Guns for Dollars

Guns for Dollars

General Ramirez is fighting for the revolution of Mexico against European domination. He hires Hallelujah, a mysterious gunfighter, take down European emperor Maximilian by seizing a purse ...

A Yankee gunman, Hallelujah, is hired by Mexican Juarista, General Ramirez to confiscate a case of jewels to fund the revolution. For this, Hallelujah will receive a percentage. But other parties are interested in the case and when they turn out to be fakes, it all deteriorates into a cat and mouse style game with Hallelujah, gunrunners, the French, and a Russian outlaw(!) all searching for the real jewels. - SWDB . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Guns for Dollars torrent reviews

Ryan H (mx) wrote: It has its moments. Definitely not the worst Ferrell comedy to come out in recent memory. (I'm looking at you Land of the Lost)

Erik D (kr) wrote: My absolute favourite swedish movie - yep, even more so than anything by Bergman. Even though much of the comedy could only be understood by swedes, I truly recommend it to all. The speed and style is great, but above all stands the characters which is the main focus in the movie - and rightly so.

MF J (au) wrote: This unusual romance is beautifully shot & brilliantly directed by one of the most talented female film maker in France. The screen couple has a great alchemy.

Daniel C (de) wrote: I guess it means that lesbians can have crappy romcoms too.

Joshua L (it) wrote: Caught it on Tv and It was a pretty funny con movie.

Pablo E (ca) wrote: Ms. 45 gira en torno a Thana, una costurera muda que es violada 2 veces en un mismo da. Desde aquel evento, su personalidad se transformar radicalmente, convirtindose en una especie de justiciera junto a su pistola calibre 45 que le rob a uno de sus victimarios. No recomendable.

Q H (ag) wrote: perfect execution :)

Monny M (nl) wrote: Saw this with the kids. Bad language reduced and still fun to watch.