Guyver: Dark Hero

Guyver: Dark Hero

Sean Barker became the unwilling host to an alien bio-armor known as the Guyver. A year ago he destroyed the Kronos Corporation, an organization of mutants who want the Guyver. Now he is trying to find why the Guyver unit forces him to fight and kill evil.

A year has passed since he defeated the Cronos Corporation, but Sean Barker continues to struggle with his ability to summon the powers of the Guyver, an alien technology that armors his body with a powerful bio-mechanical exoskeleton. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Facebook U (kr) wrote: Many people are not ready for the ending, which is as real as real can be. Love is the only solace we have in the face of death, and this refers to all life, not just an asteroid apocalypse. No one here gets out alive, but it's amazing how this fact is basically and blithely ignored by most of the mundane (& unconsciously death-seeking & death-dealing) human species.

Jouni U (gb) wrote: A beautiful and touching story about caring and love.

Lisa G (mx) wrote: Low budget production but definitely thought provoking with regard to hate crimes, role of defense attorneys and rehabilitation vs. capital punishment. Many say American History X is better but I haven't seen it so can't compare. That is next on my Netflix queue though!

Faisal A (mx) wrote: no as good as the first but it is still a good movie...

Eric R (ca) wrote: How in the flying fuck do I remember this movie, and why does one of the leads look exactly like mark, who you guys know as indie game searchlight dood.

Benjamin S (ru) wrote: Feels distinctly dated, but Walken is tremendously good in it.

Christian H (es) wrote: Hyvin outo elokuva, hyvin oudolla tunnelmalla.

Mark H (nl) wrote: Poor George, who thinks he's dying, tries to find a suitable husband for his wife after he's passed on. Light and breezy comedy of errors is like a gorgeously shot sitcom full of colorful production design that highlights suburban style of the mid-60s. Coy screenplay by Julius J. Epstein, based on the play by Norman Barasch and Carroll Moore, is surprisingly suggestive at times, in a very naive sort of way. Stars Doris Day and Rock Hudson display great chemistry in their third and last pairing together. The enthusiastic cast also includes Tony Randall, Paul Lynde and Clint Walker. Everyone inhabits their characters so comfortably, it's like they've been playing them on the stage for years. Whimsical music by Frank De Vol boosts this playful farce.

Allan C (es) wrote: Fun lightweight Rock Hudson/Doris Day comedy set against the backdrop of Madison Avenue. Hudson certainly drinks like he's Don Draper, but the characters here are certainly a bit more silly. Also of note, Tony Randall is terrific as the rich and clueless boss. Fun stuff!

Chris B (kr) wrote: With a realistic and brutally honest ending, the film comes to an end. However, during the movie we are pulling for the criminals to make a daring escape. Each character has their own stories and backgrounds that make you care about their fates. The film captures the feeling of despair and the bars and darkened prison cells are all on display and bring about the feeling of a cage. These cages are filled with people and no matter how much Captain Munsey thinks he is in a position to do as he pleases, he never realizes that they are still human beings. He will reap what he sows down the line. Highly Recommended!

David P (au) wrote: While Europa Report is somewhat original and very interesting in premise, it is not engaging, it is predictable, and therefore it does not achieve a status above mediocrity. Also, for a movie that is supposed to put the "science back into science fiction" it does very little to explain why the creature evolved an ability to melt the ice above it and take down its "prey". The surface of the moon is frozen and desolate by all accounts we're given... so what is the point of a predator's ability to access it?

Ilja S (nl) wrote: Ocotpussy is hard on action sequences, which feels like it wants us to ignore Roger Moores age. It is very corky and unbelieveably stupid, but I find myself enjoying it every time I watch it.

Harim K (br) wrote: this is lame in that all of the 'tragic' events can be attributed to some dumb boy trying on a confederate soldier's hat he found in the river and then NOT TAKING IT OFF even as he gets dragged into war by accident. his wearing the hat costs three family members' lives (including the implied brutal rape of a new mom) and his own good leg.