Two brothers research the mistery of Our Lady of Guadalupe when they realize the virgin has come to life.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Guadalupe 2006 full movies, Guadalupe torrents movie

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Guadalupe torrent reviews

Pasha A (ru) wrote: Not a complete storyline.

Rawballs B (es) wrote: A classic and heart-felting movie by the most sweetest love team of my time.. An 'Echo'ing Hermosa para una pelicula!. =)

robbie a (mx) wrote: Whoa. Pure Pedro Almodovar.

Marius B (ag) wrote: Skikkelig drlig og nesten ikke morsom engang... Bli enda verre av at konseptet kunna vrt utnytta bedre IMO

Matt H (fr) wrote: Pretty dated and not very funny.


Jeebella C (de) wrote: It is said that "the book is always better than the movie." The movie, Slaughterhouse Five, directed by George Roy Hill, was made in 1972 based off the book "Slaughterhouse Five." The movie had a good way of showing the events that occurred within the book. If you haven't read the book I urge you to go out and buy it, borrow it or maybe steal it to read. Both the movie and the book is not about Billy's wife, Valencia, nor the famous movie star, Montana Wildhack; but about Billy himself and how he time travels through his childhood, marriages, and future. The movie and book also goes through flashbacks about war, death, and nervous breakdowns. It basically follows the adventures of Billy, who was an American POW during World War II that survived the bombing of Dresden. "Dresden will perhaps go down as the biggest case of aerial bombardment in history: some historians estimate that more people probably died in Dresden than when the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima," said in a small movie review on the scifimoviepage website. The book and movie intertwine together the past and the future. Later on, Billy Pilgrim is trapped to the intergalactic world with a movie star by aliens called Tralfamadorian's. The aliens are unseen creatures who live in a fourth dimensional world and experience all the events simultaneously. When Billy questions why won't they let him leave the Tralfamadorians responded " that Earth is the only planet where the concept of free will exist," mentioned in The Film Yap article written by Christopher Lloyd. The film captured the essence of the book while straying from it. The actors in this movie were very well played even without much experience done in previous years. Billy's actor was Michael Sacks, "who looks like a cartoon fall-guy copied in flesh" said by Vincent Canby in his movie review, reenacted the character very well. We see the difference in character from book to movie by viewing the actor, Michael Sack's, lack of expressions of his own outrage or inside thoughts. On the other hand, in the book, as readers, we can imagine and assume what Billy is possibly thinking. In the book Billy, had many dialogues and monologues where as in the movie that isn't presented as much. According to Vincent Canby, "The problem with the film, as it was with the novel, is that it's really not outraged or outrageous enough, much like its time-tripping gimmick." Nearly every time Billy falls asleep he begins to time hop through time. This may explain why Billy has been having bad dreams or in certain situations he would be wide awake and begins to have nervous breakdowns. Soon after his time travels he would come back to the present by being woken up by someone. Another thing that is hard to tell in the movie is when Billy is actually in the "present." The scenes in the movie about Billy were mixed up from being in the past to ending up somewhere else in a different year. Those time trips were also seen as visions. What you see in the movie is pretty much what you read in the book with a few minor differences. an example in the beginning of the book is the prologue where Vonnegut meets an old war buddy and discusses about the book he wants to write later on named as "The Children's Crusade." Another missing part to the film was the characters Kilgore Trout and the author Kurt Vonnegut. And lastly another example in the book is when Edgar Derby is executed for stealing a teapot that he found in the firebomb ruins in Dresden; in the movie he is stealing a small figurine that reminds him of home. Other than those small indications, there are so many things missing in the movie that is from the book. The Tralfamadorian's respond to the "So it goes" saying to death and mortality various times and this small but influential part of the book isn't mentioned in film. Then we also see scenes in the movie that were never mentioned in the book. In the film, Derby mentions about the figurine to his wife in a letter which never happened in the book. Something else that doesn't happen in the book but was shown in the movie was when Billy helps his friends collect grandfather clocks and he hides under one of them when the Russians arrive. The main issue I had with liking the film completely just as much as I read the book was one of the main missing key components. First, the movie only focuses on Billy Pilgrim's part of the story and does not address the idea of the book that he plans to write about. We also see that there is no mention of the author of the book, "Slaughterhouse Five," which is Kurt Vonnegut and his little inputs of experiences. This is what I missed most of all from the movie.Secondly, one thing in particular that I missed from the movie is the narrator's observational phrase of "so it goes." The small but simple phrase would have fit perfectly in between scenes but since the narrator was not part of the film at all there is no sense to why it should be included. A big scene that was not shown in the movie was when Billy Pilgrim is watching an old war movie and is watching it backwards. The is a visual that you grasp from the book of how the movie is playing backwards with the experience of bombs, smoke and flames that appear.Aside from the book and film connections the little music that was included in the film was an elegant collection of piano pieces by Gleen Gould. The music fit in perfectly into scenes and matched to them. The music help compliment the movie and made it a success as well.The scriptwriters way of ending the movie was not so bad at all, although it was different. According to a movie review done by Sam Sattler on a blog, "Slaughterhouse-Five, the movie, is another example of how, against all odds, the written word is indeed more powerful than cinematic images. This is true even for a relatively slim book like Slaughterhouse-Five. While I did enjoy both the book and the movie, I doubt I would have enjoyed the movie nearly as much without first having read the book; the opposite cannot be said." I do strongly agree with this movie review overall statement. I thought the movie reflected the book great and communicated the main parts of the story well, but we could not see the authors connection visually as we did with the book. If I were to overall rate this movie it would be a 7/10. The overall main message was communicated through film and wasn't a failure of turning a book to a film like many others I have seen. It is hard to incorporate the author, Kurt Vonnegut, into the film as a character that briefly comes and goes within scenes so as much as I would have liked to have seen him included in it I thought it was best the director didn't force it in awkwardly. Most people that saw the film only and never read the book enjoyed the movie and liked it a lot. I strongly suggest reading the book no matter what before or after the movie because nothing will compare to the original story,words, and the authors connections written in the book.

Ed A (es) wrote: Fairly decent war film following the exploits and relationships of a bunch of young marines as they push the Japanese back across the Pacific. One of the stronger John Wayne films I've seen with an ending I certainly wasn't expecting.

DONT ADD ME just message me (br) wrote: ah, the marx brothers + marilyn monroe =

Rajasekaran M (kr) wrote: Who said Wesley snipes is bore to watch. A Hero who is so perfect in delivering the action sequences. Snipes has given a lot of damn good action packs like The passenger 57, Money train, Blade trinity, Drop zone and the list can go on and on.