A quiet and peaceful community in the Dominion of Canada is shaken up by the arrival of a wounded and stinky gun-toting American cowboy, simply known as The Montana Kid, wanted for the alleged killing of seven men. A subsequent clarification reveals that his real name is Sean Rafferty, and he admits to killing, not seven, but eleven men. Things only get worse after Sean gets in the bad books of the local militia, and with armed bounty hunters hot on his trail, challenges the local unarmed blacksmith, Jack Smith, to a duel - wild west style! Written by rAjOo

A hardened American gunslinger is repeatedly thwarted in his attempts to mount a showdown in a friendly town in Canada where no one seems to understand or appreciate the brutal code of the American Wild West. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul H (au) wrote: I'm being a bit generous with this one only in as much as I like films based on 2 characters on their own. It's interesting to see how a director can keep a film engaging to an audience this way as you rely on pure imagination to keep the story going. However that being said this film doesn't deliver.. Apart from the odd moment which is weird, there is nothing scary or thrilling about this movie at all. What's even more frustrating is the eventual explanation to the strange events going on at the end... Poorly written and poorly executed... Not worth a second watching I'm afraid.

Joel A (br) wrote: A fascinating film of a incredible real life Mongolian Family who are goat & camel hurdlers.The director stayed with these people for 4-5 months to study them & be there when the magical moment happens.The family is tied to a camel who has a difficult birth of a colt & rejects it's young & the family aim to build that connection but nothing works.The boys of the family set off to find a musician to perform the ritual that with the right music will make the camel weep & connect with it's colt.It's a beautiful and times slow film of refreshing characters & natural life...a incredible achievement & a must see.

Benot R (au) wrote: Documentaire un peu plus russi que Shooting War. Ligne narrative clairement dfinie, concentration uniquement sur la guerre du Pacifique, interviews des belligrants amricains et japonais, ramenant une quit et surtout quelques passage assez mouvants qui se situent bien aprs le conflit lorsque certains Marines ou soldats japonais reparlent de la guerre, rencontrent des anciens ennemis ou retournent sur des lieux de combat. Certes, images assez classiques (bien que la squence des chiens est vraiment pas mal et assez inconnue), un lger patriotisme exacerb et enfin, difficile de parler de la guerre du Pacifique en seulement un peu moins de 90 minutes mais a le fait plutt bien.

J K (ca) wrote: Who the hell is Abraxas and who is letting him save the Universe?

Nicolas A (ru) wrote: Directing: I expected a totally diffrent style of movie, as the only other De Sica movie that ive seen in The Bicyle Thieves. But it is a well directed movie, a good story to, after the marriage i was actually begining to hate Sophia Loren her character, which is probaly very opbvious. But yet she's not that annoying, Acting: The best performance in this movie is without a doubt the one of Sophie Loren, who did more then just perfect. Mastroianni did very good to, but i think he was more convincing in the beginning of the movie then somewhere in the end.

Last F (jp) wrote: Doris Day going hysterical over a Dr. Strangelove voice that keeps threatening her. The thrills are lackluster and there's an annoying trend of the phone ringing and Doris answering it and then acting hysterical. Waste of time.

Paul D (kr) wrote: I'm a born Trekky, what can I say! ???

bill s (jp) wrote: It's got a quirky B movie feel but very underwritten......decent one time watch.