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Gulag torrent reviews

Heather L (ca) wrote: What a terrible send-off to such an amazing show. It didn't answer any of the questions I had, and it didn't have the same charm as the series did. The story is terrible, and without Bryan Fuller, the original Daisy, and Rube this movie was c-r-a-p.

Chris M (es) wrote: A sympathetic and moving portrayal of people living with pain and memories. Stoppard is very good as a man haunted by the past who learns to love and live.

BABYGiiRL 4RM BX (kr) wrote: just a crazy family lol

Angela K (nl) wrote: This movie was okay... a typical action flick!! It seems like a lot of shots were fired and not enough casualties. What do I know?

Kendall M (us) wrote: I love Winnie the pooh

Debi W (fr) wrote: LOVE this movie... Great acting, great setting (canada bitches!)...I don't need to say anything else except, GO see it!!

Alex S (nl) wrote: Oh I want to marry Shannyn Sossamon

Virginia R (es) wrote: Sick twisted ending, unexpected yet so real. French films are so true to life, Fat Girl was a perfect introduction as why I got into French films.

Paul S (br) wrote: kate is hot in this..............

Nstor G (ru) wrote: Best of Stephen King can see in this film, where Bates and the rest of the cast do a wonderful job. A great adaptation of one of the best novels of the master of horror. A beautiful story about two great women.

Lark P (de) wrote: This is the story of the first NY state lottery winner with a wonderful cast and a delightful delivery. A MUST SEE!

Mike D (de) wrote: I was actually enjoying the first half of "1969," but in the last thirty minutes things quickly get too lame to handle- all leading up to an ending that is absolutely hilarious, though it isn't supposed to be. I'm pretty sure the scene I'm referring to inspired the riot scene from "Hot Rod."

Helen D (gb) wrote: Contains some crude content, but gives the message of redemption through God at the end. NOT for kids!

Cay D (jp) wrote: People should not be writing reviews after watching only 20 minutes. "corny, profane, and set to an uninspired score" is not at ALL how I would describe this film. Beautifully shot with powerful and lyrical score (if you only watched 20 minutes, TW, then you missed the haunting "Momma Look Sharp" and vibrant "Molasses to Rum". The writing is clever and sophisticated. I've watched it several times and will most likely watch it several times in the future.

Grayson D (it) wrote: Mostly mediocre comedy.

Eric B (mx) wrote: Today, this German obscurity is best known for its musical score, one of the late Brian Jones' few projects outside the Rolling Stones. It's a solid piece of work, not so bluesy and perhaps resembling "Ruby Tuesday" in a more rocking mode. Plenty of piano and harmonica, and Jimmy Page (then a hot session player) is rumored to add guitar. As for the film itself, Anita Pallenberg (who apparently enjoyed relationships with all or most of the Stones during this era) stars as as a free-spirit waitress who accidentally shoots and kills her boyfriend during an argument. The rest of the film follows her erratically trying to dispose of the corpse. She picks up a young man (Hans Peter Hallwachs, who's still acting today) to give her some muscle, and he eventually calls upon one of his friends (Manfred Fischbeck) to help. How to secretly transfer the body to the car, and where should the poor lad be buried? There's not much more plot than this, and even a mere 87 minutes seems more time than the story deserves. "A Degree of Murder" was the second feature of Volker Schlondorff ("The Tin Drum," "The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum"), but the director's hand is not so visible beyond some rather awkward mind's-eye flashbacks. Mostly, you'll just enjoy ogling Pallenberg and trying to decipher her thick accent.

Michael H (ru) wrote: Very stylized an hyper-dramatic Twilight Zone-ish horror (but with undisguised and apologetically frank sexuality, a predatory view of others, and selfishly mercenary self-interest).Isolation and claustrophobia are brilliantly and beautifully created by the setting - unending fields of grass rising well over head height - which creates a rich, lush environment which the characters do not seem able to (or even desire to) escape.If you ever have the opportunity, treat yourself to seeing this movie on film; it's gorgeous.

Paul D (jp) wrote: A bad quality production, although there's a semblance of meaning in the pre-historic meets contemporary storyline.

Timothy S (ca) wrote: Most "nature run amuck" movies featured the same basics, and "Arachnophobia" definitely has more than its fair share of cliches. The outsider that has all the answers, the locals who won't believe him and refuse to see they have a problem, the scientist and his extensive vocabulary of technical jargon, etc. What makes this movie a success, however, is the obvious skill in which this was made. Steven Spielberg was an executive producer, and the film has his influence all over it, but it was directed by long-time collaborator Frank Marshall making his feature film debut. It's basically a fun monster movie that will make you jump and then ten seconds later laugh and be angry at yourself for jumping, the kind of movie some will watch with their hands covering their eyes.You'll overlook some of the silly lengths it goes to get some of those scares, like the flying spiders or the burning spiders that refuse to die because the whole thing is unabashedly, unapologetically fun. It never claims or tries to be anything more than that. Jeff Daniels is the perfect leading man for this type of picture, a solid B-lister who's likable enough but not yet big enough of a star to turn down a project that only aspires to be lightweight entertainment. The creature effects, however, are quite good thanks to a team led by Chris Walas, who ironically directed last year's "The Fly 2". Even the fake spiders look and feel very real in "Arachnophobia". This is a fun, unpretentious thriller that is an obvious throwback to a simpler time.

Jamie C (nl) wrote: Good third entry, Enjoyed it, Could have been better, But it could of gone horribly wrong too, Good action scenes and great plot but it lost what made the original great but will still be a classic for many years to come.