French post-apocalyptic thriller film.

While possessed by an evil spirit, a man murders his daughter. A police detective investigating the case also becomes possessed. A good monk helps fight the evil spirit. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dillon L (mx) wrote: I really really liked it very fun funny and original

scott g (nl) wrote: wanted to like this more, alda and broderick do good work, but story is sloppy, but there are good moments to be had

Shelby F (nl) wrote: looks gay thats wat make it interestin

Uros T (us) wrote: As humorous as this movie is, its also a pretty fine film about addiction in general. Really low budget, but neatly done.

Brian C (fr) wrote: Wow. Very unique, campy, corny with a sick sense of humour. Yep, my kind of movie. The black and white works very well in this type of movie. There are similar themes as Ginger Snaps of a woman getting infected then becoming oversexed and murderous. Great running gag throughout 'please don't bite anyone' haha

Brandon S (es) wrote: A cult classic that marries cold, deadpan British humor with horror thrills reminiscent of the zombie classics it pays beautiful homage to.This isn't the movie that introduced me to the brilliance of Edgar Wright (I have "Hot Fuzz" to thank for that), but "Shaun of the Dead" certainly cemented him in my mind as a solid artist to watch for.Wright comes from a primo school of directors: the Tarantino's, the Kevin Smith's, the Guy Ritchie's; guys with a distinct voice and disctinct stories to tell, and this may be his best work to date."Shaun of the Dead" plays to all of Wright's strengths as a storyteller: quirky yet relatable characters, a pension for stylized violence, and a hysterical script that never stops being entertaining.

Emily A (br) wrote: What a terrific bad movie! If you're going to go in with a ridiculous premise for a film, you can't do it half-cocked; You have to run with it with furious gusto and and hysterical glee, which is exactly what happened here. This movie is actually pretty well-made: the effects are quite admirable (well, except for the flying warlock) and the writing is actually pretty tight. The dialogue is a little cheesy, but the characters are really well crafted. I think this film should get extra points for not falling into the trap of making their characters (especially the heroine) lunkheads for the sake of advancing the plot. Redferne and Kassandra actually make a pretty adept witch-hunting team and formidable adversaries for the devilishly slimy Warlock. Oh man. Julian Sands is great in this movie. You can just tell that he's having fun being evil, and that sense of delicious fun is infectious. The Warlock is one of my new favorite cinema villains. I was really impressed with the fire effects, even moreso considering this movie was made in the late 80s. This movie is wonderful trash. I think I might have enjoyed it even more since I was a huge fan of Hocus Pocus as a child. The parallels are unmistakable. This is like Hocus Pocus for grownups, and Sands is as wicked in this movie as Bette Midler was in that one.

James B (ru) wrote: This is a fantastically awesome film! I'm not going to say anything about the plot, as I don't want to give anything away. That being said, if I described the plot, it would sound 100% unworkable, yet, somehow they make it work. The dialog is fantastic, and it features a great ensemble cast, including two "Freaks and Geeks" alums. Very funny! Highly, highly recommended!

Ringo E (br) wrote: Not as good as the first Magnificent Seven film but not bad.