After Colony 196, Treize Kushrenada is dead and the 5 young soldiers known as the Gundam pilots have brought peace between Earth and the Colonies through Operation Meteor. Now they move on with their lives and their Gundams are being disposed of in the sun, never needed again. Or do they? Meet Marimaia Kushrenada, the long lost daughter of Treize. Manipulated by her grandfather Dekim, she plans to take over earth and bring it back to war with the true Operation Meteor. Relana Peacecraft gets kidnapped by her and the thought dead Barton organization and to top it off one of the Gundam pilots is fighting by their side. Now their only hope of bringing peace back is on its way to the sun. Who is the traitor? What was the true intention of Operation Meteor Will they get their Gundams in time for one last battle? Will there finally be peace?

Shankar, a coolie, comes in the way of the bad guys, Bulla and his cronies. They kill his father and sister. Shankar vows revenge and eliminates all of them in bizarre and gruesome fashion. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Gunda torrent reviews

Reva R (ca) wrote: Nothing great in it. Not at all fun watching it

True Soulja (gb) wrote: its a good mo0vie but the 1st one was better than this one

Jeh R (es) wrote: Pretty decent movie. Simple plot, while keeping the theme of the game. It even has scenes shot in first person view. What else were people expecting from this movie??

James H (de) wrote: I like the concept of fout stories all linked together, with robots as the common factor. All the stories are good, the last one the only one not that interesting, and the second one being the best. Interesting, entertaining and very well acted throughout.

Anna G (ag) wrote: Did he really need to fucking repeat every single line twice?

Alexander P (nl) wrote: A great modern film, the Welsh Trainspotting? The multiple stories and connections give the film layers and when they all come together all hell breaks loose. Yes there is a lot of over the top obsecene language, violence and crime - this is the modern world... Being from Swansea, believe me this is how Swansea used to be in places - only a minority thankfully - this is essential viewing and is hilarious - hot dogs for tea boys!!!

Russell H (ag) wrote: great cast. very cool to see how this all played out.

Art S (jp) wrote: One of Woody Allen's "early, funny pictures" that is generally amusing due to a number of (ridiculous) visual gags but also holds its own as a high concept sci-fi picture about a totalitarian future and a poor schmuck who wakes up there after being cryogenically frozen for 200 years. A bit more slapstick and a bit less neurotic patter than in some of Allen's other films but not yet interested in heavier moral questions. Diane Keaton is here in her first appearance with Allen and she makes this feel like a progenitor of "stoner" comedy (in contrast to her contemporaneous appearance in The Godfather). Although never really laugh-out-loud funny (for me), Sleeper still attains high marks for having a really low quotient of cringeworthy material. Additionally, the bizarre and surreal effects of seeing the 1970s context/culture explicitly treated as the past (which it is) but still influencing projection of the future (what someone in the 1970s thought the 2170s would look like) causes all sorts of weird reactions in your brain.

Mary H (kr) wrote: excellent melodramatic noir..the ending is something that will stay with you..Crawford and Garfields' performances are exceptional '

Jacob M (de) wrote: Mickey Rooney holds the record for having the longest film career in the history of actors. From his film debut at the age of 6, during the silent era, Rooney was known for his musical and comedic talents and with his recent cameo appearance in the 2011 Muppets, Rooney continues to delight to this day. One of Rooney's most famous films are films where he teamed up with Judy Garland. They did several films together, and audiences adored them. Their final film was the musical comedy Girl Crazy, which is what I'm about to review. For me, it's a fun movie, but I found something lacking in it.Mickey Rooney (who was 22 here) plays Danny Churchill Jr., a young playboy who loves to flirt with the women and make headlines. His father (Henry O'Neill), a respectable publisher, is fed up with the headlines, so he sends his son off to a Western college with no women, believing that his education will give up his ways. But Churchill Jr. ends up meeting Ginger Gray (Judy Garland), granddaughter of the school dean (Guy Kibbee) and mail deliverer, who desperately tries to avoid Churchill's charms. When the school is in danger of closing due to the lack of students, Danny and Ginger team up in a campaign to save the school by having a rodeo queen contest, which leads to jealousy.Girl Crazy also features Frances Rafferty as Marjorie Tait, the governor's daughter who falls for Rooney's charm and jazz composer Tommy Dorsey appears in a couple musical numbers with his orchestra.Well, in the first 20 minutes, I believed the film was going to be terrible. Despite Rooney's delightful presence, I was unimpressed with the juvenile humor (such as Rooney attempting to ride a horse) and believed the film was going to be a waste of time. But as the film progressed, the more entertaining it got. Mickey Rooney's charm and witty personality is very entertaining here. I was also impressed with Judy Garland. Her chemistry with Rooney is unforgettable, funny, and full of memorable humor. The film got loads funnier after that stupid horse scene.Girl Crazy was filmed in black-and-white, and while I love the black-and-white format, especially in films like Frankenstein, To Kill a Mockingbird, Sunset Boulevard, Rebecca, and even in the musical crowd in films like Top Hat and Swing Time, here, I wanted the film to be in color. For one thing, a couple like Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland, some of the finest musical stars ever, should have been given the big treatment, which was color. Their beauty and screen presence would have been loads better had the film been in color. In black-and-white, the cinematography here was a bit dreary. Generally, I love the old black-and-white look, but in Girl Crazy, I was wanting some color to lighten up the dull cinematography.But the good news is, the musical numbers are what makes Girl Crazy the fun film it is. The film opens with "Treat Me Rough", performed by June Allyson and Mickey Rooney, plus Tommy Dorsey's band, and the song was very enjoyable. Judy Garland then sings the ballad "Bidin' My Time" with The King's Men, and I was wowed by Garland's vocals and the harmonies, plus the slow moving choreography was impressive. Then, Rooney and Garland delight in the duet "Can You Use Me", which had some funny charisma coming from Rooney and some memorable choreography (Rooney climbing on top of Garland's car, for instance). Garland and a chorus of men then sing "Embraceable You", which delighted in Garland's beauty and beautiful harmonies (It would have been more impressive had it been filmed in Technicolor). Tommy Dorsey and the band play a number called "Fascinating Rhythm", featuring Rooney on the piano, and it was fun to experience. Garland then sings "But Not for Me", which delights in her wonderful singing talents. And in the finale, Rooney, Garland, Dorsey, and the rest of the cast perform "I Got Rhythm", filled with wonderful singing, amazing choreography, and impressive music. It's definitely the best number in the film and they clearly saved the best for last.I was unimpressed by the juvenile humor in the beginning and the black-and-white cinematography was a bore (would have bee more stunning in color), but with wonderful choreography and musical numbers, plus the delightful chemistry between Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland, Girl Crazy was a fun film to watch.

Rande G (jp) wrote: Perfect Star Trek.. cliffhanger ending. TNG at its best. And a young Tom Hardy to boot

Kyle M (au) wrote: It has a nice moral being brought into the spotlight from its source material plus the usual qualities and tastes in animated and voice-acting performances, it's another impressive feat from DC Comics, and another Superman movie with a meaning that the hero stands for while being challenged as the film's moral also brought up compelling points around the character. (B+)(Full review coming soon - with better wording probably)

Thomas R (ru) wrote: Zombie Critics Not Allowed. Was it a great movie? No. Was it as horrible as some critics would like to make it out to be? No. This appears to be one of those movies that for what ever reason all the bullies or cowards jumped on the band wagon and refused to stand on their own two feet. Perhaps it is Dennis Hopper? Is it true that no critic will give any movie with Dennis Hopper in it a good rating. Wonder what they are afraid of? Heaven forbid the zombies go against the powers that be. As for fun factor I give it a four, continuity rates a 2, effects a 2 and in some places and a 5 so an over all 3. Acting skills were all over the place from "Outstanding" to "What the heck" It is a solid Saturday after noon movie. I rate a lot of my movies by would I watch this again and on the watch again scale of 1 to 10 it comes in at a solid 4.5 to a 5. So come on guys there are a lot of other movies out there that are much worse than this with much better ratings. Grow some intestinal fortitude and stop acting like zombie critics.