Guatemala, 1996. We entered into a guerrilla camp to film the documentary 'The Word of the Guerrilla'...

Guatemala, 1996. We entered into a guerrilla camp to film the documentary "The Word of the Guerrilla". We witnessed how they took a police headquarters, we filmed their lives in the camp. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Guerrilleros torrent reviews

David M (kr) wrote: Movies like this make me realise how damn old I am. It goes without saying if you're not eleven years old or younger you won't be very entertained. Which is a bummer as I've always believed the greatest kids movies are those cherished by both kids & adults alike, to which this movie won't be.

Ruchir J (jp) wrote: nice songs... movie is ok

Vane S (it) wrote: One of the most bizarre movies I've ever seen

Joshua A (au) wrote: Not bad for a girly movie

Cameron F (gb) wrote: Some very good rap peppered with Dave Chappelle's infectiously funny personality and an entire marching band? Count me in! Actually, I woulda gone just for Dave, but y'know...

Charlene H (nl) wrote: 5 Stars is as high as I can go huh? Oh well. Finally an Asian heroine. Love the art style, music and story.

Brett S (nl) wrote: Two words...Michael Ironside

SirChas m (kr) wrote: A satirical commentary on the making of a legend. For all those who love to watch.. movies.

Jessica H (ru) wrote: It's a good film, but I wonder why innercity kids has to always translate on film as a bunch of black kids, It's 1964, so I'm not falling for that one.

Steven B (jp) wrote: A tense little acting showcase for Kim Stanley. More ransom thriller than seance chiller, but artfully done. See Richard Attenborough in his salad days--sweating, nebbish, and wonderfully empathetic--before "Gandhi" and all his voice-over work...and before those pesky dinasarrs.

Dave J (kr) wrote: Monday, February 15, 2010 (1936) Anthony Adverse A little arbitruary but well made DRAMA and ADVENTURE film about during the times of swashbuckling starring the two- time Oscar winner Frederich March. An AVENTURE and DRAMA film about sacrifice, nobility and honor. This film has more drama than physical action. Great and one of the most realistic (real life )in terms of a black and white film I had ever seen. 3.5 out of 4

Garrett C (nl) wrote: a really funny movie I really enjoyed it