Ground Zero

Ground Zero

A small group of 'cleaners' are hired to clean up five dead bodies in an old warehouse, only find out that one of the bodies isn't quite dead.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:87 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   search,   cripple,  

A small group of 'cleaners' are hired to clean up five dead bodies in an old warehouse, only find out that one of the bodies isn't quite dead. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Ground Zero torrent reviews

Grant S (kr) wrote: To start off with, I dislike musicals intensely. Also, I am not a fan of jazz. Add to this the fact that it is in Russian, a language which does not lend itself easily to musicals and bright imagery, and you have a movie which just grates me. The whole thing just tries too hard, seeming contrived.

kaylee (es) wrote: GAG!!! the only decent acting in this ENTIRE movie was when the cat went out the window. hands down to you, kitty. you own this movie. i must admit, however, i did enjoy making fun of it .

depressionalism r (au) wrote: this is a gr8 k-movie

Jim S (gb) wrote: Very funny if not a bit weird.

Justin J (ru) wrote: Soooo fun sooooo good

MF J (mx) wrote: The third opus of the hilarious horror trilogy, Army Of Darkness is a hell of a ride! Funny, witty and filled with classic lines, this final installment goes beyond anything imaginable and turns out to be a great conclusion to the saga of Ash Vs. Evil. Of course the freshness of the original or even the creativity of the second are not as sharp here but the plot unfolds quite nicely and the situations flows. It's totally relax but it's entertaining, fun, well shot and definitely a heck of a trip! CULT!

Joshua Y (fr) wrote: I had a difficult time caring about any of the characters. t seemed too shallow to me and a disappointment. Well, honestly, I didn't have high expectations to start.

AD V (de) wrote: Another 80's slasher that I had never heard until my friend Beefy brought it to my attention so thanks. Theres ample amounts of skin and skin-tight clothing but its sorely lacking in the creative deaths department although the killer does use one of the most original (and ridiculous) murder weapons--a giant safety pin. What signifigance it has or what purpose it could possibly serve in the real world is beyond me but it does make for some humorous deaths. I also have to give it props for leaving me guessing as to who the killer was even though there were several clues along the way that I seemed to have misconstrued as red herrings. Far from the best of the subgenre but it does fit nice and snuggly right in the middle.


Matthew H (de) wrote: Zemeckis crafts a formidable film that is up there with "A Hard Day's Night" for the best film about the Beatles. Without a doubt, it is the funniest, with all its slapstick humor and hilarious situations.

Matt C (gb) wrote: Classic which I loved as a kid

Dammy G (ru) wrote: Wow. Air Buddies stooped to ripping of Indiana Jones? Pathetic. Just pathetic.

Vinay R (jp) wrote: awesome... documentary