Gurukant Desai hails from Idhar, a small village in Gujarat, but dreams of setting up his own business in Mumbai. After he returns from Turkey, he marries Sujatha for getting the dowry and arrives in Mumbai to start his business. This film chronicles the obstacles he meets, his subsequent rise and the huge backlash he receives when it is revealed that he used unethical means to rise in the business circuit.

A villager, Gurukant Desai, arrives in Bombay 1958, and rises from its streets to become the GURU, the biggest tycoon in Indian history. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Leon B (nl) wrote: Review:This is your typical Rob Reiner Rom-Com about a grumpy old man (Douglas) whose trying to sell his house after sadly losing his wife. While his house is on the market, he decides to downsize and live in an apartment block, which he happens to own. His son visits him to tell him that he is going to prison and that he wants him to look after his young girl while he's away, but he declines because of his rocky relationship with him. As his son hasn't got anywhere to turn, he drops his daughter and there stray dog, off at his house and his next door neighbour (Keaton) kindly takes her in. He eventually grows to like his granddaughter and he falls for his next door neighbour whose has also lost her husband and is a part time singer in a bar. From there, you get to see a change in Douglas and the movie becomes a corny and predictable love story. The veteran actors put in average performances due to the storyline which wasn't that great. Rob Reiner tried his utmost to make the script witty and upbeat, but it became a bit boring when Douglas started to grow a heart. On the plus side, there are some emotional scenes with the little girl and her new found family, but I have seen this type of movie, many times before and they all end the same way. Average!Round-Up:I really don't know were the budget for this movie went because it's based around a small community with not that many actors. The director tried to keep it real by introducing the heroin addict son and the little girls mother who was also an addict, but it's a basic love story between Douglas and Keaton which has its ups and downs. Since the brilliant Godfather franchise. Diane Keaton has made the same kind of movies, which are based around the Rom-Com genre and are usually not that magnificent. Douglas has toned down his movies by primarily starring in comedies which haven't been that great, which is a shame because his films used to be massive blockbusters. Anyway, this film isn't one that will go down as one of the greats from Rob Reiner, who brought you movies like The Bucket List, A Few Good Men, When Harry Met Sally and the Princess Bride but I'm sure that it won't damage his reputation.Budget: $30millionWorldwide Gross: $25millionI recommend this movie to people who are into their Rom-Com's about a grumpy old man who falls for his next door neighbour after she takes in his granddaughter because his son has to go to prison. 3/10

Mike A (ca) wrote: I can't believe I just recently found out about this movie and I like this movie I loved it Richard Gere did a great job

Michael P (nl) wrote: I saw this movie on my new apple tv. it's an ok movie.

Eduardo A (fr) wrote: Despite the excellent choice to dub Garfield by the great Bill Murray and some funny joke, the film does not take off. A flat script, full of clichs and without panache.

Shoaieb S (br) wrote: Awosome, i hardly seen a lovestory like that...

Raphael G (fr) wrote: It's not bad. I almost gave it 3,5 stars.. but I'd just expected more.

Marc B (de) wrote: Another outstanding performance by considine as the socially inept morrell is one of many highlights in a film with lots more laughs then i expected and just the dark edge i wanted.It even has a feel good ending........Class!!

Dean L (jp) wrote: Why is this movie in the category of Comedy? It had some comedic moments borne out of real life situations, but it is far from a comedy. This film deals with some serious issues. Morality, religion, race, race "mixing," love, honor. It is really quite stirring. I rented this film to watch something light and funny and also because I adore Rachel Griffiths (who is wonderful in this film as she has beein in Me, Myself, I + Muriel's Wedding and, of course, Six Feet Under), but as another rater noted Om Puri is trulythe star. With a family in dissaray, love lost, a son who has become a fanatic in the teachings that he (the Father-Parvez [Om Puri]) turned away from as a child...there is chaos in this home. Rachel Griffiths plays the "Hooker with a heart of gold,"...not quite. Not your typical Julia Roberts Pretty woman prostitute-by this I mean a character who is more real. Who has real life problems and dreams and foibles. Parvez, With so many broken hearts and so many parts of a life and family to mend and protect...he had forgotten his own heart. Keep an open mind when you watch. It is a great film,...but it is not a Comedy.

Sherry R (nl) wrote: This was a really odd movie to say the least, what ugly women they made (except for John).

Flora W (gb) wrote: I am surprised that I never head about this movie bro fore. The story was exciting. Totally worth watching. Life is short. Improvise.

Knox M (kr) wrote: Smarter than your typical Schwarzenegger flick. Verhoeven improves on Robocop with a fantastic script from the group that brought us Alien and brings to the material some biting satire on corporate America.