Guernsey is the story of a woman who suddenly looks at her own life and wonders how she became miles apart from the people she is closest to.

Anna is a is a quiet, slightly timid woman of thirty. She lives with her family in the suburbs of a major city... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stefani W (it) wrote: Really good documentary about the music industry!

Charles S (nl) wrote: OK, there are quite a few shaky cams early on, and I'm thinking I'm going to hate this movie, and the longer it runs, the deeper it gets, and the more you care about these characters...... it's going to mess you up...

Ruthie R (de) wrote: First time in a long time that I just skipped through a movie. Blech.Yo, gimme all dat candy tho.

Richard L (gb) wrote: A family drama about siblings coming home to visit their mother and discovering she is much sicker than they knew. She has also taken in a roommate, a young man who serves as groundkeeper, cook, or maybe something else entirely.There is nothing too melodramatic in the movie. The primary movement is toward character growth, with revelations, bickering and reconciliations that are fairly predictable. The small ensemble does well with the material. I found Ryan Vigilant as Elliot especially captivating as the quiet gay son scarred by a familiy secret and how his family has treated him over the years, but finding in saying goodbye to his mother the means to take control over his own life.

Wahida K (fr) wrote: Very nice to watch once, with the Hottie Shahid.

iain m (ru) wrote: Maybe I just like films based on Homer's Odyssey, but I think O Brotrher is brilliant. While very funny it deals with hard subjects, pulling no punches when it places the Confederate flag front and centre with the lynchings and 'secret societies' during the 30s. The film also acts as an important record of songs from the Great Depression and is worth the ticket just for that.

Aaron W (br) wrote: AP harks back to the films of Hitchcock, in conception and to some extent execution, and this can be the only explanation that so many reviewers seem not to see its greatness: they have forgotten how to watch and enjoy this kind of film.A rivetting, beautifully paced thriller that I watch about once a year. That's how much I like it.

Marc L (ca) wrote: Quand Lloyd Kaufmann, grand manitou des tares de chez Troma, revisite la plus celebre romance de l'histoire de la litterature, on se dit que ca va faire mal. Mais en fait...pas tant que ca. Compte tenu du budget de crevard dont il disposait, "Tromeo & Juliet" tient tout de meme la route et parvient a eviter les longueurs - gros point noir des productions Troma - la plupart du temps. On notera meme une poignee de bonnes idees : les dialogues originaux de Shakespeare reutilises dans un esprit prolo, la scene finale, quelques gags a la lourdeur jouissive mais dans l'ensemble, "Tromeo & Juliet" se cantonne a incarner une version fauchee, cradingue et gentiment transgressive du "Romeo + Juliet" de Baz Luhrmann. C'est peut-etre le truc le plus emmerdant a noter avec les productions Troma : on s'attend toujours a des debordements de mauvais gout...pour se retrouver au final avec un petit-budget plein d'entrain et d'idees sympathiques mais dont la stupidite ne se montre pas suffisamment extremiste pour convaincre. La faute a des moyens vraiment trop derisoires et a des acteurs vraiment trop cabotins. L'artisanat rencontre la ses limites...

Soyoung Y (ru) wrote: a good depiction of King David. Richard gere did a very good job.

Sam T (ru) wrote: Peter O??Donnell??s femme fatal comes to life in this colorful and classy spy spoof, but not without its share of problems. Italian model Monica Vitti plays retired criminal mastermind Modesty Blaise, who with the aide of her trusty plutonic partner Willie Garvin, played by 1960??s stud Terrance Stamp, is hired by the British government to stop a shipment of diamonds being sent to an Arabian country in return for an oil monopoly from being stolen by criminal mastermind Gabriel, played by Dirk Bogarde, However, the whole thing is a giant ruse and Modesty is being played by the Brits, and finds her and Willie??s life in deep peril by Gabriel as they are conned into assisting in the diamond heist. Being brought out at the height of the spy craze brought upon by the success of the original James Bond movies, and furthered propelled by the popularity of TV??s The Man From UNCLE, Modesty Blaise is a highly psychedelic spoof in the style of Dozier??s Batman. Yet, the psychedelic sets and mod fashions are the true appeal of this fantastic period piece, and it is this eye candy that is the true stars of this film. Furthermore, Monica Vitti and Terrance Stamp are so flawless in their portrayal as Modesty and Willie that you almost think that the characters were brought to life from the comic strip. Everything from their costumes, their voices, their dialect and their body language breathes life into these characters. Obviously both actors were force fed months worth of the comic strip, and they truly channel the spirits of their characters. The world of Modesty Blaise is also brought to life by the addition of odd characters and unusual situations, especially that of the villainous Mrs. Fothergill who crushes a mime??s larynx between her thighs (and yes, a mime does not scream when it dies). Also worth noting is the fantastic original score by John Dankworth, including the highly singable opening theme by British Invasion one hit wonders David and Jonathan. Yet, despite all of its triumphs, Modesty Blaise is an incredibly flawed film. The script is nearly incomprehensible. I mean, I am not a stupid man, but even when I know what the overall plot is I??m not sure what the actors are talking about, how they got in the situation they are in, why some characters are in the film, who other characters are or what the hell is even going on half of the time. Also, some of the comedy is a bit jarring, and Modesty and Willie break out into one of the worst, not to mention inappropriate song numbers in the history of film, not once?but twice! Perhaps this film would have made more sense on acid. I don??t know. Yet, despite these HUGE drawbacks, there is still something hypnotic and likeable about this film. Definatly a must see for die-hard fans of the comic strip, but if you are not familiar or truly in love with the comic I??d only see it if you enjoy 1960s era curiosity pieces or spy spoofs. Modesty Blaise would be brought back in a direct to DVD film called My Name is Modesty in 2004, funded by Quinton Tarantino but with mixed reviews and without the same energy that the original film had, nor the character of Willie Garvin. Modesty Blaise is still a comic franchise that is crying for another chance at the big screen.

Ben L (de) wrote: Foreign Correspondent starts out feeling like a rather bland story about reporters trying to get the scoop on the impending war (WWII). But once a gun is fired it launches this film into a well-executed Hitchcock thriller. There were a number of moments where I felt the tension, as the story would constantly put our heroes in peril. I particularly loved one sequence where Joel McCrea is sent off with someone he doesn't know is an assassin. The sequence has these great ups-and-downs of excitement as you never know when the killer might strike. I'm not sure Joel McCrea was actually a good casting choice for the film, because he lacks the talent of some of his co-stars (particularly Herbert Marshall and George Sanders.) However, the plot keeps moving at a pace that doesn't really allow you to notice McCrea's shortcomings. The romance angle worked as a catalyst for a number of things that happen in the film, but it was accelerated way too much. It was almost comical how little time the 2 leads spent together before planning their wedding. I also didn't love the climactic scene in the plane, because that seemed to come out of nowhere. However, I think I mentally forgave some of the contrivances of the plot for the sake of an exciting story. Foreign Correspondent is actually a solid film largely because of what Hitchcock brought to it in style and tone. It might not be one of his top tier movies, but it's not half bad.

Lee M (kr) wrote: "Funny Lady" is a big, messy flop of a movie that's almost cruel in the way it invites our memories of "Funny Girl" and doesn't match them.