The legend of King Arthur, Sir Lancelot and Guinevere, told from a somewhat more feminist perspective. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Guinevere torrent reviews

Allan A (it) wrote: Acreditavamos que esse seria o terceiro ... mas erramos. A idia do primeiro foi to inovadora que todo mundo agora comeou a copiar.

Barry H (de) wrote: It was funny and charming :) I enjoyed the movie alot

steve c (us) wrote: Just watched it wish I hadn't. bit of a waste of time. My first Blu ray film to .

Connor C (ca) wrote: Cracking film - good narrative and core group of characters. Vinnie Jones excels in his role as Danny Mehan, and Jason Statham makes an excellent support contribution as the prison psycho Monk. Danny Dyer also features, making it even better for me personally as he is one of my favourite actors. Plenty of violence, foul language and a few laughs as well. If you like films like 'Green Street', 'The Longest Yard' etc then you should enjoy this

forcebucket B (br) wrote: One of the best ever. *great movie

Doug S (fr) wrote: One of the most inspiring movies of all time in my humble opinion. Today's school kids need a Joe Clark to get these kids together.

Bill T (au) wrote: First time seeing this. Easily Dietrich and von Sternberg's best film. The rise of Catherine the Great is dramaticised here. It's quite the trip, with double crossings, affairs, and oh yes, countless amazing costume changes for Mz. Dietrich. A hoot. Even the musical score is awesome, something which I hardly comment about.

Michael T (br) wrote: Great modern take on an old classic

Zachary Y (mx) wrote: A film for only avid Williams fans and nobody else, the film seamlessly translated C.K.'s work "Tar" to film, in tradition of Franco's recent "visual poetry" phase in which he's made 4 films about poets. This one only relies on a good show from Franco on screen (not a challenging role, however) and one excellent Bruce Campbell cameo. Otherwise a shottily assembled vignette chronicling of a boring life of a poet with no development.

(de) wrote: I thought it worked out decently I guess.

David O (ag) wrote: MST3K Version: Dull and stupid, even with MST3K.