Gupt: The Hidden Truth

Gupt: The Hidden Truth

When Governor Jaisingh Sinha is murdered, the needle of suspicion points towards his estranged son Sahil who has been fighting with his father over the girl he had chosen for him to marry. Sahil is in love with Isha but the governor wanted him to marry Sheetal. Now Sahil must prove his innocence and find out who the killer is.

Governor Jaisingh Sinha is murdered and the needle of suspicion points towards his estranged son, Sahil Sinha who must prove his innocence. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Zed C (ca) wrote: 3/10 - This my friends... THIS is what happens when you go to film school, to lean to make movies. Artsy, fartsy, pointless "beauty" shots, that pad out a flimsy, poorly written script, with a payoff so pointless, I thought my eyes were going to break from rolling back so hard in my head. This was literally a by the book script, that had back and forth character arcs (he's right, then she's right, then he's a dick, then she's a bitch), contrived reason for going out alone in the woods (romantic spot to propose) and the ever annoying pregnancy angle. Seriously, in the first scene it's revealed she's pregnant, and the rest of the movie, she's doing that "stomach grabbing" shit, usually with a pan down, or a cut to her hand on the stomach. STOP THAT SHIT! Any movie or TV show, when the woman puts her hand on her belly and rubs, it isn't gas... she's pregnant. No twist, no surprise... knocked up.The only reason to even consider watching this, was a solid performance by Britt Morgan in the lead. I've seen her in a few other things, and she's go some good acting chops.So yea... don't watch this. Save yourself 90min of eye rolling. I won't give away the ending, but... they crash their snowmobile, then weird shit starts happening. Do the math. Avoid'r

Javier E (ag) wrote: Audrey Tautou siempre sera "Amelie", o hasta el momento lo es. En "Coco Before Chanel" hace un buen intento de alejarse de ese mitico personaje y en ocasiones lo logra. Esta cinta nos cuenta los primeros anos de la disenadora mas representativa de la historia (segun la revista Time) y a pesar de no ser muy entretenidos, ayudan a entender la genialidad detras de Gabrielle Chanel y como se convierte en Coco. Los vestuarios, como era de esperarse, son de primer nivel, y el resto de las actuaciones son buenas. A pesar de no ser memorable, esta cinta es infinitamente superior a "Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky", que relata otro periodo en la vida de la disenadora (que fue omitido en esta). Vale la pena, sin ser maravillosa. (texto intencionalmente sin acentos).

Kennedy V (us) wrote: A powerful sound mixing and a creative and inspired Spielberg.

Shawn W (ru) wrote: Bond moves from one dangerous circumstance to another after a British naval ship containing a top secret nuclear sub tracking system is accidentally sunk sparking a race with the Russians to retrieve it. Not as over-the-top as the modern Bond films and better off for it.

Mark S (ru) wrote: This is an enjoyable melodrama but critics of the film are probably right when they say it suffers from the more salacious elements of the original novel being diluted for the big screen. But for a mainstream film from 1957 the cuts are understandable, and the film still has plenty of bite and isn't sanitised beyond the point of interest. The plight of the Cross family is particularly sad and Lana Turner as Constance MacKenzie does a good job of conveying her character's sexual repression. The film's largely been forgotten now but it received nine Oscar nominations at the time and spawned a successful TV series.

Alan W (us) wrote: This is a good movie

Molly N (it) wrote: A rather vast and empty storyline, making it a sort of "been there, seen that " kind of movie... Otherwise, some good gore scenes splashing out guts and blood, and a overall great performance from Eva Green.

Lucas M (us) wrote: Nebraska is a painfully funny comedy with an impeccable cast.

Simran S (ag) wrote: Actually quite an enjoyable film ruined by some awful awful acting. If they had a better cast it could've been quite gripping.

HungYa L (nl) wrote: I am never a fan of this sort of feel-good, inspiration movie but I absolutely enjoyed Eddie the Eagle. Taro Egerton and Hugh Jackman made a wonderful combo. The script and cast are fabulous. You have to love Eddie' s mum and Christopher Walken' s cameo.