Poor painter helps a paralysed child.

When her mother dies, the poor and unknown painter Johan Fahlén takes care of Ninni. She is paralyzed from below the waist, but Fahlén promises that one day she will be able to walk. While ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Guttersnipes torrent reviews

Jens S (mx) wrote: Great premise, but the result did not age well at all.

Amy H (gb) wrote: Just wrong! LOL! Original plot, and you get plenty of aweee and arrhhh...but funny.

Pandu H (us) wrote: The type of movie that makes you stop, think and reflect

Rodrigo S (ag) wrote: tipo EuroTrip s que sem o Euro, e bem menos engraado.Nem as partes de beer pong impressionam. que fizessem uns arremessos mais elaborados.

Andy G (de) wrote: Little Fockers is a good third installment up to meet the parents that has this time Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller and their way for him to prove himself to the family n funny enough that comes along with the other members of the family like Barbra Streisand Dustin Hoffman and Blythe Danner . (2010) B+

Joanne F (br) wrote: It was quite boring, took a while to get going. Not a great story line. Good directing especially for a low budget. My partner gave up on it but I watched it till the end and regretted it.

Sahbi J (kr) wrote: I like this movie so much ... is not so known iranien moviebut it's so nice movie

Sebastian L (de) wrote: I think the plastic surgery device is never very convincing in the first place, but still a good thriller, surpassing most of the usual stuff in interesting construction and enthralling twists. For me personally, just Marceau's performance made this a mandatory watch, but I guess that's not a valid argument for everybody.

Sara A (es) wrote: Powerful and captivating. One of my favorites.

Josh H (kr) wrote: A really amusing documentary highlighting one of the more fanatical fan bases in pop culture. It's interesting to get a glimpse into their world from a distance.

Michelle P (jp) wrote: Very good. It was neat to see after having just visited there. I wish I had seen it before I went.

Steven W (es) wrote: Equally as good as the original. I grew up watching the first three and they still stands as one of the best action trilogies to date. Such an amazing cast!!!

WS W (es) wrote: Quite a big project back in the early 1990s. Neat in story telling although which still stayed in the very old, conservative way.

Aaron O (br) wrote: My only real grip with this movie is that everyone - Americans, Germans, and Brits - all drove the same bloody tank.

Jason H (ag) wrote: This is almost so bad it's good. The story is bad...even for Kaiju films. The Kong suit is horrible. The action is little and the scenes without Kong are boring and filled with plot holes. With that said Mecha Kong is interesting conceptually but is what it is on screen. The fight, when itfinally,briefly happens is ok by Toho standards. This is just a really weird movie. Don't bother unless you are a Kong completist or a Kaiju enthusiast. Otherwise this movie has nothing to offer.

Jamie O (us) wrote: Got a copy with Mike G. Looking forward to watching it.

Dennis M (it) wrote: Just watched it and had to say I loved it. But then being part Irish I truly enjoyed the premise that the alien picked the wrong island to land on. They should of found an island full tea teetotalers and Ireland is the last place to find one of those. :)

Ahmed B (ag) wrote: It's about Love, Courage, Friends and Honor