Gun Duel in Durango

Gun Duel in Durango

A former outlaw must prove himself innocent after he's accused of bank robbery. Western.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:73 minutes
  • Release:1957
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:escape,   robbery,   usa,  

Dan Tomlinson, aka Will Sabre, head of a gang of outlaws, states his intentions to go straight but is warned by the new gang leader, Dunsten, that he has thirty days to come back to the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chloe A (fr) wrote: 5 stars! Stunning film! Made me cry a lot and Zac Efron always tops it off! what a beaut!

Andy F (fr) wrote: It's not great but it isn't terrible either. I can't remember much about the first film but this is a prequel. A nice spooky atmosphere, some very good bits ... but a few awful bits too. Just about worth a watch.

Josh L (es) wrote: i was bored watching this movie

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Timothy S (ag) wrote: With just a few films under his belt, writer/ director Kevin Smith quickly rose through the ranks to become one of my favorite filmmakers, and while "Mallrats" is by no means a bad film, it is sort of regarded as the idiot stepchild of all of Smith's children. It definitely takes a step backward from the ground he broke with "Clerks", his landmark debut feature. With this film, you get even more lowbrow humor without all of the pointed observations that mark his better films. It may seem redundant calling a Kevin Smith film immature, but that's exactly what this is. The characters aren't as likable and the story is mostly silly. It was the one Smith film that didn't fit in with the world he created. Until he made "Dogma", that is.Yet the movie is not without a certain charm and appeal. There are some laughs, and Jay and Silent Bob are once again in fine form. Ben Affleck has some laughs in a small part, and it's just an accepted fact that no film featuring Joey Lauren Adams can be all bad. But, there's too much going on here, contrived stuff involving Stan Lee and a "Dating Game"-like game show that made me long for the much simpler format of "Clerks".You like to see talented filmmakers grow with each new movie, but "Mallrats" is a minor stumble in a promising career. The gags are more gross-out for gross-out sake rather than genuine laughs based on three dimensional characters that we all can relate to. Fans of his brand of humor will laugh as I did, but you sure miss the spark that made "Clerks" something special.

Matthew L (it) wrote: Touching film about an aging widower (Walter Matthau) whose contentious relationship with his family won't dampen his love for his infant grandson, or stop him from striking up a friendship with a pregnant, unwed teenage girl for whom he becomes a surrogate grandfather. Jack Lemmon's only film as a director may be a bit scattershot, but with the aid of a gorgeous Marvin Hamlisch score, he goes straight for the heart. Charming in every way.

Anastasia B (de) wrote: The script starts brilliantly but screws it up around the corner, Kim Novak can't act and Ray Walston should not sing... Really! Then why this movie still feels like a classic? Billy Wilder can't fail: Dean Martin deconstructs his own image as "Dino" and Cliff Osmond proves to be quite the talent. The movie surprises you when you least expect it- I <3 billy !!!

Zoran S (ca) wrote: Minor Joseph Lewis. It's marred by being a star-vechile and a poorly written ending. Still, it's not without visual mereits.

Mandy C (it) wrote: Best movie of all time. Great depiction of the time it was set. Perfect casting! There will never be a remake of this one!

Dylan S (br) wrote: "Blow" is a very interesting movie full of FANTASTIC PERFORMANCES from everyone, especially Johnny Depp who puts in one of the best performances of his entire career. While yes it does get a bit sentimental near the end, it's not all too glaring or distracting. In fact, the one thing in this movie I actually DID find distracting was Ray Liotta's silver hair as he gets older, I don't know why that caught my attention so well, but it did. All of the supporting actors/actresses did great jobs with their roles and performances (standouts being Paul Reubens as Derek , and Jordi Molla as Diego) all of which came together to basically carry the movie along whenever it starts to struggle. Also, it was kinda cool seeing Emma Roberts when she was just starting her career as an actor; everyone's gotta start somewhere kid.

Vishal G (gb) wrote: Directed by: Julien first movie on-line viewlove it

Jukka H (nl) wrote: Puts the viewer's endurance to test like few other films.

elista s (gb) wrote: Just really bad. Really bad. The only saving grace is that Charlize Theron crushes it. She's great and it makes everyone else look even worse.

Allen G (it) wrote: some bad Irish accents aside, this is a well-acted and relatively well put together factual drama. It has the big-budget experience, and is a little too by-the-book as a result, but it does an acceptable job in explaining the basics of the conflict in an entertaining way. It doesn't feel particularly finessed and it's a bit like a tidal wave with its progression- rushing forward while trying to squeeze out as much dram as it can. While it's maybe overly-ambitious in that regard, it doesn't fail to offer a watchable film that doesn't take too much artistic license with its premise.It's visually a very strong film with a real feeling of time and place and good action scenes that are based on force rather than straight-up gore. The plot takes the most interesting elements of the real events and plays about with some here and there as you'd expect. It's a bit safe and stringent with its portrayal of Collins I'd argue, it'd be nice if it dug a little further and gave us more than just this heroic-martyr portrayal. The love interest doesn't seem to fit and definitely feels like filler- surely there's enough with the vicious politics and war, it's hard to justify the undercooked love story on the side- it feels like nothing more than a sloppy attempt to tug at the heart strings. The characters are stretched just right and it makes for some real tension within the performances rather than just the storyline and the dialogue has some nice moments even if it's relatively uninspired for the most part.It does what it says on the tin but it doesn't stand out- it feels the same as any other historical drama, just this time with a less-covered subject matter and some better visuals.

daniel m (ag) wrote: got me running soon after watching with new found inspiration. I love it!