Gubben i stugan

Gubben i stugan


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Josh F (kr) wrote: In-depth look into the world around the crazy fucker.

Per M (gb) wrote: Strsta namnet i denna Rulle Sean Bean (Game of Thrones, Sagan om ringen filmerna,m.m.) Kan inte lyfta detta skralla manus, han r inte ens huvudpersonen.Inte vrt att se den om man inte r sjukligt intresserad av nn av skdisarna.

Tophee C (gb) wrote: Great Medem film once again ! Bunuel & Dali have clearly had a strong influence on him for the surrealistic bits but Medem's style remains unique !

gretchen (fr) wrote: lol ben stiller and viggo? that's an odd mix

Private U (es) wrote: Un chambara crepusculaire offrant une photographie exemplaire, mettant les 4 elements a l'honneur : la boue, la neige et l'ocean, le vent et le feu. Une celebration de l'individu moral contre le groupe corrompu.

Kim W (jp) wrote: Come on - try some! I watched this the first time when I was 6 or 7 and I didn't sleep a wink.

Karsh D (gb) wrote: The Carry On team go to the wild west, and the team are in fine form. The Rumpo Kid - Sid James is the star of the film but a worthy mention to the incredibly sexy Angela Douglas. Phwoar!!!!

John B (br) wrote: This is one of those musicals that most people will find delightful but I think it's a waste of Cagney's talent. it is a little ironic that it is one of his most noted roles. Reach deeper for better Cagney reward.

Kat M (gb) wrote: If only every man could be like John Wayne!!