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Guldhornene torrent reviews

Jamie B (br) wrote: This movie was actually well done. The Critics Consensus states, unintentional hilarity. I would very much disagree. There were a couple instances of a funny joke here and there, just like any other movie. However, the overall attention to each of the abstracts worked well within the story provided, and should be more understood and focused on instead of brief humor.

Gavin S (nl) wrote: A good sequel, showing the life of the family not fitting in with the Pakistan environment. While i thought George was a bit too thuggish at the beginning, besides that the movie was another solid drama.

Ross L (kr) wrote: ehh...2009 Movies: 123

Larry Y (us) wrote: Fun bad... plus the bad guy is a dude who begged me for twenty bucks to take a photo with him

Chad R (es) wrote: A good film with lot's of action.

Velma S (br) wrote: This movie is more silly then funny. Although some areas gave me a chuckle for the most part just a really dumb movie but hey i still watch it when it comes on cable.

Tyson S (au) wrote: This film is the perfect blend of genius and artisan. Schwarzenegger has audiences laughing at the hi jinx he and nemesis Sinbad concoct together. Jake Lloyd's Oscar nominated performance as "Jaime" gives Jingle All The Way that extra push into a realm of legendary that Martin Scorsese dare not dream of.

Olly H (gb) wrote: kleiner horrorfilm der zwischenzeitlich spannung aufbaut aber am ende enttuscht