Drug baron Peter Loomis (Patrick Stewart) has his $400 million dollar drug fortune stolen in South America. Loomis sends Armor O'Malley (Denis Leary), a ruthless killer to find his money. Cole Parker (Mario Van Peebles), a DEA Agent is on a South American mission of justice and revenge. He is sent to find his father's killer. Cole busts an eccentric smuggler, Dani Servigo (Christopher Lambert) to help Cole to find the smuggler's brother's money that he has stolen from Loomis. But O'Malley wants to find the fortune for himself. In a Cat and Mouse game, Cole and Dani are forced to help each other to find the missing fortune while trying to avoid O'Malley and his men. Together, Servigo and Parker search for the boat.

400 million dollars are hidden in a boat in some harbor in South America, hidden by Dani Servigo's brother. When his brother gets killed, Dani is a wanted man - by undercover DEA agent Cole... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Gunmen torrent reviews

Sigourney E (ag) wrote: I want to see the movie so bad how u do dat

Dianna M (kr) wrote: Best Movie I've seen in a long time!

Joules L (gb) wrote: Despite all the crappy ratings on here ...this film, with its quirky dialogue and goings on, really appealed to my weird sense of humour... i liked it. Plus it had the added bonus of the deep brooding brown eyes of John Cusack.

jamie a (de) wrote: I have to say I do not feel the rough critique of this film justified. Sure it is an Indie film and not of a million dollar budget. but they put a lot of effort into it, a lot of historic facts and nice war scenes, The tanks and guns were real not a lot of fake CGI and they made a serious effort here. Seriously give them some credit for all the tanks planes and guns they put together. I truly enjoyed it and watched it several times, there are some really good points to it, and the acting was solid on all parts. And as film fans we should acknowledge those of smaller budgets not just run them over because they did not have a studio budget.

Abinesh A (jp) wrote: "Miral" is based on a true story about a Palestinian girl who is brought up in an orphanage and radicalized by a spell teaching in a refugee camp in the occupied territories. It really does tell a worthwhile story that offers enough insight and emotion to warrant a recommendation..!!

Tyler S (ca) wrote: I really liked this film because to me it was hard not too like.Yea Xzibit really can't act and was a silly side kick, but I thought the Rock was solid and convincing.I thought the delicate subject matter while not done perfect, was done really well.Troubled inner city kids who's futures seem grim, coming together by the way of sport.I love inspirational stories and I found this one to be just that despite some cheesy cliches.Overall a movie I found hard not to like.

Nolan M (de) wrote: The dogs stole the show. A good family movie.

sheri s (au) wrote: I was trying to nap but it kept my interest enough to watch the whole thing.

Steve R (it) wrote: Just downright awful.

Rajesh N (es) wrote: This is very beautifully made movie.. acting, direction, story every thing is good. Robby Willem is too good. This is a very sensitive topic movie but still manage to give little similes in between the movie.. Overall nice movie to see..

Charlie G (au) wrote: Okay in an emotional kind of way. Slight humor. Slow moving.

Fiona N (kr) wrote: this is such a classic,,,

Mikael K (de) wrote: Jeremy Irons offers- once again- a spellbinding performance in a wild sci-fi film inspired by the eerily beautiful works of Kafka. The film's atmosphere is truly amazing, and it has an immensely fascinating, dreamlike quality to it.

Scott D (de) wrote: Average laughs but fun roarin' twenties spoof with a fun cast.

Matthew J (nl) wrote: A wonderfully witty and charming comedy lead by two great comedic performances.

Irene S (es) wrote: what an awesome movie about what happens with hackers decided to overpower a nuclear plant in china using computer virus and how an ex con is the only person who can reverse the issues

Stuart K (ca) wrote: The last film by Amicus Productions, now making films under the name of Sword and Sorcerery. This is a very tongue in cheek horror comedy divided into 3 segments, punctuated with music and a load of veteran actors very game to do something like this. It's a very peculiar film indeed, but it KNOWS it's a cheesy film, and it is effective in places. This has horror author R. Chetwynd-Hayes (John Carradine) being approached by the mysterious Eramus (Vincent Price), who invites him to the titular Monster Club. Which is a club for all different kinds of supernatural creatures, alot of hybrid creatures too. Eramus decides to tell Chetwynd-Hayes about what they're like. He tells him about a Shadmock, a hybrid vampire called Raven (James Laurenson) who can kill people by whistling, then there's the story of a hybrid vampire (Richard Johnson) who is hunted by a team of bureaucratic vampire hunters led by Pickering (Donald Pleasence), and then there's the tale of American film director Sam (Stuart Whitman) who is location scouting and finds himself in a village inhabited by a rare species of ghouls. It's a very odd film, and it's a shame Price doesn't appear more in it, as he is always good at this sort of thing. But, this is punctuated with musical performances by UB40, B. A. Robertson and The Pretty Things.