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Allan C (fr) wrote: Okay low budget Chilean action film that wants to be "Machete" or "El Mariachi" but is nowhere as smart, inventive, or funny. The story follows a dopey video game playing DJ who is given 48 hours to find the titular hitwoman after running afoul a local mobster. The Grand Theft Auto inspired missions and titles are fun, but didn't really add much to the film. I thought this film was trying to be a grindhouse exploitation type of homage, but when it throws in these video game elements with various bosses and such, I wasn't sure if this was the filmmakers focus or if it was just trying to be crazy and outrageous, which would be fine, but the film really didn't seem all that crazy or out of control either. However, I will give the the filmmakers credit for keeping the film short, so it doesn't really overstay it's welcome. Overall it's okay, but don't go out of your way for this one.

Brian Z (us) wrote: The band has a lot of trouble getting to the concert and that's about all there is to the plot line... kind of weak. But the fascinating blend of gritty realism and sadness on the one hand with unpredictable fancy and humor on the other has me very curious to see more of Ghobadir's films.

Pete S (fr) wrote: Typical slasher flick.

Grant H (kr) wrote: Terrible movie. The story is way too much a combination of films (even if it is a remake), the attempts at scares are dull and pathetic, the visual effects are pretty weak, and the performances are lame, especially Burns.

Justin B (nl) wrote: The fact that this is the second most fresh Die Hard is absurd. It's certainly entertaining and the action is non stop but it's also unbeliveably far-fetched making Die Hard With a Vengenace look realistic. Feels more like a caricature rather than an actual sequel.

Antwan J J (ag) wrote: hell yeah there were some nice runs in this movie great cast wicked story

ERIKKA LENEA s U (us) wrote: i love these movie i seen it so many times

Cody K (es) wrote: So awful that's it great.

Paul D (fr) wrote: a really sweet, optimistic, funny, love story by John Cassavetes. Not at all what you'd expect of him. Gena Rowlands (Minnie) works in a museum, is having an affair with a repulsive married man (Cassavetes) until his wife tries to kill herself in front of their kids so he dumps Rowlands. She's on the worst blind date in history when she meets Moskowitz (Seymour Cassell), a ponytailed, luxuriantly moustachioed deadbeat who parks cars. Against the odds they make each other happy. Brilliant final scene with Moskowitz's mother ("You're a pretty girl, you got great hair, you can get a normal man!") who I think was played by Cassavettes' own dear old mum.

Love M (ag) wrote: A touching and charismatic film that will even uplift the most cynical of person. 3/02/2013

Matt G (nl) wrote: I'm not sure I've seen a movie so painfully honest about the reality of history, allowing blood and sweat to cover over the regal-tendencies of these kinds of period pieces. A beautifully shot and scored film that captures the epic scale of being on a ship with awe and reverent fear, all with some pretty spectacular battle scenes. Blandly vanilla in story and theme, but otherwise pretty great.

Joetaeb D (gb) wrote: Crazily violent and uneven, Kevin Smith's Red state tries to power itself through old school thrills and scares, and partly succeeds at it.

Alex F (jp) wrote: A great modern interpretation of the Charles Dickens classic A Christmas Carol, Bill Murray is simply amazing, his performance is so fun and heartwarming, the script is great and the characters so much fun, a great new Christmas movie.

Alan W (es) wrote: This is a good movieHow can Flixster be so stupid as to not know who is starring in this picture, when the names are right on the poster?

Maineutral R (br) wrote: A wit yet very lackluster film. It surely has big problems that keep it from being a toal success, like the questionable morality and simplistic story-telling. Yet a good movie to kill time.