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Gumsum torrent reviews

Misty H (ca) wrote: This movie doesn't even attempt to have a plot, it's absolutely horrible. Painful to watch. It's a must see; the next time someone says they saw the worst movie ever made you can show them this one and prove them wrong.

Lenny R (es) wrote: Some interesting ideas and decent performances (especially From Connelly), but those ideas aren't developed enough, the movie's sloppily made, and the tone is too light a lot of the time. Plus, Pierce's sort-of-Australian accent is just bizarre and unnecessary.

Bryan W (kr) wrote: Very dull, boring not even funny. What happened Tim Allen?

Brendan F (ca) wrote: A really good movie with some worthy messages. Never back down not only teaches you to face your problems, but to never hide in fear from something that you'll inevitably have to face.

Jonathan S (gb) wrote: Kooky, but less funny than the first one.

John T (fr) wrote: I liked this so much. I remembered it for years. I recently re-watched it and it wasn't as good as I remember, but it was still ok. It's about a crazy guy who's afraid to go out of his house and sees/hears things that aren't there. He ends up leaving his house because he's in love...

Heather C (es) wrote: A must see for all classic romance lovers! I just wish that it was out on DVD and that the VHS could be purchased under $65!

Bill M (ag) wrote: Two engaging detectives in search of cultural identity.

cody f (gb) wrote: This movie has Gable and Burt in it so you know it's good. The two Hollywood giants have great chemistry, and it's a shame this is their only collaboration together. Gable is a sub captain who is out for revenge against the Japanese Destroyer that sunk his sub the year before. Burt is his 2nd in command who questions Gable's plans. It's a run of the mill WWII submarine drama, but the performances are so enjoyable that I recommend it.

Richard B (fr) wrote: Decent enough horror movie from the 50's. Some cool shots.

Thomas W (mx) wrote: Good doc. Entertained me.