Guidance is a film about ordinary people in extraordinary situations.

Guidance is a film about ordinary people in extraordinary situations. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John D (ru) wrote: Raw look at a complicated man and life.

Francis M (ag) wrote: Endearing if flawed, but a charming movie.

Dani P (de) wrote: Although the amazing cast and some great stories, this film is poorly developed. Some very promissing parts are cut when they get interesting while some are quite weird or too short for us to understand something. Besides, the transitions from story to story are sometimes unclear and the ending is really unsatisfying. New York, I Love You deserved more from its writers.

Ryan K (ag) wrote: I'm a sucker for Anthony Minghella - and this is just another one of his greats.

Mike D (ru) wrote: Why would anyone want to kill Veronica Guerin? That's the question posed in the biographical picture about the groundbreaking investigative journalist who was assassinated in the line of duty while reporting on the Irish heroin crisis of the mid-1990s. The Joel Schumacher-directed and Jerry Bruckheimer-produced film explores the successes and setbacks faced by Guerin, portrayed nearly perfectly by Cate Blanchett, as she infiltrated the Irish drug underworld on a mission to bring awareness to the crisis among the general public through her role as a reporter for 'The Sunday Independent.' The film accomplishes a few things, including capturing Gurein's quick wit, determination to follow her leads until the end and her relentless ability to remain fearless in the face of danger. Aside from Blanchett's awesome performance, there are plenty of moments filled with suspense as the high-pressured situation makes for a tinderbox of emotions, especially considering the money involved. There really aren't very many other acting performances of note, as it really is all about Blanchett's portrayal of Guerin, but Ciaran Hinds' tanning salon and brothel frequenting John Traynor is probably the next-best acting job. The filming techniques used in 'Guerin' should also be admired, as it balances between the grittiness of the time period and the humbleness of Irish society. Despite the tragic nature of the story, 'Veronica Guerin' is a noble thriller that does a good job highlighting the short life and important work of someone who's death played a pivotal role in changing Irish culture for the better.

Chantal S (de) wrote: My deaf and hard of hearing friends and I would love to watch this but there's no Closed Caption so it's unfair for Deaf and Hard of hearing people. you're so lucky because you can enjoy the movies and we can't. Can't you just put the Closed Caption on the movies for all of us and be fair please? & it's not even that hard. Thanks.

Marnie Z (ca) wrote: A fun movie set around the hype of the Beatles back in the 60's.