Gulczas, a jak myslisz...

Gulczas, a jak myslisz...


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Gulczas, a jak myslisz... torrent reviews

Jonathan B (jp) wrote: I'm not generally very good with this kind of movie and wasn't really expecting the traumatic viewing experience it provided. I thought this was going to be a drama/thriller rather than the full blown hiding-behind-a-cushion horror that it turned out to be. The basic plot is that Sharlto Copely wakes up in a mass grave and has no memory of how he got there or who he actually is. He soon meets up with a group of strangers who are similarly suffering from amnesia but all seem to be linked by a mute asian girl. The woodland in which they find themselves is littered with badly mutilated bodies in various states of decay and the only other living people that the group encounter are homicidal maniacs with horrific wounds. As the story unfolds, the group gradually uncover the mystery of what is going on and their individual roles in the proceedings. Now this movie has some terrible reviews and maybe, compared to other gory horrors, this one doesn't hold up well. For me, being a bit of a wimp where such things are concerned, I found it enjoyable but was glad when it was over and that I wasn't alone when I was watching it. It is quite grim and I have to say, I genuinely had to cower behind my fingers on a number of occasions as the grisly tale unfolded but, it certainly got the adrenaline pumping and who doesn't like a good scare now and again?

Pradeep P (ag) wrote: interesting movie on the side effects of recession

Paul D (ca) wrote: A low-brow rom-com with plenty of familiar stereotyped characters throughout. The production is fairly well done but the only real reason to give this one a go is for Rob Schnieder's irreverent character as he's good value, despite only having a minor role in the film.

Orlaith M (gb) wrote: dis movie wAS dssoo good1

Sophia H (es) wrote: This is a good copy of The Godfather movie. Varma made the film his own and I'm glad there are no unnecessary musical numbers.

Stephanie G (ag) wrote: A bit of a disappointing ending, seemed to just cut the whole thing short with a few unanswered questions;-What was she doing in the house originally? Was she the man of the house's mistress cone for revenge?She became real in his dreams? How was that possible? A big portion of the film left me thinking that everything was in Jules head, but when I found out that she was a ghost, i didn't feel creeped out or scared. It wasn't a bad watch and it was interesting to see where the film went, but felt that it needed a bit more to up my rating.

Frances H (gb) wrote: Couldn't finish it. Too depressing. What is it with this director anyway? Does he like being depressed? And I thought Melancholia was bad.

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Andrea R (es) wrote: Good flim but not one of Kusturica's best. In my opinion.

Amanda B (mx) wrote: What the hell happened? I would have given this movie 0 stars if it wasn't for the fact that Robert Englund's brilliant acting managed to shine through despite the horrible script. The rest of the actors should be ashamed of themselves. I've seen more convincing drama from high school theater classes. Not to mention the editing and sound quality was horrible. It looked and sounded like it was made in the 1980's. The plot went nowhere and was confusing as hell to follow. No wonder this was a straight-to-DVD release. Don't waste your time or money.