After being released from prison for Forgery and Theft, Multi-linguist Raju (Dev Anand) reflects on his life as a Guide; his meeting with the daughter of a prostitute, Rosie (Waheeda Rehman), who was unhappily married to Marco (Kishore Sahu), and wants to take up acting and dancing as a career. Rosie separates and moves in with Raju and his mom (Leela Chitnis). Then both re-locate, and with Raju's encouragement, she succeeds in an acting and dancing career, resulting in both becoming very wealthy. He then succumbs to gambling, and alcohol, and forges Rosie's signature. He is arrested, tried in court, found guilty and imprisoned. Now discharged from prison, he changes his mind about returning home to his mother, and decides to go elsewhere and start afresh - a decision that will alter his life and way of thinking forever.

A Guide falls in love with a married woman, then is jailed for forgery and stealing money from her. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lilly S (ag) wrote: If you plan on just watching 1 hour of tv Prison break is not the show for you because your life will be over! There is 2 main characters in the beginning of season 1. And throughout the show they start to introduce more characters. The main 2 that are brothers on the show but not in reality names are Wentworth Miller also known as Michael and Dominic Purcell also known as Lincoln. In the middle of season 1 there is a huge plot twist that you would not see coming but it keeps you at the edge of your seat. Prison Break does not keep things simple they like to switch it all up this is the type of show you can't miss a episode on. Prison Break shows a real family commitment between the two brothers. The two brothers end up in the same prison Lincoln was sentenced for life but was not guilty. Michael purposely robbed a bank so he could be with his brother so he could help Lincoln escape. This show always end with a cliffhanger which makes things way more addicting.

Frances H (gb) wrote: Pretty nifty sci-fi flick until the end, which I saw coming for the last third of the movie.

Andrey B (ca) wrote: Some kind of a research on the topic of human relationships, desires and longings within sexual life.

Conan Michael L (gb) wrote: I can't rate this piece of [email protected]#$ less than 1/2 a star. Not Fair! It should be negative stars.

Rita L (kr) wrote: I was pleasantly surprised by this lighthearted Film I thought the characters all had chemistry! I disagree Kate and Jack Black were great together. A woman appreciate great humor in a man! And Eli Wallace's last movie he was so touching. I like the reminiscent of what it was like in old Hollywood!

Dan M (ag) wrote: A bit slow to develop, but still worth every minute. Brilliant. BTW many of the details listed below are in error. Run time 1:38, NR, warrants only a PG.

David H (nl) wrote: I just rewatched this movie for the first time in years. After seeing the horrible ratings, I feared it wouldn't hold up to my memory of it...but it is a totally enjoyable late 90's black comedy that was 100% fun.

Tyler S (ag) wrote: looking back now it's pretty damn absurd. The laughs aren't really there for the taking, it's just over the top and silliness that the movie offers. I thought Randy Quaid was pretty funny here being the only true comic relief. That being said I loved this movie as a teen so the nostalgia the movie has with me explains my rating. I used to really enjoy this movie as its somewhat of a guilty pleasure film despite its present day absurdity.

Judith B (it) wrote: as good as the first part (which was really good)

Sandra A (ca) wrote: Highly enjoyable thriller.Stellar cast , maybe the kidnappers are not very professional but it is a well executed plot...

Ryan H (fr) wrote: Fun movie. Made me very nostalgic for Buffy the Vampire Slayer.