Guns & Talks

Guns & Talks

Guns & Talks is a South Korean film released in 2001. Directed by Jang Jin, it is a comedy about two brothers and their two friends. These four form a group of assassins, who have attracted the attention of a couple of pesky detectives, Sergeant Kim and Inspector Cho.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:120 minutes
  • Release:2001
  • Language:Korean,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:friendship,   love,   assassin,  

Guns and Talks: (a Dark Comedy) In the heart of Seoul, Korea, a band of 4 killers-for-hire is slowly making a name for themselves in the business... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Spencer K (ru) wrote: a little flawed and messy, but also hilarious, quick, worry and smart with some truly hilarious moments. the script is clever and funny, and the cast is absolutely fantastic. Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd are wonderful and their chemistry lights up the screen. this is a movie well worth a watch that's hilarious in its parodying sense and smart enough to work and not be disregarded as a stupid parody film. well worth a watch.

Sean D (de) wrote: Wow, this was bad. So, so, so bad. Not only did it have a mediocre plot. The entire film was spent telling back story with little current events. Then the animation, God awful shitty 3D takes up majority of the film, then the back story is in traditional western anime style, so that didn't make any sense. It was a slow and boring film, everyone had anger issues, there was sex and people being cheated which was pointless for the storyline.

Erik S (ru) wrote: Interesting and quite well played. Above my expectations. Truth is, as always, not the important thing in a movie.

Andrew J (fr) wrote: Yeah...I'm disappointed they made this film...and amercan tails are supposed to be about immigrant not monsters...

Don S (br) wrote: A mildly entertaining family movie. My kids were hesitant to watch it because it is "so old." No stand outs in the acting department, and I usually really enjoy Danson. The creature effects from Jim Hensen Studios are the highlights of the movie. The story is predictable and mostly uninvolving. Catch it on a very slow night and it just might come across as worthwhile.

Ll B (us) wrote: Why would you pick up lipstick you find in a dilapidated old house? Why would you take said lipstick out of the house? Why would you then try to put it on your mouth? Why would a friend grab the lipstick out of her hand and then put it on her mouth? Why would another person, later in the movie, pick up the same lipstick off the ground (terrible setup for a sequel...why did the idiot toss it? Why wasn't it burnt? Ehhh, maybe I wasn't paying attention)? Why is there such a thing as demon lipstick? I suppose it's an...interesting enough premise. Lipstick seems to be quite a focal point in this movie and the last one, although I do prefer what happened with lipstick in the last movie. I eventually got very bored watching this movie and pretty much zoned out towards the end (I actually went back to doing homework...not a very good distraction, is this movie). This was not a nice balance between gory and funny, like the last one; it was just really corny and dumb. But it wasn't all bad...the music is pretty rad, some good metal here and there, the bitch was bitchy, the assholes were assholes, a girl takes her tits out and dances at the school dance in front of her classmates and a nun, it had some parts where it was so bad it's good. The rest was so bad, it's bad.

Shelbie T (jp) wrote: Watching "Grease 2" is pretty much like ordering a hot dog and only getting the bun. There is nothing flavorful and fresh to offer, and it looks half-baked, as if they just did the whole film in two takes. The male lead looks completely disinterested in being on film, and it really doesn't help that the story is just a diluted version of the 1978 classic. The stupid songs, on the other hand, sound like something that came out of a high school chorus rendering of a '50's doo wop medley. To sum it up, the whole thing was atrocious. "Grease 2" makes "High School Musical: Senior Year" look like an Oscar contender. That is how low this movie can go.

William R (nl) wrote: Harrison Ford and Robert Shaw makes this work

marissa is forever in love (es) wrote: i loved it i never was really scared of these classic horror movies but the acting sometimes had me convinced

Donald W (jp) wrote: This low budget short movie has Marilyn Monroe and the Skipper from Gilligan's Island in small bit parts. Marilyn plays the secretary of the small town local newspaper and is only in a few scenes. This was the kind of short movies that the Hollywood studios used to make to train young directors and actors. This movie is about a liberal politician who is elected to the state senate based on being a war hero. In the next election when the country turns conservative after twelve years of Democratic rule. When he returns to his home town he takes a job as editor of his uncle's local newspaper. He decides to attack big business since he blames them for his election loss. First he sends the Skipper to the local manufacturing plant to see if they are polluting the local river. When he is told there is no pollution he starts to write editorials condemning the "high profits" of big business. In the movie $200,000,000 was considered "high profits". Today a company that only made $200,000,000 would be on the verge going bankrupt. He is just putting out the typical liberal propaganda from the 1930's. The owner of the local manufacturing plant comes by to try to convince him that when his company profits everybody profits. The editor won't accept that theory of economics due to his liberal ideology. For some reason this almost 30 year old man has a 10 year old sister and a widowed mother. When the school class of this little sister takes a trip to an abandoned mine she gets trapped in a cave-in. When the owner of the local factory organizes a rescue and then flies the injured girl to a big city hospital for a life saving surgery the editor/politician suddenly changes his opinion and suddenly realizes that profits are good since without the money from the profits his sister wouldn't have been saved. Why would a town with a factory and a newspaper not have a hospital capable of performing the simple surgery needed to save an injured young girl? Although the economic lesson being taught was notable and needs to be repeated today, the injured girl seemed a little heavy handed. The point of the movie was that when companies were making low profits in the 1930's there was high unemployment but when the profits increased during and after World War II, the unemployment went down and the economy boomed. Voters in the late 1940's understood this after 15 years of war and depression. The next 25 years the U.S. economy boomed until the liberals raised taxes and increased anti-pollution regulations in the 1970's and stagnated the economy. So in a way this movie was very prophetic. In the 1980's President Reagan promoted a pro-business atmosphere just as the subject of this movie promoted and the economy boomed again.

Tony W (ru) wrote: terrible would give negative stars if possible

House M (au) wrote: Riddle scott made a good job at directing this real war event that ended in a Pyrrhic victory for the Americans, they lost the battle with 19 KIA but still won the war after having to leave the country. The general who ordered this attack was understimating the field of batlle with serious lack of intel. The acting is farly good, specially by Bana, McGregor and Hartnett. Not a must see but very good entertainment.

Jerry S (es) wrote: As I started watching "Jug Face," I immediately found so many reasons to stop, so many cliches.Backwards hill people, an unknown entity whose portal to this world is a pit, cultbehavior in said hill people, including human sacrifice. As I kept watching, however, I beganto realize that it wasn't trying to introduce these elements as tropes. It was telling a story,about a close-knit community with strong religious beliefs that inform every individual'sdaily life. This community has a moral code, it has a certain order, it sustains itselfthrough various specialized labor areas, including a shaman, who is separate from thecommunity leader.Outside of the supernatural elements (I know I'll catch flack for this) this moviereminded me of "Fidldler on the Roof." A community with religious traditions that extendto arranged marriage, and hiding secrets, a younger generation in sexual awakening andresistant to the cloyishness of their existence. I found that the supernatural elementsdid not make me think horror movie, but rather, this community had a real entity they hadchosen as their god, who exacted real punishment for not following established order, andultimately could only be satisfied by confession and penance, and taking personalresponsibility for disrupting the prescribed order.It initially seemed like a rip-off of Shirley Jackson's "The Lottery," then it went so muchfarther, with "The Lottery" as just a starting point. This is the kind of story Steven King wastrying to tell in "Children of the Corn," and came close in so many other of his storiesand novels. Small towns with their traditions both essential and horrible, with their rigidexpectations and entrenched hypocrisy. I was also reminded of another Shirley Jacksonstory/novel, "We Have Always Lived in the Castle." The father of the protagonist is ratherunexpectedly tolerant, the mother shrewish but protective of community tradition and morals.The only relationship I found distasteful was that between the protagonist and her brother,and his casual treatment of her, as if she were merely toy for him. She tells him she'spregnant with his child, and his only response is that she cannot hold it over him.I recognized love in so many different expressions while watching this movie, somethingI have not seen in pretty much any horror movie I've seen. It's a complicated movie,uncomfortable, yet with an eloquence and power, like "Deliverance," only, to me, I wasnot left with stereotypes of hillbillies and good ol' boys, just people trying to negotiate a life based on powerful tradition and belief.

John B (de) wrote: I thought this a good period piece by the O'Neal father & daughter team that was entertaining

Kenny N (kr) wrote: Eye carumba! This is one of Grey's finest monologues. It makes me miss him that much more.