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Guilt torrent reviews

Esa E (fr) wrote: At times it has a mild atmosphere of horror, but mostly just borderline camp. Not a really valid Lovecraftian tale of the ancient ones, unfortunately. I really don't get why they brought in Tori Spelling to ruin the movie for everyone.

Donna L (mx) wrote: Not scary but still a good watch!

Becs D (nl) wrote: Domestic Disturbance is an easy watching Thriller with nothing for the viewer to work out, possibly the creepiest part of this film is how very amicable it is between the adults in the beginning ... Very predictable, if it didn't have the stars in it, this would have had a limited audience, at the same time it's not unbearable.

Andrew A (fr) wrote: This movie is actually a good watch! You can't help but repeat some of the comedic wit after its done.

Paul B (mx) wrote: This 1982 offering from Dario Argento sees him return to giallo with an excellent take on the genre that was to truly make its mark with influences on future releases. Charting a crime novelists book being used as inspiration for real life murders, this has some great twists, flashback scenes, bloody gore (including a brutal last 30 minutes) & some excellent cinematography - the crane shot being the obvious. It slightly drags its feet after a fine opening but more than compensates with its particularly fine, well devised & twisted finale. Certainly not his finest work but even average Argento is a lot better than most.

Dale R (au) wrote: A triumph for style, such as it is, over substance here. Nasty and unengaging.

Brian R (us) wrote: "Christ, you're worse than my dad. He's old - at least he's got an excuse for being a prick!" I first saw this film at school. The teacher fast-forwarded the first three minutes, thus ensuring that we missed the opening scene where Gregory and his friends spy on a nurse stripping off in her bedroom. But it's not a coarse or seedy film by any means, far from it. No other film comes close to it in the way that it captures the excitement, confusion and agony of young love. It's a brilliantly observed, warm-hearted coming-of-age comedy. John Gordon Sinclair will never surpass his performance as Gregory, the gauche teenager who falls for Dorothy, his replacement in the football team. All of the cast deserve great praise, from Robert Buchanan as Andy ("We saw a great thing last week you know, a nurse up at the hostel, tits, bum, fanny, the lot...") to Chic Murray as the Headmaster. Bizarrely, the drab utilitarian Cumbernauld backdrop only heightens the romance and poetry of the film, of which there is an abundance - director Bill Forsyth understands the potency and humour in the idioms of scottish youth perfectly and uses them to great effect.