Guerrieri della notte

Guerrieri della notte


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Guerrieri della notte torrent reviews

Daniel G (ca) wrote: When they asked me to watch this as a homework for a culture class, I was expecting a movie more about ground-breaking fashion & cultural changes, but this is a cheesy chick-flick more than anything. You can change everyone's name in the movie and you have a generic hollywood love story.

Wade H (de) wrote: Maybe it isnt perfect, but at least its not boring LIKE FUCKING GHOST BUGGERS! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No apreciation for art at all!!!!!!! take the revel rod out yer asses rutten turnips!!!!! JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Petros S (mx) wrote: Interesting idea. Only Loach's part is enjoyable though....

Dan L (de) wrote: A reunion of the Y Tu stars, Rudo y Cursi doesn't have the same chemistry or narrative focus, but the performances are strong and the story is engaging enough.

Christina E (mx) wrote: Way better than 2 and 1/2 stars! Sorry old review. This movie is way better than I thought. Go football. Sports! Do the thing!

Jeff B (ca) wrote: I think this actually took itself seriously.

Rael O (kr) wrote: Visual, but nothing really happens. I think they're hoping it'll be a cult classic one day.

Leonard D (fr) wrote: This was a little decent, if the message wasn't hammered in so much!

Dre M (nl) wrote: i thought this movie was really weird when i was a kid, that was until i was old enough to get the references that they make.

Art S (de) wrote: It has the quality of old photographs, fading and somewhat discoloured - and when they sing the old songs, memories are surely evoked. This is obviously director Terence Davies' goal in this reflection on his family's life in working class Liverpool in the 1940's and 1950's. But we aren't treated to rose-coloured nostalgia; instead, things are often tense and even brutal. His father (played by Pete Postlethwaite) is surly and violent, beating the kids and his wife, leading to questions after his death about why mum ever married him. These early childhood experiences make up the first half of the film ("Distant Voices"), revealed discontinuously, evoking emotions more than revealing specific details of life - perhaps emotions are what chiefly remain decades later. The second half of the film (shot two years later) sees the three children grown up and starting their own marriages, often meeting in the pub with a gang of close friends and their mum. Other tensions arise, similar and different to those in the first half but now the spirit of community seems to enter as a protective factor (of sorts). Singing in the pub is a spirited, perhaps escapist, activity but tender feelings well up even as the cast expertly portrays the often ambivalent relations they have with each other or with their friends, growing distant. Are these still lives? Perhaps Davies sees them as not learning and building from their past experience. But still there is some life spirit here that isn't being quelled, that comes through, yes nostalgically, but with enough power to think that Davies became the poet that he clearly is through these foundational experiences (both good and bad).

Minna S (ag) wrote: What the hell? I've seen the movie and still I had to read the plot here to figure out what was going on there. Diamonds, drug dealers, really? All I saw was a bunch of generic 80s babes who didn't bother wearing underwear, Ridge Forrester, a fake snake and ridiculously exaggerated ammunition.

Richard S (gb) wrote: An excellent John Ford film.

Steve R (it) wrote: Based on the Robert E. Howard character Soloman Kane stars James Purefoy of The Following and Rome, based in England during the 1600's. The Devil, Witches, and real Wizardry fighting for souls. Gothic stuff, but good stuff. The Director holds true to the REH World. Better than I thought it would be, not Oscar material but perfect for streaming on Netflix. Worth the watch.