Guide to the Flipside of British Cinema

Guide to the Flipside of British Cinema

Cult film critic Kim Newman discusses the little known films of Richard Lester, Gary O'Hara and others in celebration of the BFI's Flipside releases.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:37 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Guide to the Flipside of British Cinema torrent reviews

Lucie B (nl) wrote: super hilarisch!! helemaal iets anders dan de firmin die we kennen uit Chris en co! 'geen wonder dat ik ween padampadam...'

Car Car (jp) wrote: it was lame. Nothing happens to last 10 mintues.. Before that we watch bunch of meatheads(haha)talk outta there ass!!

Steve H (gb) wrote: Only one reason to see this......Ziyi Zhang. And the imteresting thing is that her facal expressions and manner are exactly the same as in her classic next film THE ROAD HOME. Obviously she was spotted by a director in this her first film, and he wasn't watching this rather gloomy colourless film but instead saw that this girl would light up the screen in a beautifully told love story. So watch THE ROAD HOME instead!

Avid C (ag) wrote: Breakin' All the Rules presents the worst part about dating (never mind that it's a stupid concept): that some people believe there are rules, or make up their own.If you accept that, all in all, it's a funny movie. The story is inventive, even if there's no big surprise. Jamie Foxx plays a very attaching love broken man, the beautiful Gabrielle Union gives us a nice balancing act of sweet, smart, and upset, and both of them are really hot together. Morris Chestnut is great as a wingman, Jennifer Esposito looks born to play the gold digger, and Peter MacNicol seems to have found the sweet spot of the clueless desperate rich media owner.Some of the acting is over done a bit, especially the psychotic character played by Bianca Lawson. Jamie seems to push his suave a bit too far at time, just as Morris does.It's good entertainment if you accept the limitation and the subject.

Harsh C (au) wrote: Best. Spaghetti-sci-fi-schlock. Ever.

Richard L (us) wrote: This is a science-fiction movie with conspiracy elements. Many movies since the 50's dealt with this theme in more creative or insightful ways.

Kathleen S (ca) wrote: Funny, strange and weird love John Waters!!

Peter M (us) wrote: Decent cold war action thriller dispite the dodgy accents and sets.

Jonathan T (us) wrote: Surprisingly entertaining-- if you mentally block out all the '70s airplane disaster movies you've seen, and the gaping holes in the plot!

Gerardo C (nl) wrote: Dean embraced the whole movie and made it his way. That proves how strong his performance was. Aside from his unreal acting, the movie is the perfect portrait of coming of age.

Jeffrey P (ru) wrote: Odd but sweet tolerance curio turns mainly on O'Brien and Stockwell's performances. A bit slow and on the nose, but its warm heart is definitely in the right place. Sadly, the DVD transfer is awful.