Guru das Sete Cidades

Guru das Sete Cidades

An unhappily married woman becomes the mistress to a sleaze-ball who introduces her to a group of satanists who are willing to kill her rich husband.

An unhappily married woman becomes the mistress to a sleaze-ball who introduces her to a group of satanists who are willing to kill her rich husband. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Claudia P (it) wrote: People can find hope in every little thing and build up a strenght that can leave you breathless... A sad history about women that fight until the end for justice and peace of mind, for things that shouldnt happen.

Daniel G (br) wrote: Crank 2 is evidently an effort to top the first one, and it succeeds. It erased any kind of possibilty of making it believable, but I guess that was never a real concern.

Camille L (ca) wrote: Malgre quelques defauts de continuite et une realisation avec les pieds (Kinji Fukasaku sait tenir une camera. Kenta Fukasaku pas du tout), Battle Royale II reste un film plutot divertissant, malgre son manicheisme a la limite du ridicule et son reel probleme de dramaturgie. Il en reste que grace a quelques sequences reussies (dont celle du debarquement, pas sans rappeler celui de Spielberg), le film est bien plus qu'acceptable.

Victor T (es) wrote: After the massive critical success of "Prisoner of Azkaban" but its underwhelming box office numbers and Cuarn leaving the directing chair, the fourth book of the franchise was the perfect one for this time as its actiony story was what Warner needed to get more money.Returning for his fourth year of learning magic, Harry finds himself in the middle of a magical tradition due to some mysterious circumstances, this tradition being the Triwizard Cup, a competition between magical institutions. You know, reviewing 8 films from the same franchise is tiresome as each film goes by it is harder to mention something new, but still the fourth Potter adventure has some new elements that need to by mentioned, for better or worse. "Goblet of Fire" has some exciting action sequences that are among the best of the series, some set pieces are quite interesting visually, it finally introduces the main villain of the saga (which is quite crazy when you considered that the main threat arrives at part 4 of your 8 part saga, sure he is mentioned in all of them and has a cameo in "Philosopher's Stone" and a somewhat appearance in "Chamber of Secrets"), the special effects continue to impress, Newell proves to be a versatile director as combines genres in a variety scenes pretty seamlessly, and it is possibly the most fun film to watch out of the 8, due to its action oriented story. But this film has bigger problems than his three predecessors. The characters are quite forgettable (only Mad Eye Moddy stands out but only due to its costume), the pacing issue returns which is not surprising for a rushed film, it attempts to replicate Cuarn's balance of whimsical and dark but it just fails in the whimsical side, the plot holes are magnified, and the story is the most meaningless for the rest of the saga, I mean the whole story isn't necessary and will never be mentioned again as the point of this film is its ending, but the road to get there feels disconnected. "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" is the most action oriented film of the saga and the turning point from whimsical to dark territory for the rest of the franchise. It may not be the most well written film of the saga nor the smartest or even the most memorable, but it is undeniably the most exciting of the bunch and arguably the most rewatchable. A highly entertaining blockbuster that solidly ends the first half of the saga.

Jason H (br) wrote: It just goes to show that so-called Film Critics don't have a clue...I graduated at the Berklee College of Music in Film Scoring after 5 years and realize there are some misinformed, ignorant - self serving so-called Film Critics who are so infantile in their writing it's embarrassing!Grow up and evolve!!

Sam H (ru) wrote: I have loved this movie since i was 14 and I first saw it.

Mon T (ru) wrote: i loved this movie.. LOVED IT!!

Alex C (ag) wrote: tant un trs grand fan de waters, je suis normment du. Il nous arrive avec ce film pseudo-porno trash pas vrmt de bon got. ?a parait con de dire tant donn qu'Il fait presque tjrs ce genre de film mais l c'est trop. Meurtres carrment gratuits, acting pourri sauf Mink stole, Fauch comme pink flamingos mais vrmt chier!

Nick S (us) wrote: Not bad for a Sunday afternoon slump, even better that it stars 2 masterful actors.

Ashley H (kr) wrote: This is one of John Wayne's non-westerns, and Lauren Bacall in different role to what we are accustomed to. [i]Blood Alley[/i] never reaches anything approaching greatness, but if you're a fan of Wayne or Bacall you may as well check it out. Right-wing Wayne plays Captain Wilder in this decidedly right-wing film. It seems to be an excuse for film-makers to express their anti-communist sentiments, with Chinese being portrayed as backwards race in quite a few scenes. Add to that the countless American actors playing Chinese characters, and you have pretentious product overall. Anita Ekberg plays Chinese, evoking more than few giggles from this viewer. The Wayne-Bacall teaming never entirely pays off, despite their best efforts.

Dr A (jp) wrote: This is NOT a mockumentary, though a mockumentary is one of the comedy genres, a commonly used medium for parody and satire, often presented as historical documentaries... LAS HURDES is a historical documantary, and is not presented "as" one. In contrast to what a mockumentary is, LAS HURDES results into a period TRAVELOGUE in which the narrator's extreme (indeed, exaggerated) descriptions of human misery of Las Hurdes contrasts with his flat and disinterested manner.

Barry L (mx) wrote: Yarn about a rock star. boring

Jonny P (jp) wrote: Morgan Freeman with a shotgun. That is all. He absolutely makes this movie what it is. Nobody else could take the line, "Some people were born to compose music. Others, to split the atom. [Pause] I was born to steal sh**." and make it into an incredible cinematic moment. The entire premise of the hiest in this film is quite good; unfortunately, the love story is in poor taste. It seemed like the sex scene(s) were just filler to push the runtime past the 90 minute mark. I understand that the relationship became an important part of Banderas' motivation but they went about it in an unnecessary, excessive way. I acknowledge that the love story had to be present to resolve the hiest... but then the ending was horribly cheesy (in a bad way). Don't get me wrong - Radha Mitchell was captivating and very nice to watch, but I would have rated this film higher if it was just the hiest. A lot of the details were cool, like the use of the iPhone and the inclusion of t.A.T.u.'s music in the club scenes to touch on the Russian culture. "Thick as Thieves" is not as well-rounded as Ocean's Eleven (and many other hiest films) since the hiest is great while the backstory is weak; however, it is a treat to watch Morgan Freeman in any role and the hiest sequence is good enough that this film is definitely worth watching.