aspects within it, leaving a sense of intrigue to momentarily fall limp, and when conflict does fall back into play, it's often rather jarring. A big culprit behind these missteps appears to be the meditation limiting, spawned from, not necessarily hurried, but frenetic storytelling. The docuemtnary still has plenty of points of slow-down and meditation, yet even at its almost two-and-a-half hour runtime, it often dives fairly swiftly into its next point, or at least not when it's getting repetitive, with an almost inhumanly urgent tone, exacerbated by the relentlessness of the music, and something as intense as heavy metal music, at that. While the film does calm itself down here and there, much of it moves at such a constant and often repetitious tone, leaving it to lose steam and, on occasion, become disengaging. I was with the film for quite a while, but after that while, it all fell from grace and the position of upstanding, never to fully recover. However, as things stand, the film remains worth the sit, as the high points that it does hit are pretty high, thus creating a generally enjoyable documentary, and a competently-produced one, at that. This film could be trimmed down ever so easily to maybe, say, a little over an hour-and-a-half, and it would be better for it, and I'm not just saying that because I was begging for the terrible music to just stop by the one hour mark, so that's a glaring fault in the editing. Other than that, the editing on the film is pretty clever, with smooth trimmings and transitions throughout to give the film a kind of gripping cinematic feel. This, of course, ameliorates the resonance and intrigue that Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky fail to keep consistent, yet deliver on enough for the film to engage more than it falls flat. The film's runtime is much too lengthy and its focus is much too uneven, yet completely falling out of the film is hard to do, for one the film gets a hold of you, while its grip loosens, it doesn't fully release you. As overlong as the scenes of comradery are, they are assembled and emphasized cleverly enough to where you do get a genuine sense of the band's friendship, and when things begin to unravel into tension among the bandmates, I found myself genuinely invested in these people whose craft I never even cared for. It's all so very interesting, seeing the humanity within these very brutal people, and seeing that vulnerability is quite engaging, even if it is an aspect that we've seen in many documentaries of this type. This documentary is neither terribly original nor terribly rewarding, yet is cleverly produced and directed, with a general sense of depth within these musicians, as humans, making it consistently fascinating. Overall, this study is overlong and uneven, spending too much time focusing on other aspects outside of the central point, diluting the intrigue of conflict, something made worse by the film's unrelenting pacing and extreme repetition that leaves it to lose steam, little by little, yet never to where it fully releases you, as the film remains competently edited to where it gives the film a cinematic feel to intensify the general resonance and intrigue formed from the mostly insightful, fascinating storytelling that ultimately leave "Metallica: Some Kind of Monster" to stand as a somewhat conventional, yet ultimately engaging study on the more recent struggles in the lives, careers and relationships within one of the most recognizable bands in the heavy metal industry. 2.5/5 - Fair

Ollie O (ca) wrote: Ahhh, sweet RT. How I miss thee sometimes. And then other times I grumble about there not being enough salsa for my chimichanga. Who eats that stuff like it's going out of style anyway? We needs it for our Mexican delicacies, dammit! *ahem* [center]******************************************[/center] [left]"So," the girl looked at me and applied some glitter lip gloss, "this...F-bomb...he's got the hots for me, eh? What does he look like?"[/left] [left]"Well...he'sh kind of like the way my father looked before he married my mother."[/left] [left]"How did your father look after he married your mother?" she raises her right eyebrow. She wants me. Damn it Ollerton, turn off the vibes man...this is F's gal.[/left] [left]"Well...after he married my mother he went inshane and became a female clown in the London schurcus. Maybe you've sheen him before? He doesh a wicked trick with a shoehorn, a dozshen ducklingsh, and a gallon of keroshene."[/left] [left]Her raised eyebrow turns to a look of confusion and disgust. I can't blame her. Using ducklings in that act of cruelty was something I never forgave my father for. Bastard. He should have used Labrador puppies.[/left] [left]"Is he the guy who comes in here and is always clearing his throat?"[/left] [left]"That shounds about right." Hee hee. Neck balls.[/left] [left]"Well, I'll tell you what Ollerton...your man sounds like a decent bloke. I'll agree to meet with him if you do one thing for me."[/left] [left]I rolled my eyes and began unzipping my pants. I could tell by the horrified expression on her face that something was amiss. I hurredly pulled myself back together and assured her that I was just airing myself out.[/left] [left]She shook her head and smiled, "Now Ollerton, if you'll just meet me in Carl's diner in fifteen minutes for lunch, we'll discuss where and when I can meet this friend of yours. Are we agreed?"[/left] [left]"Carl'sh? They love me there. You know what the besht dish on the menu ish?"[/left] [left]"What's that?"[/left] [left]"Their breaded oyshtersh. [i]Quite[/i] the a[size=2]phrodishiac...not that I've ever needed their help before."[/size][/left] [left][size=2]She flashed a grin that either said, "Oh you naughty boy, you" or "Actually I have a violent reaction to mollusks. Keeps me in the WC for hours on end." It's really hard to discern between grins. One time I mistook a gentleman's grin to mean, "I see what you mean Ollerton, but I'm afraid I still have to kill you" when he actually meant "Could you be so kind as to pass me the tartar sauce?" The owner of that restaurant wasn't too happy having to clean up a retired sumo wrestler's corpse. He should have known better: tartar sauce is a sacred thing.[/size][/left] [left][size=2]"I'll meet you there shortly missh...?"[/size][/left] [left][size=2]"Teback. My full name is Baby Gaw Teback."[/size][/left] [left][size=2]"Are you sherioush?!"[/size][/left] [left][size=2]"Naw. I just said that because you're an agent and I wanted to pretend like I'm in a Bond film with a dirty know? My name's really Kris."[/size][/left] [left][size=2]"Damn."[/size][/left] [left][size=2]Disheartened only slightly by the normal name, I made my way to Carl's diner and got things ready. After a short phone call, all the preperations were made for a strictly professional lunch. Kris arrived, carrying with her a certain grace and beauty that only movie starletts and bearded women who have recently shaved posess. She looked at the table, flashed a short supernova flash of a smile, and sat down.[/size][/left] [left][size=2]"So this is a strictly professional lunch, eh?"[/size][/left] [left][size=2]"Yesh. What makes you think otherwishe?"[/size][/left] [left][size=2]"Well...what's up with the string quartet?"[/size][/left] [left][size=2]"Oh...they're jusht guysh from the agency."[/size][/left] [left][size=2]"The flowers?"[/size][/left] [left][size=2]"Er...they came with the table?"[/size][/left] [left][size=2]"The candellabra?"[/size][/left] [left][size=2]"I'm jewish."[/size][/left] [left][size=2]"The guy painting our portrait?"[/size][/left] [left][size=2]"I shwear, he comesh here all the time. He alwaysh triesh to eat my fisheshesheshesh 'n chipsh."[/size][/left] [left][size=2]"And the man giving me a pedicure?"[/size][/left] [left][size=2]"My coushin. He'sh in shervitude right now for shtealing a mango from me five yearsh ago. Don't make eye contact with him."[/size][/left] [left][size=2]"Well...It'd be interesting to see what you have in store for girls you're dating."[/size][/left] [left][size=2]She made a face at the sound of me unzipping my pants again. I quickly recovered by telling the quartet to play their version of Nine Inch Nails "Closer".[/size][/left] [center][size=2]*****************************************[/size][/center] [left][size=2][color=orange]Ollie's Deep Thought for the Day:[/color][/size][/left][left][size=2][color=#ffa500]When in Doubt, look around for a Starbuck's...because, hey, they're everywhere.[/color][/size][/left] [left][size=2][color=red]~Ollie[/color][/left][/size]

Mark E (ca) wrote: Lifeless, preposterous "thriller" with the made-for-TV mediocrity only seen in theatres from 1979 to 1982.

Tim H (gb) wrote: Fairly crappy 1970s British titty flick. Horrid accents and floppy boobs abound. The screenplay is nowhere in sight. Fun in a bad way at least.

Alejandro E (es) wrote: A fitting conclusion to one of most exciting sagas of action; Connery and Ford form a dynamic father and son team with the right dose of humor. Dont waste your time with the 4th episode.

Matthew W (fr) wrote: Watchable from an action scene standpoint, but the ludicrous story is too distracting.

JADE J (nl) wrote: Not as good as the first. Story line just seemed to drag.