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Mike P (gb) wrote: Evidence that good actors can make legendary crap.

Terry S (es) wrote: This movie warmed my heart. Marie not only walked an 80-mile stretch of the Redwood Highway, but she walked the hidden and uncharted highways of her heart in doing so. The purge, determination, freedom, and the beauty of friendship were superbly conveyed. A great story.

Nikola K (ru) wrote: Le film dmarre sur un pitch similaire Chute Libre (1993) mais le traitement en profondeur et tout en motion (et ce jusqu'au gnrique de fin inclus) en fait une oeuvre majeure du cinma Franais. Rien de moins.

Stephanie W (us) wrote: I was very pleasantly surprised by this movie! Had me laughing alot and I was certainly impressed by the performances of the this non-Hollywood cast. The sountrack was phenomenal also.

BellaRay (es) wrote: Another good Aussie comedy.

Bruno V (br) wrote: Worth watching , fun seeing this one ! SOMDVD

Irene S (br) wrote: Wonderful movie! I love the characters!

Ben P (fr) wrote: Liv Tyler is beautiful enough herself, placing her in some stunning Tuscan countryside just works. The film it's self is a coming of age story. If you want something racy with some action look elsewhere. However if you want something a bit deeper then this is definitely worth your time.

Chad C (ag) wrote: A masterpiece. All the children MUST see this film.

Katrina L (br) wrote: There is something charming about good 1950s movies. I can only imagine how shocking it was back than :D Wajda lists it among the best movies ever made and I really like it (especially Jeanne Moreau who is great playing "Mrs Bovary")

Luis P (de) wrote: Yet another movie that got bad reviews. I love Si Fi and though the storyline has been a bit over done, I thought it was great. watch it and you be the judge.

Chantel P (it) wrote: Dumbest movie ever!!! I will never get this wasted 90 minutes of my life back. Save your brain cells and watch a different movie!!

Erin D (ag) wrote: Probably the best movie ever made. Hopefully this film escapes the terrible fate of being remade and the brilliance being taken completely out of it. Kyle MacLachlan is remarkable in this film for simply being in it. Elizabeth Berkley and Gina Gershon have a chemistry that is truly as trashy as it is steamy. Great for a girls night in with a box of wine and a bag of popcorn.

Stephanie T (fr) wrote: The critics didn't rate this as well as it deserves. I laughed &. I cried Heartbreaking but very good in every moment of this movie. I was touchedI wanted to rate it 5 stars but it's only letting me rate 4.5

Jonathan B (ca) wrote: Not a good movie probably the worst transporter yet.

David J (gb) wrote: Though a few spots were either bland or messy, the four protagonists are fairly likeable, and the film hits enough notes for you not to regret seeing it.