Guan shi yin

Guan shi yin


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:97 minutes
  • Release:1967
  • Language:Mandarin
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:buddha,  

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Guan shi yin torrent reviews

Moriah F (jp) wrote: Brought on a few tears and got me jumping in my own living room. I will go someday.

Jamie C (nl) wrote: After the first Raid came out of the blue to be one of the best action films ever made it was no surprise we got a sequel only this time as you would expect it tries to be bigger and better and while it does in parts it falls short in others, The running time clocks in at nearly 2hr 30min, The story is over explained at times and difficult to follow until half way through and near the end and with being very long there's a few more down times than we would like, Having said that when the action starts it's brilliantly done with lots of good camera work and gory bits although it's not as good as the first it's still one of the best action films around I think the main reason it's not as good as the first is the fact that we didn't know what to expect with the first but we knew with this one and we wanted more of it but still a must watch for all action fans you will not be let down.

Lenny R (kr) wrote: Not fantastic, but COD and Lizzy are great as always, and Ron Perlman is...memorable. Unfortunately.

Steven L (us) wrote: Sometimes I search too hard for extra meaning in films. In "In America", I think the film stands simply as a fluid story about one family trying to survive a tragic situation. And they ARE survivors, like so many others who try to get through the day, even though the thought of giving up is just as enticing. The Bolger girls are the glue for this film, and Samantha Morton and Paddy Considine are excellent as well. While sometimes the storytelling is uneven, I love the way we are forced to see situations from the perspectives of adults and children.

Troy F (au) wrote: Enjoyable premise and setup, but the execution somehow comes off shorthanded, almost resolved too easily. Well casted anyhow, but I wanted more.

Johana N (jp) wrote: Es de esas peliculas q no vienen ni van a un punto importante... como hecha por desparche no mas... pero insisto, muy guapa la chineese

Torion O (nl) wrote: Really strange, though funny.

Deric T (de) wrote: This was great. Dr Polaski and John Wayne. Not sure if I've seen any of his Cowboy movies but I loved this.

Jeff P (kr) wrote: This grown little man is funny as f**k.