Gun Crazy

Gun Crazy

Bart Tare is an ex-Army man who has a lifelong fixation with guns, he meets a kindred spirit in sharpshooter Annie Starr and goes to work at a carnival. After upsetting the carnival owner who lusts after Starr, they both get fired. Soon, on Starr's behest, they embark on a crime spree for cash. Subjects of a manhunt, they are tracked by police in the hills Tare enjoyed as a boy.

A well meaning crack shot husband is pressured by his beautiful marksman wife to go on an interstate robbery spree, where he finds out just how depraved and deadly she really is. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Roxanne B (ru) wrote: Fantastic for dialogue, character development, atmosphere, sets, history. This movie presents so many moral dilemmas. Stirs the brain!

Mikah T (au) wrote: I love this movie. I could watch it anytime.

Asa C (nl) wrote: This is a must-see documentary concerning the vulnerability of electronic voting machines in the U.S.

Misty (us) wrote: It may be little kid stuff, but it's still a beautiful, creative movie. I probably never would have even thought of seeing it, if my friend hadn't put it on at her birthday party.

Orlok W (fr) wrote: There are things that happen to an unfortunate few people that are so painful, so full of guilt, that recovering from it seems nearly impossible...A dream taking over a life--A very subdued, yet immensely stirring and provocative film, cutting to the depth of human emotion... The Perfect Elegiac Dream that is Surprisingly Haunting!!

Alex W (ca) wrote: A very interesting story very amateurishly made. The acting seems to get better between the 2 leads as the movie moves along, or maybe you just get used to it, but it starts off below average. Lots of crazy outfits and experimental drugs, its amazing how the rave scene never changes.

Kristian W (br) wrote: This is a great film, certainly my favourite by Julio Medem. Don't like the bit where the baddie cuts his own cheek off with a pair of scissors though....

D M (br) wrote: Dr. Herbert West and Dr Dan Cain have continued to perform reanimation experiments at the Miskatonic University hospital they work at in Arkham, MA. West convinces Cain to help if when he promises to use Cain's dead girlfriend's heart in order to reanimate a lady corpse built from a variety of bodies (Frankenhooker?). There are those still angry with the pair from the goings-on in the previous film. Lots of zombies happen in good, ridiculous, gross fun.

Steve G (it) wrote: I grew up on this! Never gets old! Frank Dux is a machine. So many classic scenes. So many classic lines ("Okay, USA!"). And Chong Li is about the Baddest Mofo that ever lived. Kumite!

Jesse F (ru) wrote: It's a remake. What do you expect? It's predictable and badly acted but could have been a lot worse and it's definitely not the worst remake out there by far.

Nancy C (es) wrote: 2/5 --- Not a bad movie, just not a good one either. Story is based on a true story/case about how hospitals are a business for profit over saving lives kinda thing, and one man is out to prove this about needles infecting people, etc. Chris Evans is good but no one can sympathize with his druggie character, everything else is kind of lackluster typical TV-movie stuff.

Amanda W (ru) wrote: Lovely performances from two talented actresses who did the best they could with what they had to work with - which unfortunately wasn't much. Foner's vision of a story about young women struggling with society's Virgin/Whore dichotomy while portaying strong female friendships is a good one, but sadly, that wasn't the movie I actually watched. It just fundamentally wasn't properly executed, and that is a problem inherent to the writing. I still don't know what was so great about the guy (I literally already forgot his name) that both girls would fall for him, much less to the point one would betray their close friend for him. We needed much more exposition, moments to connect with the characters and like them before seeing their mistakes and flaws. In short, the movie could have done with fewer sex scenes and a lot more character development. The project definitely had potential, but ultimately a disappointing end product.